The Greg Morgan Morning Show - CJME

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Greg Morgan always dreamed of someday being on CJME.

Growing up in the Rosemont neighbourhood, Greg’s parents had CJME playing on the radio 24/7. He grew to love radio and stints in places like Meadow Lake, North Battleford, and Lloydminster, Greg worked his way back to Regina and the afternoon show on CJME.

After several years, Greg left for other opportunities, including STV, (now Global), where he was the weatherman for 10 years. For a change of pace, Greg worked in private business before winding up back in radio. He’s now come full circle, back home at 980 CJME where it all began.

Now a father of two amazing daughters, Greg is thrilled to be waking Regina up with the days big stories, as well as a bit of fun and a smile. He says the only thing that could have made his return to CJME better is if his dad were still alive to hear him back on the station that he first introduced him to all those years ago.


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The King of Brunch is no longer the new kid on the block.

Join Nick Hamman Monday's to Fridays (3pm - 6pm) for 5Drive. Providing listeners with groundbreaking, youth driven content that can't be found anywhere else!

Always a step ahead, Nick Hamman is excited about providing radio that is stimulating, exciting and engaging with content that appeals to South Africans who are educated, young at heart and positive about our country.

Along with Executive Producer Mad Money Mike, Bibi on traffic, Jude and Nadia on news, 5Drive will supply your afternoon eargasms.

The Brent Loucks Show - CKOM

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Brent Loucks has only ever had one job and he’s loved it ever since the beginning – hot hits, classic gold, great oldies and News Talk.

“One of these days I’ve got to get a real job,” he jokes about his more than 44 years on the radio.

Brent said it’s the people he meets, and the amazing stories they have, that keep him going.

He’s married to his former co-host, Penney Murphy, and together they have four kids and five grandkids.

In his off time, you can find Brent at his Pike Lake area home relaxing on his massive deck with their three dogs – or travelling everywhere from Winslow, Arizona, to Caribbean cruises and the English countryside.

On his bucket list is more travels to Europe, and anywhere warm in January.

The Daily Friend Show

120 EPISODES | SA INSTITUTE OF RACE RELATIONS |  Podcast, ±32 min episode every 3 days
The Daily Friend Show is a weekly current-affairs show brought to you by the IRR.

The show covers topics of politics, social issues and economics through the lens of liberalism. No topic is taboo, nothing is off limits. Our team of analysts and writers from our website

Our Voices

49 EPISODES | VOICE OF AMERICA |  Podcast, ±27 min episode every 1 week, 1 day
Welcome to “Our Voices”. This is where African women bring the continent’s most pressing issues to the table. We’ll ask questions, share ideas, discuss solutions, and most importantly, bring your voices - Our Voices - to the conversation.

We’re bringing women’s voices to the conversation and, more than that, we’re building a community of inclusion and empowerment. We know you want to talk about the important issues of our time. And this is the place to do it. Your voice matters – every voice matters so join us in this conversation. Together, we can start transformational conversations online, in our living rooms, our communities, in our lives.

Encounters of Grace with Pastor G. Swarts.

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I am George Swarts, a pastor in Bloemfontein in the Free State province. I am senior pastor of a multi racial church, called Harvest Celebrations. I hold a diploma (Bachelor Degree) in Theology. I am also a regular guest in church conferences, leadership seminars, I also, when invited speak at schools and graduation ceremonies.

The Name of my Programme is "Encounters of Grace with Pastor G. Swarts.
The reason why i call it like that is because i believe we live in a pragmatic, manipulative "End Time" environment where our society's are overflowed with many people who are either wounded, broken, lonely and hopeless because of their past and present mistakes and they all come to the church with the expectation of finding a solution to their heartache felt experiences. As a pastor, i am no exception to this, I am believe i am simply a humble man, called by God to be a servant of His extension of grace to all those in need of it. I believe we have all sinned and we are all eqaully entitled to His grace (Chen). No one is so sinful that they can never qaulify to be forgiven and granted a second or third chance in life. An example is the one worst hardest criminal and sinner in the Bible who was crucified with Jesus and yet experienced Gods grace an hour before he died. My philosophy around this is therefore that we all deserve this kind of grace and we as the true "Ecclesia" must keep the doors open to such and help them recover and be restored to the full image of Jesus Christ.

My Banking Details:
Bank: Capitec
Account tYpe: Savings
Account Number: 1424 1918 56
Branch Code 470010
Branch: Bloemfontein

Contact details: (Whatsup) 063 350 6383/ 082 366 8440
email: admin@harvestcelebrationchurch,org,za

His In Service
George Swarts

Business Day Spotlight

94 EPISODES | MULTIMEDIALIVE |  Podcast, ±25 min episode every 6 days
Behind the biggest business stories of the week - taking you inside key events, the movements at the top and their effects at the bottom.

An Arena Holdings Production. Production.

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