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EP123: Devashni Murugan (Accenture)

On this week’s episode of The DOC & The GURU Podcast, we chat with Devashni Murugan, the Integrated Marketing and Communications Director for Accenture in Africa.

As always, we cover a host of interesting topics as Devashni takes us through her career journey, with numerous valuable lessons along the way. Amongst other things, we chat about the role of creativity in solving complex business problems as well as technology as an ally for modern marketers.

We also get into a bit of the detail on the 5 Major Trends from this year’s very interesting Fjord Report; Come As You Are, The End of Abundance Thinking, The Next Frontier, This Much Is True and Handle With Care.
And still on marketing, Accenture Interactive is the sponsor of the Marketing Organisation of the Year Award at the 2022 Marketing Achievement Awards – so again, do not miss out and listen to The DOC & The GURU Podcast for free.

#marketing #consulting #business #podcast

EP122: Edelman Trust Barometer Report 2022 – You can trust me. I’m in advertising.

This week on the Doc and Guru Podcast we chat with Managing Director of Edelman South Africa – Karena Crerar – about the recently released Edelman Trust Barometer Report 2022.

Founded by Daniel Edelman in 1952, Edelman is one of the largest communication groups in the world and for the past 22 years Edelman Trust Barometer reports have become a beacon for companies seeking to navigate the murky waters of building trust through communication.
Insights contained in the Edelman Trust Barometer Report 2022 were extracted from a global online sample of 36,000 respondents in 28 countries. The 2022 Report sheds light on the global Trust Zeitgeist through 4 primary silos … Business/ NGOs/ Government/ Media.

In this podcast we explore some of the key findings from the 2022 report including
• The significant decline in trust in democracies since last year
• The emergence of “my company” as a trusted communication lens through which to view the world
• The trust gap between the “haves” and the “have-nots”
• The general erosion in trust for advertising and media - and social media in particular
It’s a sobering thought that 59% of respondents say that their default position is to distrust until they see evidence to the contrary.

Interesting insights from analysing the Edelman Trust Barometer Reports from a trend perspective.
• 2003 “Earned media becomes more credible than Advertising” - the emergence of the POE model.
• 2005 “Trust shifts from ‘Authorities to Peers’ – the birth of influencer marketing.
• 2010 “Performance & transparency deemed essential to Trust” – the commitment to walking the walk not just talking the talk.
Many of these narratives have since become embedded in the lexicon of marketers and advertisers.

What does this mean for marketers and advertisers? What do we need to think about when we are crafting advertising messaging and making media planning decisions? Tune in and listen to The Doc and the Guru Podcast

EP121: Sanlam Sydney Shares..

On this week’s episode of The DOC & The GURU Podcast, we chat true-blue marketing with Sydney Mbhele, the Group Executive – Brand at Sanlam, who shares his valuable knowledge and views on a range of issues.

We often say it (as we have such fantastic guests on our show), and we’ll say it again - if you want to hear an action-packed and highly informative episode on marketing, then do not miss this one!

Sydney, takes us through his business journey, where today he is a senior executive managing a proud 104-year old brand in 45 countries globally.

We chat about Sanlam’s recent brand change to ‘live with confidence’, how that has been received both internally and by the market, their purpose to empower generations to be financially confident, secure and prosperous, and their brand success across a range of measures.

We also examine how to operate at your optimum and be your best self with the IKIGAI model.

Sydney further shares his views on the Marketing Achievement Awards and its theme of ‘Marketing Means Business’ and why marketing should make a difference in society. We close by chatting about the important role of the Marketing Association of South Africa (MASA), where he is the Chairperson, and the need to build a strong and professional marketing community.

Again, invest in yourself by listening to this episode of The DOC & The GURU Podcast – it’s really worth it.

#marketing #brand #ikigai #podcast

EP120: Celebrating The 6 Nations and Grand Slam French Rugby Success with Vlok Cilliers.

On this week’s episode of The DOC & The GURU Podcast, we chat about the recent 6 Nations Rugby Tournament and celebrate the success achieved by SA kicking coach, Vlok Cilliers, in playing such an integral part in France’s triumph.

