Gotetsa Mosha

216 EPISODES | MOTSWEDING FM |  Podcast, ±13 min episode every 1 week
Infotainment at its Best. This show is for aspiring young people wanting to be a “somebody”. The show is engaging, exciting and very interactive. The show is fast paced, and yet easy to listen to. It is a mixed pot of career info, new technology, traffic reports, economic news and indicators, analysis of our political landscape, celebrity/entertainment news and loads and loads of laughter, madness, silliness and craziness to make sure the traffic jam doesn’t get the better of you. If music is what keeps you going, GOTETSA MOSHA brings you the best of the best with two young and vibrant presenters. LTK & Mo Setumo will keep you looking forward to the next weekly 15:00 to 18:00 dose after ever show.


3424 EPISODES | THE VOICE OF THE CAPE |  Podcast, ±12 min episode every 17 hours
The Drivetime Show is hosted by Shafiq Morton and has a national and international flavour. During the show the interviews will focus on issues making news nationally, be it the enquiry into the Arms Deal to the current famine in the Horn of Africa. The after five interview on Drivetime, will usually be the analysis slot where the biggest story of the day or week is analyzed. During this show listener participation is encourage via the station’s sms facility.

Discovering the Unknown Evangelist by Dr D

6 EPISODES | BAASRAAK RADIO |  Podcast, ±23 min episode every 5 days
I was born in South Africa, in Pietersburg in 1972. I am happily married to Lyn for 13 yrs. now. I have four children, Taytum, Chane, Tristan & Tyler Erskine. I studied God’s Word and Theology for 8 yrs. and have my Masters in Theology, a Doctorate of Ministry and has His (PhD) Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Ministry – Religious Studies.

God laid it on my heart 2 yrs. ago to start a You Tube video Ministry, which for many reasons only happened when God connected us with the right people – Freek vermaak.

The name he gave me was “unknown Evangelist” which now is going to
be the Programs name “Discovering the Unknown Evangelist” which
pertains to all Christ followers and is in side of all of us.
The program will help any person connect, grow and mature in their walk
with Jesus Christ, (through a real and true relationship with the Trinity,
discovering true LOVE, WORTH and PURPOSE) as the listeners/you
tube followers hear about and grow in Christ Jesus and His Word through
the different programs, which will deal with God’s Word, their daily walk
with God and understanding their true purpose and calling, (through their
obedience and Love for Jesus Christ and Father God’s perfect Love, will
and plan). It will help all the listeners realise that there is an unknown
Evangelist in each and every one of us...AND it’s that TIME, the
Biblical season for all to go out and let the whole World Know about
Jesus Christ and HIS GOOD NEWS before we reach the end of the world
as we know it. Jesus is coming back soon....

E-mail:, Web address: cell
number: 066 008 5948 (whatsapp or call) or 082 808 0866 - Face book:
Datya Ministries International.

Bank Details: Dayta Ministries International (Non Profit Company)
FNB Cheque Account
Account number: 62351097714
Swift number: firnzajj (for International donations)

The V.A.R Show

17 EPISODES | ACTIVE FM |  Podcast, ±43 min episode every 1 week, 1 day
This show is perfect and was created for every soccer and football lover out there.
V.A.R is a video assistant referee in football, who reviews decisions made by the head referee.
Our presenters talk about everything to do with soccer, and the latest news in football.

ECR Traffic

7 EPISODES | EAST COAST RADIO |  Podcast, ±1 min episode every 9 weeks
Catch the latest traffic report from 05h30 until 19h00 with ECR's Traffic Team: Jayshree Parasuramen starts your morning off with weekday traffic from 05:30 to 9:00am on the Breakfast slots with updates every 15 minutes. Then from 09:30 until 14:30 Andi James has updates every 30 minutes. Rounding off your afternoon and evening traffic is Buhle Hlatshwayo from 15:00 until 19:00 with updates every 15 minutes.

Disability 360 Campaign

56 EPISODES | PHALAPHALA FM |  Podcast, ±17 min episode every 2 weeks, 6 days
The Public Service Broadcaster (SABC) has announced that it is taking disability to the next level with a project termed SABC Disability 360 Campaign. The Campaign aims to empower People with Disabilities by providing on-going disability related content on-air, online and on the ground (events) through SABC various platforms which will be providing the sector with information about job opportunities, training opportunities and pertinent disability content, in all 11 official languages.

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