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KAYA FM reflects the lives of the predominantly black, urban listener between the ages of 25 – 49 living in Gauteng. The station broadcasts both music and talk. KAYA FM 95.9 broadcasts in English on the FM frequency signal 95 (Dot) 9, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The current listenership stands at 515 000 per average day and 897 000 per average 7 days. The music format offers a diverse and soulful mix of adult contemporary music to smoother sounds like R&B, World Music and Soul and Jazz. KAYA FM 95.9 is a rich mix of music, news, sport and topic-driven features. The core Kaya listener is Afropolitan: a mature, sophisticated, socially conscious individual rooted in heritage. The Afropolitan is a progressive thought-leader who is self-determining, discerning, well-informed and a player in the global environment.

Today with John Perlman

346 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±42 min episode every day
The aim of the show is to provide the ultimate debate platform, raising current issues affecting the Gauteng province, but of national relevance. Topics are based on current affairs and politics with an aim to inform as well as to make a difference by rousing curiosity through debate and ultimately resulting in some form of action from the listener and guest. Today with John Perlman features current issues. It is thought-provoking, paradigm shifting but definitely not your ordinary talk show.

Beyond Corona - South Africa and the World After the Pandemic

8 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±40 min episode every 6 days
The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought societies and their economies worldwide to a standstill. As a major disruptor COVID-19 changes the trajectory of political and socio-economic developments. The pandemic has revealed the weaknesses and strengths of current governance and economic systems and provides us with an unique opportunity to correct the development path we were on before the pandemic hit us. In this podcast series, brought to you by Kaya FM in partnership with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, we ask experts, futurists and independent thinkers about the potential impact the pandemic has on our future and what lessons we can learn.

Checking In Mixtape - The COVID 19 Edition

8 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±12 min episode every 1 week, 2 days
The world is snowed under an avalanche of factoids and numbers during the Corona Virus outbreak. Beyond those statistics, Kagiso Mnisi teleports across the globe to forage for stories about how other storytellers are making sense of the times. He 'Checks In' on a few folks such as Journalists, authors, curators as well as as reputation crisis managers. Checking In is a mixtape chopped and screwed using the bare essentials during an unprecedented time of COVID-19.

Sidebar with Sindi

188 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±50 min episode every 2 days
Sidebar with Sindi is an extension of the vibrant personality that is Dr Sindi Van Zyl. While Dr. Sindi is known for her work as a medical doctor, this show will explore multiple facets of life with the overarching theme of family.
Sidebar with Sindi is about having and facilitating empowering, insightful and inclusive conversations between listeners and subject experts for lasting and holistic impact on those who participate in the conversations without fear of judgement.

COVID-19 Updates

266 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±10 min episode every 8 hours
The COVID-19 outbreak has been declared a state of disaster in South Africa (15 March 2020). As the number of known cases rises in South Africa, we look to understand prevention, treatment options and the social impact of the outbreak. For the latest news and updates concerning the COVID-19 outbreak, visit www.sacoronavirus.co.za, call 0800 029 999 or whatsapp 0600 123 456.

Kaya Breakfast

1939 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±8 min episode every 14 hours
Any morning that doesn’t include Kaya Breakfast means starting the day without the latest news analysis on the biggest political stories. Kaya Breakfast with offers bite-sized commentary by well-informed analysts who provide insights for the discerning Afropolitan listener. The show is also interested in positive stories in our country; from education to community development.

Elite Nites with Kgomotso Meso

6 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±15 min episode every 1 week
Elite Nites is a music show that is mainly comprised of hip-hop, RnB, kwaito and house music.
Kgomotso Meso will showcase and cover news and stories about some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. She will also play and review current and new music, as well as the latest movies.

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