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At the helm of Gauteng’s biggest business radio show, Kaya Biz, is Gugulethu who will be leading the conversation on what is next for the Afropolitan business landscape. The show presents local and international business news, entrepreneurship, corporate and investment banking. Since its inception in May 2006 Kaya Biz has grown from a half-an-hour daily finance update to an hour show bringing compelling business news and market reviews to listeners.
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We are not doing enough to hold delinquent directors accountable.

GUEST – Vikeshni Vandayar, Executive: Governance and Corporate Services at the IoDSA The King Codes, the Companies Act and the common law all set high standards for directors because of the huge influence directors have over the oversight and performance of an organisation, be it a private, public or non-profit…
15 Jul 2PM 12 min

The psychology behind insurance crime.

GUEST - Garth de Klerk, CEO of the Insurance Crime Bureau For as long as there has been insurance, there has been insurance fraud too. In the intricate world of financial fraud detection, understanding the psychology behind fraudulent behavior is a pivotal aspect. Fraudsters employ a diverse array of tactics…
15 Jul 1PM 20 min

59% of sampled stores in SA are selling illicit tobacco products.

GUEST - Johnny Moloto, Area Head of Corporate & Regulatory Affairs for BAT Sub-Saharan Africa. New Ipsos research released today reveals that 59% of sampled stores in South Africa are selling illicit tobacco products, with prices as low as R5 for a pack of 20 cigarettes, intensifying the ongoing price…
15 Jul 1PM 16 min

FNB survey reveals that nearly 50% of South Africans don’t have a retirement plan

GUEST – CEO of Wealth & Investments at FNB, Bheki Mkhize. The 2024 FNB Retirement Insights Survey, released today, offers a glimpse into the current state and evolving dynamics of pre- and post-retirement planning in South Africa. In its second year, the in-depth research reveals persistent challenges around retirement in…
10 Jul 3PM 15 min

Trade industry & competition to prioritise masterplan implementation

GUEST – Zuko Godlimpi - Deputy Minister of The Department of Trade, Industry & Competition The Department of Trade, Industry & Competition (DTIC) will prioritise sector-specific masterplan implementation, re-industrialisation and economic transformation during the seventh administration.
10 Jul 3PM 16 min

Moody's downgrades Kenya's credit rating, what this means for the country?

GUEST – Dr Rutendo Hwindingwi – Fouding Director at Tribe Africa Advisory Moody's has downgraded Kenya's debt rating further into junk territory and warned the outlook was negative after a wave of protests led the government to abandon proposed tax hikes. President William Ruto, facing the most serious crisis of…
10 Jul 3PM 12 min

Funds pays benefit to fraud syndicate whilst real member was in prison

GUEST – Muvhango Lukhaimane – Pensions Fund Adjudicator Funds pays benefit to fraud syndicate whilst real member was in prison Whilst the actual member was serving a prison sentence, a pension fund paid out a benefit of more than R800 000 to a syndicate that was involved in identity theft…
9 Jul 3PM 22 min

Be wary of the following scams this tax season, warns the SAFPS

GUEST - Manie Van Schalkwyk, CEO of the Southern African Fraud Prevention Service As we approach the end of August, millions of South Africans will log onto the SARS eFiling website or visit their closest branch to complete their tax returns. "While this is a very busy time for the…
9 Jul 3PM 7 min

Consumer Tribunal fines two used car dealers and orders R1 million refund.

GUEST – Prudence Moilwa – Head of complaints and investigations at the National Consumer Commission. The National Consumer Tribunal has fined two car dealers and ordered one of them to repay a consumer R1 million after hearing the cases brought by the National Consumer Commission. Secondhand cars are often a…
9 Jul 3PM 20 min

Is it legal for creditors to collect a prescribed debt?

GUEST - Kwanda Vabaza – Adjudicator Manager of the Credit Division at the National Financial Ombud The Prescription Act stipulates the period after which a consumer’s obligation to pay a monetary debt to a creditor will be extinguished and the instances in which this period will be delayed or interrupted…
8 Jul 3PM 20 min

South African shoppers are not what they used to be.

GUEST – Andrea Ellens, Retail Industry Specialist at Trade Intelligence. As shopper behaviours evolve, brands and retailers are working hard to catch up, using tools to connect with a new generation of increasingly demanding and informed shoppers. South African shoppers are not what they used to be. They’re tougher, savvier,…
8 Jul 2PM 12 min

High cost of car ownership keeps 1.9 million car finance holders stagnant

GUEST - Andrew Fulton, Director at Eighty20. There are approximately 12 million registered motor vehicles in South Africa. But when excluding light and heavy delivery trucks, taxis and motor-cycles, fewer than one in five adults have a personal vehicle. There are roughly 8 million motor cars and station wagons, as…
8 Jul 2PM 9 min

Bidvest to sell Bidvest Bank and FinGlobal

GUEST - David Shapiro, chief investment strategist at Sasfin Wealth JSE-listed Bidvest will dispose of two of its entities – Bidvest Bank and FinGlobal, according to a statement on Sens on Wednesday. This follows the group’s announcement earlier this year that it intends to dispose of Bidvest Life. The group…
8 Jul 2PM 9 min

Shoprite launches bulk online shopping and delivery service

GUEST – Mark Cotton, Head of B2B eCommerce at the Shoprite Group. Shoprite has ventured into South Africa’s bustling e-commerce sector by introducing online shopping and bulk delivery service for spaza shops and small businesses. Customers buying in bulk can now purchase goods online from its Cash & Carry stores,…
4 Jul 2PM 8 min

Unequal pay for equal work: When is it discrimination?

GUEST – Malesela Letwaba, Associate at Employment Law practice at CDH. Remuneration levels can be a murky and complex area. Especially when employees are performing the same or similar job function. In a sc Scenario like this - where employees are performing equal work but their pay is different –…
4 Jul 1PM 13 min

Big EFT and debit order changes coming soon.

GUEST - Ghita Erling, CEO: Payments Association of South Africa. South African banks will implement a big electronic funds transfer (EFT) payment change in September 2024, impacting direct payments and debit orders. The change followed a decision by the Common Monetary Area (CMA) regulators to discontinue processing EFT payments and…
4 Jul 1PM 19 min
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