And this show is not just about rugby; it’s a show about the parallels in life and the lessons that are all around us – I promise you, it’s a great listen! As marketers and media people, don’t miss out – it’s of immense value.

Vlok talks about finding the balance between individual brilliance and a team environment, doing the hard yards (and all those inches) well away from the Final, understanding and trusting the process and not just being outcome-focussed, managing the wafer-thin margins (at that level of sport, business and life) that result in fewer errors and a higher win-ratio, the alignment and role of leadership like the captain, Antoine Dupont (World Rugby Player of the Year), and head coach, Fabien Galthie, having mental toughness and paying attention to all the necessary detail.

French rugby has always been blessed with stars and a flamboyant style of play but, it’s also fair to say that they have been notoriously unpredictable and inconsistent at times – but this team seems to have built on the best (and continues to do so) and will go in as one of the favourites at next year’s Rugby World Cup France 2023, on home soil.

We close the show by moving away from the glitz and glamour of this campaign, and chat about the important work that the VlokSkop Foundation is doing in South Africa to help less-privileged people. So, listen in to see how you can get involved and make a contribution?

The DOC & The GURU Podcast is available for Free on all popular players.

#success #process #balance #business

EP119: Multichoice. F1 & Eskom. Kaalgat Karel II - If you build it they will come.

This week on the Doc and Guru Podcast we chat with well-known media executive Mauro Black - Director: Content Sales & Distribution at MultiChoice Group.

MultiChoice Group entertainment platforms like DStv, GOtv, Showmax & DStv Now are a hub for more than 19 million viewers across 50 countries. But to many of us planning and buying within the South Africa market, this massive trade in BVOD entertainment content - the energy that fuels these and many other global viewing platforms - is all largely invisible.

At times the quantum of viewer engagement is unfathomable. Multichoice reality show Big Brother NAIJA set all-time records with over 1,2 billion votes cast by viewers.

And speaking of unfathomable in this episode of the Doc and Guru
Podcast we address the latest rumours that Eskom will be sponsoring Max Verstappen & F1 in 2022. Forget DRS. This year F1 is going to be all about Eskom ERS.

In this episode our guest Mauro Black unpacks the 5 key pillars of performance that underpin the Multichoice Studios global offering.

At the core of this offering is local content production. Multichoice local content production is up +41% YoY with a target of 45% of GE content spend in 2022. In South Africa local content viewing is up from 35% of viewing time in 2021 to 44% in 2022 YTD. In Kenya this appetite for local content accounts for 49% of viewing behaviour. In Nigeria that figure is a whopping 74% of viewing. Is local culture the new African diamond in the rough?

And speaking of local content, in this episode we leak news about the rollout of the possible return of local movie sensation. Kaalgat Karel II - Karel Oppie Kampus.

Seems like when it comes to broadcaster video content, if you build it they will come.

Tune in and listen free to the Doc and Guru Podcast on all your favourite listening platforms.

EP118: It's Just The DOC & The GURU!

On this week’s The DOC & The GURU Podcast, it’s just the two of us, as we chat about a host of topical issues. Again, don’t miss out if you want to hear our views on the state of marketing and media education / curriculum design, transformation - from ‘stereotype reduction’ 30 years ago to DEI today, some clever marketing and great company results, and is the SA advertising and media industry as good as the think they are?

According to some latest research – WARC Rankings 2022: Effective 100 revealed – SA creative and media have slipped and perhaps need to do some hard thinking (and more importantly, good work) to get up with the best again. We also refer to another report – World Federation of Advertisers – GARM Aggregated Measurement Report Vol. 2 – but to get the full story, listen in for free.

So, be in the know and if you enjoyed the podcast, please share it with your friends and colleagues, and also send us recommendations of who you would like to hear being interviewed on the show.
#marketing #media #podcast #education

EP117: Fans are Changing the Game - Nielsen Global Sports Marketing Report 2022

This week on the Doc and Guru Podcast we chat with Kelvin Watt – Director Nielsen Sports SA about the state of sports marketing globally.

