BBC The Archers

The Archers

Contemporary drama in a rural setting from the world's longest running soap opera. Follow the residents of the fictional farming community of Ambridge. Original programmes broadcast 1900 hrs Sunday - Friday. Episodes added daily (except Saturdays).
Daily English United Kingdom Arts
24 Episodes
1 – 20


Writer: Liz John Director: Jeremy Howe Editor: Jeremy HoweBen Archer…. Ben Norris David Archer…. Timothy Bentinck Tom Archer…. William Troughton Pat Archer…. Patricia Gallimore Harrison Burns…. James Cartwright Neil Carter…. Brian Hewlett Vince Casey…. Tony Turner Mick Fadmoor…. Martin Barrass George Grundy…. Angus Stobie Joy Horville…. Jackie Lye Alistair Lloyd……
24 May 1PM 14 min


Emotions run high for Tom, and Vince finds himself cornered.
23 May 1PM 13 min


Harrison has the rug pulled from under him, and Ben launches a surprise.
22 May 1PM 14 min


Neil offers support to a friend, and Kirsty has a secret weapon.
21 May 1PM 13 min


There’s an emergency at Brookfield, and Freddie relives the past.
20 May 1PM 13 min


Tensions rise at the cricket, and Jazzer attempts to lend a hand from afar.
19 May 1PM 12 min


WRITER: Sarah Hehir DIRECTOR: Rosemary Watts EDITOR: Jeremy HoweJolene Archer…. Buffy Davis Kenton Archer…. Richard Attlee Pip Archer…. Daisy Badger Harrison Burns…. James Cartwright Alice Carter…. Hollie Chapman Chris Carter…. Wilf Scolding Ruairi Donovan…. Arthur Hughes George Grundy…. Angus Stobie Jakob Hakansson…. Paul Venables Chelsea Horrobin…. Madeleine Leslay Tracy Horrobin……
17 May 1PM 13 min


Emotions run high for one family, and Alistair has to think on his feet.
16 May 1PM 13 min


A familiar face returns to Ambridge, and Jolene offers a shoulder to cry on.
15 May 1PM 13 min


Alice presses self destruct, and tensions mount at the vet surgery.
14 May 1PM 13 min


Adam lays down his conditions and Kirsty over promises
13 May 1PM 14 min


One resident makes a horrifying discovery, and Tracy is on a mission to bring the community together.
12 May 1PM 14 min


Writer: Naylah Ahmed Director: Kim Greengrass & Mel Ward Editor: Jeremy HoweBrian Aldridge…. Charles Collingwood Harrison Burns…. James Cartwright Alice Carter…. Hollie Chapman Chris Carter…. Wilf Scolding Alan Franks…. John Telfer George Grundy…. Angus Stobie Will Grundy…. Philip Malloy Jakob Hakansson…. Paul Venables Joy Horville…. Jackie Lye Alistair Lloyd…. Michael…
10 May 1PM 13 min


There’s heartbreak in store for Chris, while suspicions are raised about recent events.
9 May 2PM 13 min


Alan provides a sympathetic ear, and Will is left confused.
8 May 1PM 13 min


There’s life-changing news at the hospital, and Kate fears the worst.
7 May 1PM 13 min


There’s a race against time in Ambridge, and one resident faces a nightmare situation.
6 May 1PM 12 min


Brian’s words cut deep, and someone makes a terrible mistake with earth-shattering consequences.
5 May 1PM 12 min


Writer: Caroline Jester Director: Rosemary Watts and Pip SwallowBrian Aldridge…. Charles Collingwood Lilian Bellamy…. Sunny Ormonde Alice Carter…. Hollie Chapman Eddie Grundy…. Trevor Harrison Emma Grundy…. Emerald O’Hanrahan George Grundy…. Angus Stobie Will Grundy…. Philip Molloy Miranda Elliott…. Lucy Fleming Jakob Hakansson…. Paul Venables Chelsea Horrobin…. Madeleine Leslay Joy Horville……
3 May 1PM 13 min


Jakob finds himself on the spot and Will attempts to keep the peace
2 May 1PM 13 min
1 – 20