Chica Travel with Lelo

3 EPISODES | PODCAST STUDIO |  Series, ±42 min episode total time 2 hr 07 min
Travel is one of the most fulfilling experiences and CHICA Travel is all about making it even more beautiful for you.
Are you often overwhelmed by all the information that’s available on the internet and aren’t sure where to find reliable information you can trust? Then join Lelo Boyana as she chats to travel lovers, friends, influencers and travel industry experts who share tips, tricks and advice on everything travel.
The Chica Travel podcast will tackle different topics including, How to pack stylishly for your trip, the Ins and Outs of Solo Travel, Girls Trips, Travel Insurance, in depth discussions on Must See Destinations, Budgeting for Travel and much more.
Join @MsLeloB on the Chica Travel conversations via #ChicaTravelPod on social media.

The Office Podcast

10 EPISODES | PODCAST STUDIO |  Podcast, ±44 min episode every 1 week, 1 day
The Office podcast aims to help our listeners navigate the ever changing world of work & its complexities. All work and no play is no fun so we also take office breaks (tea time) to live, laugh, gossip and explore.

Office Politics:
Lelo, Lyton & Kea use their extensive years of experience in corporate SA to discuss career related issues. They also get experts to answer listener questions on everything office related!

During Tea Time: the trio catches up in the Pause Area to share cheeky commentary on everything celebrity & entertainment.

Out Of Office:
Travel - they share tips and tricks on travel plus discuss must see destinations locally and abroad! How not to let your leave days go to waste!

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