We’ve always been told that nobody is bigger than the game but does that still hold true for sports marketing?

As stadiums around the world start to fill up, we have all become excited about the prospect of watching live sport again. But when it comes to watching live sport on Television it seems that one screen isn’t enough.

The value of OTT media rights has quadrupled over the past 5 years as fans around the world have found new ways to build their own virtual sporting communities. Chatting during live viewing events. Sharing ancillary content. Even betting and co-watching on connected devices.

The Nielsen Global Sports Marketing Report 2022 outlines what all this means for sponsors, advertisers and media-owners.

One of the most fascinating insights in the report pertains to the growth of blockchain technology and crypto in the sport marketing sector. In this podcast Kelvin Watt helps to outline how sponsors benefit from NFT and crypto activations and NFT.

After all, what kind of marketing word is fungible anyway?

As many brands shift their event and team sponsorship strategies away from the bigger is better narrative to focus more on the athletes as primary influencers, it’s beginning to seem like the fans and the players might just be bigger than the game after all.

Listen in free to this week’s Doc and Guru podcast and find out where you can download your free copy of the Nielsen Global Sports Marketing Report 2022.

EP116: Everything from Calypso Cricket to Foresights and Futurism with Kgaugelo Maphai

This week on The Doc and The Guru Podcast we chat with one of South Africa’s most evenly balanced #media executives. Kgaugelo Maphai. Managing Director of Magnia Investments and Chairman of the Matrix Group.

A man who has worked all sides of the media fence over the past 21 years, Kgaugelo shares some of his insights on building a successful 100% locally owned business in the local media sector.

The recent rebranding of the Matrix Group media brand as Kintaro signals the need to ensure that industry players sustain our local economy by ensuring that revenue and dividends remain in the country; instead of flowing out to shareholders sitting in the advertising fortresses of Europe and North America.

Compassion isn’t even his middle name. It’s his actual name. So the focus on developing people at the core of his business success comes as no surprise and the Kintaro brand is centred on 3 pillars of future-focused media solutions.


In this episode we unpack the significance of these pillars and Kintaro’s vision not only for regional and cultural nuance in local advertising but also for Pan-African relevance and expansion.

Cognitive agility, collaborative processes and cutting edge foresights are the key to winning in the current media landscape. But is foresight enough? Find out in this episode of The Doc and The Guru as we talk about everything from Kaizer Chiefs to amapiano and 1950’s calypso music.

EP115: The Doc and Guru in Africa - We learned a lot. We know a little. We want more.

This week the Doc and Guru Podcast ventures out on what we hope will be the first of many Pan African adventures in 2022 as we chat with Tamara Ojeaga – Chief Client Officer Kantar Nigeria.

Kantar’s recently released report 2022 in Africa. The Good. The Tough. The Growth. offers some really great insights – and applications - for marketers in Africa.

The report takes us on a journey from demographics and urbanisation trends in West Africa, through the impact of the pandemic on society in general and consumers in particular.

Winning brands in West Africa and Africa will be those that revitalize hope and optimism in a realistic way. In this podcast we explore the key marketing pillars that will make this happen. But you have to get your side-hustle moving because social media is the marketplace of the day. And the future.

Entrepreneurs. Socialpreneurs. Brandpreneurs.

What can we say? We learned a lot. We know a little. We want more.

And if you also want more then download the podcast free and listen in to this week’s Doc and Guru podcast and find out how to get your own free copy of the Kantar report. And this week we even throw in a little bit for the Liverpool supporters.

The Doc and The Guru Podcast. Available on all your favourite listening platforms.

EP114: AMA and the Barry Manilow factor. A conversation with Chris Botha and Zibusiso Mkhwanazi

This week in The Doc and The Guru Podcast we chat with Zibusiso Mkhwanazi (Executive Chairperson of M&N Brands) and Chris Botha (Group Managing Director of Park Advertising) about the launch of AMA. A 100% black owned disrupter media agency.

