Kaya 959 Perspective on Money: Discovery Bank on Kaya Biz

Perspective on Money: Discovery Bank on Kaya Biz

Every Monday we bring you, Perspective on Money, our new 6-part podcast series, hosted on right here, on kaya959.co.za, and brought to you by Discovery Bank. We’ll cover a wide range of financially empowering topics including tech and innovation, and how Shared-value banking can influence your bank balance.
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6 Episodes

Perspective on Money: Episode Six - Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are brave, innovative and forward-thinking individuals who take on the risks associated with being self-employed and making a success of a business venture – these risks are outweighed by the satisfaction that comes from living your dream, making a tangible difference in people’s lives and having a story to…
28 Dec 2021 15 min

Perspectives on Money: Episode Five - Young Professionals

Young professionals, episode 5, the penultimate episode of Perspective on Money brought to you by Discovery Bank, is especially for you. The timing is perfect to adopt habits and behaviours that will fortify your financial position as you embark on your working life.
21 Dec 2021 20 min

Perspective on Money: Episode Three - Worth Courses & Vitality Money

This week, Perspective on Money delves into Discovery Bank’s Worth courses, Vitality Money, and other strategic incentives that can help you to improve cashflow, get debt under control, and build lasting wealth regardless of your starting point. Stream it at kaya959.co.za
7 Dec 2021 5 min

Perspective on Money: Episode Two - Behaviour and Financial Wellbeing

Episode 2 of Perspective on Money, our 6-part podcast series by Discovery Bank, explores how our behaviour influences our financial wellbeing. With Discovery Bank, financial advice is based on the science of your own behaviour. This focus on behaviour as opposed to income, means you are not grouped by what…
30 Nov 2021 16 min

Perspective on Money: Episode One - Tech and Innovation in Banking

Episode one of Perspective on Money looks at how tech and innovation in servicing are driving a revolution in the banking sector. In this episode, you will also learn how Discovery Bank makes banking easier and has ways to help you manage your money well. The technology that Discovery Bank…
22 Nov 2021 17 min