ALLAN GRAY FEATURE – The power of 1%

GUEST – Radhesen Naidoo - Joint head of Institutional Clients at Allan Gray

In tennis, a match may last for two to three hours, and a tournament lasts for two weeks, but a career, multiple years. To play exceptionally well consistently is difficult. Similarly, many investment managers may achieve stellar investment returns over one quarter or a year, but over decades and through different market cycles, outperformance becomes challenging.

An interesting aspect about professional sport is the margins by which you win. Being marginally better can translate into substantial advantages. In the world of long-term investing, every 1% return matters a great deal to your investment outcomes over time.

Radhesen Naidoo, Joint head of Institutional Clients at Allan Gray, joins Kaya Biz to discuss why a difference of 1% is so meaningful to long-term investing success.
22 Aug English South Africa Investing · Investing

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