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An audio magazine with the aim of being a one-stop interactive, informative, inspiring educational and empowering show. Topics on the ‘The best T’ not only aim to inform and impress the listener but also to raise some form of awareness positive or negative.

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#HaveYouLiedForSomeone ?

#HaveYouLiedForSomeone? Why did you do it?

Did the truth ever come out? Or you got away with it?

What about being lied to? When they team up to fool you. What was the lie?

When the truth came out, what did you do?

Who in your squad can't lie to save their own lives, let alone yours? #HaveYouLiedForSomeone
Kaya 959


When #HeNoLongerTurnsMeOn, is there a solution? How do you tell your partner they no longer turn you on? What could be the cause? maybe it's you? What changed?

Is it your partner or you are no longer emotionally invested? #HeNoLongerTurnsMeOn
Kaya 959


#NdodaKhuluma, why unga'lali ekhaya?

Why have you made your woman an Option and no longer a Priority?

the biggest reasons why they keep away from home;
- women nag (boVuka si khulume).
- they no longer keep it fun (always solving problems).
- in essence, women talk a lot (complaints commission).
Kaya 959


What’s that one situation you walked away from and you feel was the best decision you ever made?

What did it take for you to walk away? #DecidedToWalkAway

Can you be Late or Premature to walk away? What did it take for you to walk away?
Kaya 959

My Top 10 w/ producer, club DJ and entrepreneur Tshepang Ntsala, pseudonym Dustinho

Tshepang Ntsala, pseudonym Dustinho, is a self-taught producer, club DJ
and entrepreneur. Hailing from Katlehong in the East Rand, he fell in
love with music at an early age which helped him develop an ear for
music that had a superior sound…Healthy Music.

Dustinho has released his debut Album titled “Once Every Blue Moon” on
the 1st of October 2021, which charted on the top 10 of the I-Tunes
Album Charts, across all genres on the day of release.

He has collaborations with the likes of Atjazz; Chymamusique; T-Deep;
House Victims SA; Enosoul among many other artists.

Inspired by the bigger names in the house music industry, Dustinho has
set on a journey to make his mark as one of the best producers in the
Kaya 959


How creative do you have to be with sex when you have kids around? What do you do? #SexWhenKidsAreHome

When they catch you in the act, and they ask "niyenzani", what did you say? #SexWhenKidsAreHome
Kaya 959


Let’s be honest, at some point in our lives many of us were an option to someone.  
You could see that the said person didn’t love you how you loved them but you stuck around. 
This could be because you had hope that the person would change how they treat you and make you their number one priority in life kante nix, you were just an option, even today santsane o le option. 
Kaya 959


We rarely get through any period of grief, loss, or disappointment without someone repeating the famous proverb “time heals all wounds”.
However, when the pain is raw, the words almost sound insensitive whether the intent was good or not. 
Which makes one wonder, does time really heal wounds? 
Kaya 959


It’s pride month and to help us celebrate, Tbose had a chat with activist and the founder of the feather awards Thami Dish. Thami spoke profoundly about the importance of pride month, celebrating 13 years of the feathers and his upcoming Gayography
Kaya 959


Growing up we all thought life was a fairy tale but the older we got the more we realized that this fairy tale is actually clouded by the cruelty of this world.

I mean by now we’ve all had our fair share of how cruel the world is.

For some they realised how cruel the world is when they lost their loved one to violence.

For others it’s when they got scammed by someone they trusted with their lives

When did you realise #TheWorldIsACruelPlace?
Kaya 959


A study shows that there is a link between being active and satisfying sex, more so in women.

Women that go to the gym, are active and have an extroverted lifestyle have more orgasms.

Is this true for you? Gents, what has been your experience? #GymMakesMeHorny

#GymMakesMeHorny but Ladies, what has been your experience with bo muscle man? Can they keep up?
Kaya 959

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