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Inside Europe 15.03.2018

Will Russian money embedded in Britain complicate the UK's response to a nerve agent attack? - European reaction to the UK poisoning - Angela Merkel’s push for peace in eastern Ukraine - Human rights abuses among Crimea's Tatar minority – Quiet please, we're reading! - The EU and migrant visas - France revs up wind energy – Is Poland rewriting history? - Georgia embraces its winemaking heritage.

Inside Europe 01.03.2018

Romanians protest against corruption - Journalist's murder shocks Slovakia - A setback for Hungary’s nationalist government - In search of charity in Berlin - NATO joins forces with the EU to fight cyber attacks - Germany paves the way to ban diesel cars from cities - Latvia’s banking scandals – The EU and overfishing - Can France follow through on its pledge to return African artefacts?

Inside Europe 22.02.2018

On today's programme: Immigration and the Italian elections – President Erdogan’s plan to send home Syrian refugees – The end of a maritime era for St Helena – Tackling the rise in anti-Semitism – An increase in support for Germany’s AfD – Corruption scandals plague the Spanish government – Corruption in Hungary – And scarves for the homeless and poor in Bologna

Inside Europe 08.02.2018

On today's program: Germany’s Angela Merkel reaches a deal with her coalition partners - The Austrian student fraternity scandal surrounding an anti-Semitic songbook - France’s president rejects nationalist demands on Corsica - Could Brexit kill off one of Britain's lesser-spoken languages? – Serbian-Kosovar reconciliation – And a special focus on the Berlin Wall.

Inside Europe 01.02.2018

Israel anger at Polish Holocaust speech bill - The threat of IS terror in Belgium - A victory for the Czech Republic’s pro-Russian president - Can German automaker Volkswagen survive another scandal? - Ireland announces a referendum to repeal abortion laws - Former Spanish dictator Franco's shadow over Spain - To tip or not to tip in Germany - France rebrands lingerie in the post-Weinstein world.

Inside Europe 25.01.2018

After 4 months of political limbo, is Germany’s Grand Coalition set to renew its vows? - Merkel and Macron shore up the European project in Davos - Allegations of spying on the Norwegian - Russian border - Will Brexit take Britain off the European cultural map?

Inside Europe 18.01.2018

The EU stands up to Washington over the Iran nuclear deal - Austrians protests against the far-right coaliltion - Could Puigdemont govern Catalonia in absentia? - Brittany keeps an eye on Catalonia - Turkish President threatens to “strangle” a new US-backed force in Syria - Homelessness in Berlin - An army of 'elves' fighting an information war in Lithuania - Italian artisans go high-tech.

Inside Europe 11.01.12018

Is Turkey on a charm offensive with the EU? - British Prime Minister Theresa May tries to shake up her government - Protests over Poland’s health care reforms - Chinese students flock to France to cultivate their palates - A midwife in Hungary is sentenced to prison - Africans migrants in Greece find hope in their faith - Can humans and wolves coexist peacefully? - Is the future of cars wooden?

Inside Europe 21.12.2017

On this festive edition of the programme: Christmas relief for the poor in Hungary, Is a Czech culinary tradition under threat? We’ll head to the cradle of wine, And what’s in those advent calendars? And a culinary tour around Europe

Inside Europe 14.12.2017

On today's programme: The EU remains firm on its stance on Jerusalem - Which way will Catalonia vote in the upcoming election? - France introduces drones to catch dangerous drivers - A hitch for gay marriage in Greece - Homelessness in Germany - The Iraqi refugee who doesn’t want to leave Serbia - Migrants adapt to Glaswegian life – Looking for work on the Bus to Go.

Inside Europe 30.11.2017

How leaders from the EU and Africa want to prevent the abuse of migrants in Libya – Are Syrian refugees outstaying their welcome in Turkey? – Prince Harry and Meghan, a transatlantic match made in heaven? – Northern Irish divisions resurface in language row –The racism debate over the Dutch Black Pete tradition continues to simmer.

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