Mobile web app

Mobile app for your podcasts and stream, available on the web, iOS and Android.

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Go from zero to hero — a themed mobile application for your listeners in days.

We provide a web app that works great on most mobile & desktop browsers, alongside native versions on the iOS and Android app stores.

Avoid the long and costly development cycles of traditional mobile apps. Simply enable the web app on your account, theme and brand your app, and point your listeners to it.



Plays your live-stream, pre-roll ads and display of Now Playing information.


List and play all your podcasts, with rich metadata.


Use your brand colours and logos to make it your own.

News feed

Use any standard RSS news feed to easily manage updates to your listeners.

Quality levels

Users can choose an audio quality level that suits their bandwidth and budget.

Multi language

User interface available in multiple languages.

What is a mobile web app ?

Progressive web apps are built using standard web technologies (HTML, CSS, JS) that can install almost like a normal application on mobile and desktop devices. Most mobile devices allow installing these as an app on the home screen, similar to other apps from the app store.

While most Android devices have fantastic support for progressive web applications, iOS has only partial support. To enable a complete user experience in iOS, we build a native version of our web application that is published to, and installed from, the app store like a regular application.

The web version will also prompt users to install the "native" version of their application.

This provides the best of all worlds - a progressive web application that works almost everywhere, alongside native iOS and optional Android versions of the same application.

Web app Native App
One version for all platforms X
Easy updates X
Ranked in search engines X
Requires app store approval X
Expensive development cycles X
Access native device features X
Flexible offline data storage X
Live streaming

Live-stream playback

The number one priority for radio stations is to let users listen to their internet live-stream. The mobile web app uses our modern web player to support rich and easy live stream playback.

  • Monetise your audience with pre-roll ads.
  • Uses the audio quality level configured by the user.
  • Show the current song (“Now Playing”) metadata (if configured).
  • Shows upcoming show times (if configured).
  • Auto-selects the best format for the user’s device.
Podcast playback


All your podcasts published on our platform automatically becomes available for listening inside the app.

Users can browse through all podcast channels, find episodes with their descriptions and image metadata and, of course, listen to them.

Theming support

Use your brand colours and logos to completely make it look like your own.

  • Accent, background and text colours
  • Header logo
  • Square or rounded icons
  • Contact details
App Theming
News feed

News feed

Use a standard RSS news feed to deliver news and updates to your users.

RSS feeds are easy to manage and update using most CMS systems like Wordpress or even with a simple editor.

Global quality level

Users can choose a quality level that suits their bandwidth and budget.

All streams and podcasts are made available in 3 different quality levels. The app allows the user to select their preferred quality once.

Podcasts Livestream
Output bitrates
Low 28 kbps 40 kbps
Medium 56 kbps 80 kbps
High 96 kbps 160 kbps

Multi language

Multiple languages are available, with more coming.


Enable your mobile web app today.

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