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Inside Europe: 22.09.2022

What does Russia’s military escalation mean for Ukraine and its allies? The Estonian town with a Russian twin across the river, and after Sweden's lurch to the right, Europe awaits Italy's election results. Also: An immigration lawyer imagines Paddington Bear as his client, why Albanians can't wait to leave the country, and Eco Opera — where birds can play musical instruments.

Inside Europe: 15.09.2022

Ukraine recaptures vast swathes of territory from Russia, Belarusian exiles in Poland support Kyiv over the war, and the Brussels terror attacks trial begins. Also: Why the former Czech prime minister is in the dock and Britain mourns an iconic monarch.

Inside Europe: 08.09.2022

The UK has a new prime minister, but is everyone really sitting in the same boat? Anatomy of an airstrike: what happened at 8.35 am on March 29th, 2022? Nothing to see here: the spyware scandal causing embarrassment for the EU, and motorbike lovers beware: Paris is no longer the free ride you thought it was.

Inside Europe 01.09.2022

The EU makes it harder for Russians to get travel visas, will Russians ever forgive Mikhail Gorbachev for the collapse of the Soviet Union? Also: Ukraine prints money to pay its soldiers, Bulgarians struggle with soaring energy prices and the victims of the 2016 Nice attack could soon see justice.

Inside Europe 25.08.2022

Ukrainian writer Andrei Kurkov on six months of war with Russia, Turkey’s high risk strategy continues to pay off and who killed Darya Dugina and why? Also: Afghans remain stuck in a US base in Kosovo, explore the legacy of COVID in Spain and also on the Edinburgh Fringe comedy circuit!

Inside Europe 18.08.2022

Climate special: the European Space Agency tracks terrestrial changes from space, drought in the UK, France’s nuclear conundrum and the race to contain Europe's wildfires. Also: DW's On the Green Fence podcast takes an in-depth look at the aviation industry’s contributions to climate change.

Inside Europe 11.08.2022

How Finland's radioactive waste should be safe for 100,000 years, the UK shuts its only gender identity clinic for children, and a Slovakian council digs in over the renaming of a street. Also: 30 years on, the victims of the war in Abkhazia still seek justice, Italian long-COVID sufferers learn how to smell again and meet the Edinburgh fringe comedian who performed to an audience of one.

Inside Europe 04.08.2022

Security expert William Alberque on nuclear threats and Ukraine, Turkey expects payback for brokering Ukrainian grain deal, and England’s lionesses win the Euro Championships. Also: Russia’s war with Ukraine awakens traumatic memories for Estonians, how low water levels in the river Rhine are contributing to rising prices and a look at the human toll of the cost of living crisis.

Inside Europe 28.07.22

Moscow now wants regime change in Ukraine, we meet the Russian dissidents creating a new life in Georgia, and EU countries agree to cut their gas use. Also: how the monkeypox outbreak is stirring memories of HIV stigmatization, the Spanish island of La Palma recalls last year's volcanic eruption, and avoiding Europe's flight chaos, but will taking the train be any better?

Inside Europe 21.07.22

Climate change brings more extreme weather to Europe, Hungary's tax reforms spark public protests, and Paris hopes to stage the 2024 Olympics without blowing the budget. Also: newcomers to Italy build their culinary confidence, the threat to Europe from the new Centaurus COVID variant, and the campaign to give the UK's Cornwall county more powers.

Inside Europe 14.07.2022

On this week's program: the race to replace Boris Johnson as the UK’s next prime minister, Germans worry about freezing this winter, why some of those canned tomatoes from Italy are so cheap. Also, meet the American actor who left Hollywood to become lord of Downton Shabby and how the Isle of Skye’s natural wonders are both a blessing and a curse.

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