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Join the host of Kaya Biz, Gugulethu Mfuphi, as she takes you on a journey about how you can secure your future, with Allan Gray. In a time when world economies are in a perpetual state of volatility, it is those who stay ahead of the curve and keep abreast with latest trends to respond to the tough economic challenges with sustainable strategies. Tune in, to find out how you can secure your investments, retirement annuity, personal savings and all your valuable assets.

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How to build a portfolio during times of extreme uncertainty.

Major global events over the past three years have driven home an important life lesson: the need to expect, and plan for, the unexpected. When it comes to our personal finances, this means balancing the need to have some emergency cash available, with the need for earning inflation-beating returns over the long term. What is the best way to think about building your portfolio during times of extreme uncertainty? Cedrick Pila, IFA Distribution regional manager at Allan Gray, joins Kaya Bizz to discuss why a diversified portfolio protects long-term investors against uncertain outcomes.
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ALLAN GRAY: Why every investor needs an independent adviser right now.

The stock market is a lot like the ocean, with rising tides, ebbs and flows. Navigating these choppy waters can be challenging without the guidance of a good independent financial adviser who can help long-term investors stay the course and avoid destructive behaviours that lock-in permanent losses. Ahead of World Financial Planning Day tomorrow (5 October 2022), Nomi Bodlani, head of Direct Clients at Allan Gray, joins Kaya Bizz to discuss why partnering with an independent financial adviser can improve your investment outcomes and build long-term wealth.

Why financial optimism matters and how to find it when the world is a mess.

With the cost of living escalating, inflation reaching all-time highs, rampant rolling blackouts, and the very real risk of the South African economy slipping into a recession, many investors may be left feeling less optimistic about their financial futures. It is easy to get bogged down by the current state of affairs, but as long-term investors, history reminds us that periods of strife often present new opportunities, and that is why being successful at investing requires a degree of optimism. Lise-Mari Crafford, head of ManCo Distribution at Allan Gray, joins Kaya Bizz to explain why being optimistic about our personal finances matters, and how we can find optimism when the world is a mess.
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ALLAN GRAY FEATURE - What will happen to your investments when you die?

Many investors overlook the importance of estate planning when thinking about their broader financial planning. Neglecting to think about what will happen to our assets when we are gone can have disastrous consequences for our loved ones, particularly if they are minors and dependent on us. Next week is National Wills Week, which is a good prompt to get your affairs in order. Nishaat Limbada, head of Group Compliance at Allan Gray, joins Kaya Biz to discuss the importance of estate planning and thinking about what will happen to your assets, including your investments, when you pass on.
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How to be financially resilient in a rising inflationary environment.

Most of us know what it means to build resilience in the context of health and wellness. But, what does it mean to be financially resilient? Building financial resilience can help investors manage the impact of rising inflation and interest rates. Cedrick Pila, IFA Distribution regional manager at Allan Gray, joins Kaya Bizz to provide insight into how long-term investors can build financial resilience.
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How to Apply “Cathedral Thinking” To Your Investment Approach

The uncertainty and prolonged financial distress brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic has led many investors to operate in survival mode and to prioritise their short-term needs, often at the expense of their longer-term financial interests. Marise Bester, ManCo specialist at Allan Gray, joins Kaya Bizz to discuss the idea of “cathedral thinking” and how it can be applied to help us achieve better investment outcomes in the long term.
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Allan Gray: Could You Survive On Less Than A Third Of Your Income In Retirement?

According to a recent retirement industry survey, the average South African retiree can replace just 31% of their monthly income when they reach retirement. Most income-earners face the very real risk of outliving their retirement nest egg. Saleem Sonday, head of Group Savings and Investments at Allan Gray, joins Kaya Biz to discuss how you can take proactive action now to prevent a financial day zero when you are no longer actively earning an income.
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Allan Gray: Ways We Can Leverage The “Fresh Start Effect” To Set Achievable Financial Goals

The first few weeks of a new year can feel like a clean slate and a good time to give our finances a fresh start. Research suggests that we are most motivated to achieve the goals we set when we action them at the start of a new period – be it a new week, new month, new year or at a special occasion such as a birthday. This cognitive phenomenon is known as the “fresh start effect”. Allan Gray’s Nomi Bodlani joins Kaya Bizz to discuss ways we can leverage the “fresh start effect” to set achievable financial goals and promote aspirational behaviours.
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Personal finance lessons from Squid Game

Netflix’s smash hit show Squid Game may not be for everyone due its shock factor and gruesome violence, but it is a relatable story that hits close to home for many over-indebted households. Allan Gray’s Cedrick Pila joins Kaya Bizz to share some of his favourite lessons from the series

Use Your Bonus To Invest More For Your Future

Siyasanga Mlozana joins us to talk about how we can use our bonuses to give our retirement savings a much need boost. The new COVID-19 variant reminds us that we are not out of the woods just yet – even though some indicators suggest that our economic activity is showing encouraging signs of recovery. One thing the pandemic has taught us is that we should save for the future – and this rings true for our retirement saving too.

Should you revenge spend on travel this holiday season?

After 18 months of lockdowns and the easing of travel restrictions, optimism is finally returning to many South Africans who have had to halt their dreams of dashing off to far-off destinations or taking a well-deserved break closer to home. If you are planning to travel, there are a number of important things to keep in mind to ensure that you don’t derail your long-term financial plans. Allan Gray’s Cedrick Pila joins us to tell us more.
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