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Last Call is a show centered around the female listener and her experiences. Both Thomas & Skhumba provide a space for the ladies to breath out their concerns, experiences and joys with music as the sounding board for their thoughts. It is a playful & engaging space which celebrates the code switcher woman and all her experiences.

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LOVE BACK: Surprising match.

It is a Tuesday and someone is looking for love.
First we check on Victor who was looking for love last week.

Then, anonymous contacts Thomas and Skhumba to look for some love as she has tried multiple online dating sites and she just wasn't lucky.

She is looking for someone to go home to as she is hardworking and self employed, the person must be aged 29 - 45 as long as they don't look old.

Skhumba has two candidates for anonymous - one male, one female, we hope she has a match.

*Hint - one of the phone conversations were beautiful.
Kaya 959


Let's have a Pillow Talk with Thomas and Skhumba.

It's easier to to move on but it is very hard to rebuild and regain trust from your partner when you're the one who messed up in the relationship.

How do you regain the trust when you broke it?
Kaya 959

LOVE BACK: Victor's request for love.

Victor is looking for love and asks for a specific woman and I mean 'specific' but that isn't a problem for Thomas and Skhumba.

Victor sounds like a gentle and reserved, more than anything he is honest his life.

He explains all of this to his potential match as he asks for a date to get to know his specific woman.
Kaya 959

PILLOW TALK: What's mine is mine, what's yours is yours!

Last Call, we fall in love and we brush some things aside and sweep others under the carpet. Do we ever talk about the possibility of a break-up especially when things are in the serious phase of our relationships.

do we get to a point where we be brave and say, come with what you have and I will come with what I have but if we separate we leave as we came.

Are we willing to throw ourselves in relationships like that?
Kaya 959


Quiz Night! On Battle of The Sexes, Bheki goes head to head with Mpho to test out their general knowledge.

I know you know a lot about the Kardashians but I bet you didn't know about their involvement in the Olympics!
Kaya 959

PILLOW TALK: Sex when you're mad at one another.

It's Pillow Talk! You know we have arguments and things are tense between the two of you as a couple. Now given the situation, how is the sex?
Do you have to apologise to get intimate, is it a mechanism to get that angry sex?

The Kaya family unpacks this properly.
Kaya 959

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