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Join the host of Kaya Biz, Gugulethu Mfuphi, as she takes you on a journey about how you can secure your future, with Allan Gray. In a time when world economies are in a perpetual state of volatility, it is those who stay ahead of the curve and keep abreast with latest trends to respond to the tough economic challenges with sustainable strategies. Tune in, to find out how you can secure your investments, retirement annuity, personal savings and all your valuable assets.
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ALLAN GRAY – Lessons for investing in uncertain times

GUEST - Tim Acker - Portfolio manager at Allan Gray With 2024 being an election year for almost half the world’s population, including South Africa, the US and the UK, many investors are worried about what the future holds and how it will affect their wealth. But the times we…
9 Apr 9 min

ALLAN GRAY – How to achieve a sustainable retirement income

GUEST – Richard Carter - Head of Assurance at Allan Gray According to industry stats, the average South African retiree can replace just 31% of their monthly income when they reach retirement. Most income-earners face the very real risk of outliving their retirement nest egg. Richard Carter, head of Assurance…
12 Mar 15 min

ALLAN GRAY: How staying the course gives you the long-term edge

GUEST - Mthobisi Mthimkhulu - Direct Clients manager at Allan Gray In a world where instant gratification is king, it can be hard not to get distracted by the lure of short-term gains. But taking a long-term view of your investments and staying the course can give you the edge…
20 Feb 11 min

ALLAN GRAY – How to maximise your tax benefits this February

The end of the tax year in February presents an opportunity to evaluate the tax efficiency of your financial plan. With many competing financial priorities in the current economic climate, as well as the pending changes to the retirement fund system, you may be wondering whether maximising the annual tax…
6 Feb 10 min

ALLAN GRAY FEATURE - Investing for education in an inflationary environment

GUEST – Shaheed Mohamed, Head of Group Savings and Investments at Allan Gray School fee increases in South Africa have, on average, been roughly 2.6% above inflation every year since 2012, aside from 2021. In an environment of already high consumer inflation, this packs an extra punch. Many of us…
30 Jan 9 min

ALLAN GRAY: How to set SMART New Year’s money resolutions

GUEST – Marise Bester, senior investment specialist at Allan Gray The first few weeks of a new year can feel like a clean slate and a good time to give our finances a fresh start. Research suggests that we are most motivated to achieve the goals we set when we…
16 Jan 9 min

ALLAN GRAY – How to select an investment manager

GUEST – Nomi Bodlani - Head of Direct Clients at Allan Gray Past performance is often the first and sometimes the only factor investors evaluate when choosing an investment manager. But as the disclaimer goes: ‘Past performance does not indicate future returns’. This is because there is simply no guarantee…
12 Dec 2023 12 min

ALLAN GRAY – How to tame temptation and resist the urge to splurge

GUEST – Gladness Rupare – Investment specialist at Allan Gray The season of “irresistible” specials has officially kicked off and the temptation to overspend lies around just about every corner. In the hive of festive activity and faced with ‘deals that are too good to resist’, it’s easy to forget…
28 Nov 2023 8 min

ALLAN GRAY: 25 years of lessons for equity investors

GUEST - Tamryn Lamb, head of Retail at Allan Gray This year, as Allan Gray celebrates 50 years of long-term investing, its first unit trust, the Allan Gray Equity Fund celebrates its 25th anniversary. When the fund launched 25 years ago, Nelson Mandela was the president, financial markets faced a…
31 Oct 2023 11 min

ALLAN GRAY FEATURE – Investing in frontier markets

GUEST – Varshan Maharaj - Portfolio manager at Allan Gray One of the benefits that frontier markets offer South African investors is exposure to sectors that might not be available on the domestic stock market. Frontier markets can provide long-term investors with an exciting hunting ground for investment ideas, but…
3 Oct 2023 12 min

ALLAN GRAY – Key questions to help you prepare for a secure retirement

ALLAN GRAY – Key questions to help you prepare for a secure retirement GUEST - Mica Townsend - specialist in the Group Savings and Investments team at Allan Gray, While our personal circumstances may differ, as retirement savers, we share one common goal – to have saved enough to ensure…
5 Sep 2023 10 min

ALLAN GRAY FEATURE – The power of 1%

GUEST – Radhesen Naidoo - Joint head of Institutional Clients at Allan Gray In tennis, a match may last for two to three hours, and a tournament lasts for two weeks, but a career, multiple years. To play exceptionally well consistently is difficult. Similarly, many investment managers may achieve stellar…
22 Aug 2023 7 min

ALLAN GRAY - Are you ready for the 2023 tax-filing season?

GUEST – Meagan Fraser, tax specialist at Allan Gray The income tax season is officially open. As a taxpayer, understanding what your filing obligations are is crucial to ensuring that you remain tax compliant. During this tax season, the South African Revenue Service is once again making use of the…
11 Jul 2023 11 min

ALLAN GRAY FEATURE– Are you making the most out of your tax-free investments?

GUEST – Mthobisi Mthimkhulu, Direct Clients manager at Allan Gray As long-term investors, we often say that there is no such thing as a free lunch: Performance is seldom delivered in a straight line, get-rich-quick schemes usually end in disappointment, and building long-term wealth takes time. This means that long-term…
27 Jun 2023 19 min
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