Podcast hosting

Modern podcast platform for large radio stations to solo podcasters.

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Radio friendly features

Work together to build and monetise your online audio content.

Multiple shows & users

Multiple shows and users under one account, ideal for radio stations.

Publishing portal

Publish episodes, draw usage reports and manage your content library online.

Dynamic ad insertion

Dynamically insert and remove audio ads, delivered with country-level geo-targeting.

Scheduled publishing

Publish or archive episodes at future date and time.

Permanent archive

Build an online archive of all published content.

Migrate / Syndicate

Sync your existing content from external RSS feeds.

Smart web player

Modern and user friendly, with powerful features below the surface.

Add our modern web player to any website with just one line of HTML. A clean and user friendly interface hides an intelligent piece of software:

  • Embed one episode or automatically follow a show.
  • Auto-selects optimal audio codec for browser.
  • Tracks anonymised user behaviour for listening analytics.
  • Mobile friendly with pure HTML4 fallback for old devices.
  • Allows switching between available bitrates.
  • Basic theming support available on Radio packages.
Embedded player Embedded player Embedded player

Playlists with continuous playback provide a more radio-like experience.

  • Optional playlist to showcase other episodes.
  • Supports sequential “series” type shows.
  • Continuous playback with shuffle mode.
  • Add a show, popular episodes or all content.

Share with the world

SEO optimised hosting

Published content is automatically expressed as search friendly metadata.

Social media friendly

Opengraph support exposes content as rich media, ready to share on social media.

Twitter cards

Episodes shared on Twitter automatically gets attractive player cards.

Intelligent RSS

Syndicate to Apple iTunes, Google Play, Pocket Casts, Spotify and more.

Extensive metadata

Customise shows and episodes with images and links.

Unlimited downloads

High speed content delivery network with no limits on monthly downloads.

Multiple bitrates & formats

Multiple versions available to cater for different users, devices and networks.

Different bitrates allow users with slow or expensive data to choose a lower quality podcast, while high fidelity remains available. Great for developing markets where expensive mobile networks dominate, while sacrificing no quality in developed markets.

Each bitrate is also available in multiple codecs to guarantee full compatibility with older devices while retaining the best codec for modern devices. And with our modern web player, listeners do not need to choose - they simply click play and get the best possible result.

All packages
Low 28k AAC
Medium 64k AAC
High 128k MP3

Loudness normalisation

All podcast files and dynamic ads use modern perceptual loudness normalisation to ensure a consistent volume level for listeners.

Analytics dashboard

Incredibly powerful, super easy to use.

Our analytics dashboard offers a wider range of reporting features to help you gain even better insight in to your listeners and content.

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