East Coast Radio Newswatch

3790 EPISODES | EAST COAST RADIO |  Podcast, ±2 min episode every 8 hours
East Coast Radio Newswatch is the Durban-based station's independent news team. We are KZN’s trusted news source from dawn to dusk. Our bulletins run from 6am until 6pm, Monday to Friday. On weekends and public holidays you can catch our news updates from 7am until 12pm. © East Coast Radio.

Heart and Soul: Faith Perspectives

1 EPISODES | BBC |  Podcast
Explore the role of faith, spirituality and religious practice in the lives of people around the world. Heart and Soul offers insights into personal life stories, current events and trends, and explores where these intersect with religious practice and values. Covering all major religions, it offers valuable insights into how different faith communities think and live, as well as discussion of ethical matters. Regular presenters include Christopher Landau; Richard Coles; and Michael Ford. Broadcast weekly on Saturdays.

Die tale wat ons praat

50 EPISODES | RSG |  Podcast, ±19 min episode every 1 week
Aktuele sake en interessanthede oor die Afrikaanse taal word bespreek. Daar word gesels oor verskillende variëteite van Afrikaans, bv. die taal van die wet, van die ekonomie, van die onderwys, maar ook streek- en groeptale kry aandag. Van tyd tot tyd word luisteraars genooi om in te bel met hulle taalprobleme of -sienings, en word seldsame uitdrukkings bespreek.

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