Go on! AMA. #AskMeAnything. What’s in a name you say? AMA. You got it Avatar Media Agency.

So what prompted this joint venture between South Africa’s original and oldest media agency and the dynamic young creative agency group Avatar? What are the mutually beneficial points of intersection between the media agency that has built its offering around finding a better way to connect clients' brands with their consumers, and a creative agency that believes in creating ideas that move people?

When it comes structuring a deal like this are you a let’s get together for coffee or a let’s get together for a glass of wine kind of person?
And just what is a disrupter agency?

We also examine some of the big challenges and opportunities facing media agencies as we emerge from Covid pandemic and reflect on the evolution of extreme generalists and extreme specialists in media.

Park Advertising’s Sean Clarke is without doubt one of Mzansi’s most understated media icons but in this podcast we also pose the question is the quiet man of media also the media industry’s most under-rated golfer?
And speaking of icons, in this episode we also chat about the Barry Manilow factor in global diplomacy. Does Barry Manilow have hair on his teeth? Or is he just long in the tooth? All this and more in this week’s The Doc and The Guru Podcast.

EP113: Glass half-full or glass half-empty? - Flicking the Switch with SABC Reggie Nxumalo

When it comes to dealing with SABC most of us are either in the glass half-full or a glass half-empty category. Or should that be half-switched off and half-switched on?

In this week’s episode of The Doc and The Guru podcast we chat with SABC Group Executive: Sales – Reggie Nxumalo about what is probably the most important issue facing broadcasters in South Africa over the coming years. The migration from analogue to digital terrestrial broadcasting (DTB). Or as it is more generally referred to DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television).

Fifteen years in the melting pot the SABC has finally begun the process of switching to digital broadcasting by throwing off the analogue switch in the Free State, Northern Cape and NW Province. What does this mean for the 5 million households impacted by the switchover? And how is the SABC dealing with the fallout?

As we switch to DTB is there still a role for linear radio in the OD (On Demand) media landscape? Can advertisers still “tap into the local community” with real time radio? The Edelman Trust Barometer 2022 reports that “distrust is now society’s default emotion.” Is home language content still the key to building trust with consumers and tapping into these communities?

In this show we revisit the importance of home language in transforming the radio station into a trusted brand, not just a destination on the dial, and in building brand trust. We also examine new ways of partnering with SABC, ranging from their RAP studios which offer a range of services from creative radio writing and recording radio ads, to developing 360O promotional packages, and also the crossover media offerings that build on the powerful market synergies inherent in SABC TV and radio assets.

The analogue switch might be off but the lights are still on at Auckland Park. And the message from Reggie Nxumalo is that the SABC is open for business.

EP112: INNOVATE South Africa

On this week’s episode of The DOC & The GURU Podcast, we go Global as we chat with two South Africans making their mark abroad; Sue Rooney from Canada (via Zoom) and we welcome Sven Boermeester from the USA into our studio to discuss their exciting INNOVATE Series. What started out as one book (INNOVATE Tampa Bay) 4 years ago has now grown into 50 editions, and is accelerating, with INNOVATE South Africa going to be released in May this year.

So, if you would like to hear about the wide range of international innovative success stories, and equally-importantly, want to write your name and your company’s story into the evolving, innovative landscape of South Africa, then listen in and contact them to be part of it. Whether it’s a big or small innovation, a product improvement or a system change, a human intervention or technical enhancement; as long as it positively moves the system forward and adds life, you’re in the right space.

From physical books (with its own innovation), to e-publications and a rich website, it’s all there! South Africa has always been a region with rich entrepreneurship and fresh thinking, and the time couldn’t be better to launch this edition. It’s an encapsulation of all the goodness, success stories and innovations happening in South Africa – so don’t miss out.

Listen in for free to The DOC & The GURU Podcast for another great episode, including a bonus reveal on what Gordon, The GURU, feels like eating this week (thank goodness he has moved on from his fish paste rant of last week).

#innovation #success #marketing #media #podcast

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