What's Love...?!

7 EPISODES | THE HYVE AV |  Podcast, ±49 min episode every 1 week, 6 days
'What's Love...?!' is a bi-monthly Podcast focusing on empowering women financially and legally through real life stories used as case studies. The Podcast equips women with the tools they need to successfully navigate their way in the Financial and Legal systems.

'What's Love...?!' is hosted by Social Activist Lebo Ramafoko (@zangazulugirl), who is joined by legal expert Tinyiko Mbentse (Thirisa Nawu). The pair share stories, lessons and advice that every woman should hear.

"What's Love...?!' the Podcast is brought you by ZangaZuluGirl (Lebo Ramafoko) in collaboration with The Soul City Institute for Social Justice, an intersectional feminist organisation that focuses on the rights of girls and women.

The Expansive

41 EPISODES | THE EXPANSIVE |  Podcast, ±23 min episode every 6 days
Expansive is a podcast by John Sanei and Erik Kruger.

This podcast aims to help you expand your personal reality, your business, and your perception of what is possible.

John Sanei is a global speaker, best-selling author, and trend specialist.

Erik Kruger is a keynote speaker, executive coach, and author.

Mildly Disappointed by Andrew Mack

77 EPISODES | MACK MEDIA |  Podcast, ±1 hr 01 min episode every 1 week, 5 days
A podcast with a comedic take on consciousness, personal-development, ego, psychedelics and everything in between. Conversations with comedians, coaches, myself and a bunch of other interesting folk!

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27 EPISODES | RAIZOR'S EDGE |  Podcast, ±4 min episode every 6 days
It is a widely held myth that when one achieves entrepreneurial success, it becomes easier to be an entrepreneur. This is not true. It is always challenging to be an entrepreneur. As one grows more successful, it is just the nature of the challenge that changes. This podcast series and its accompanying book of 52 individual meditations seeks to assist entrepreneurs to keep focused and motivated throughout the journey.

DanUp Talks

12 EPISODES | KAYA FM |  Podcast, ±25 min episode every 1 week
The world is changing and with it, our ideas of what it is to be a man are being redefined. And that’s why it’s time for a new generation of men to rise up and voice a fresh narrative on masculinity.

From mental health to financial well-being, DanUp Talks seeks to provide a platform where we discuss, heal, and progress in positive ways while also providing the right solutions and tools to evolve, be empowered, and finally break down old mindsets and internal conflicts surrounding how men view themselves within their communities, families, and the society at large.


32 EPISODES | BREAKTHROUGH WITH COACH MICKEY ROOTHMAN |  Podcast, ±40 min episode every 1 week, 1 day
On Breakthrough we cover everything from conscious living to conscious leadership, spirituality, personal development as well as business and strategy!

Each episode is jam packed with the most powerful and actionable tips, tools, strategies, guidance and advice that have worked for me and hundreds of my clients to help YOU to take massive leaps forward towards creating the life and business of your dreams, with absolute ease!

If you're ready to get unstuck, move forward and finally get your BREAKTHROUGH then this is the place to be.

The Breakthrough Podcast is the next best thing to having myself and other amazing mentors, coaches and thought leaders as your own personal coaches and mentors on your personal growth journey!

My vision with this podcast channel is to help, serve and reach as many people as I possibly can to unlock and unleash their inner greatness & highest potential, ditch their limitations & obstacles and ultimately create a life and business that they absolutely love, with total ease!

I'm Mickey Roothman, a Transformational Breakthrough Coach, Speaker, Author, Strategist, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner and your host right here on Breakthrough.


Welcome & Enjoy


6 EPISODES | ARTICULATE IT RADIO |  Podcast, ±1 min episode every 1 hour
Man in the Van your regular audio drive time companion, where our aim is, education through a conversation. Through our conversations, we delve deep into all things related to the trades-person contracting community, from news to education to industry “happenings”, helping you do better business while building a better and improved South African tradesmen and women contracting community.
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DREAMS Thina Abantu Abasha

14 EPISODES | VOW FM 88.1 |  Series, ±4 min episode total time 1 hr 06 min
DREAMS Thina Abantu Abasha is an ambitious youth led programme aimed at reducing HIV infections among adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) in KwaZulu Natal and Gauteng. The goal of DREAMS TAA is to help girls develop into Determined, Resilient, Empowered, AIDS-free, Mentored, and Safe women.

Growing on the success of the HIGHER HEALTH Future Beats programme, Johnson and Johnson entered into a partnership with HIGHER HEALTH, to broadcast the Dreams Thina Abantu Abasha (DREAMS TAA) initiative through its community and campus radio station network.
The collaboration between HIGHER HEALTH and DTAA involves radio programming through four radio stations namely, Maputaland Community Radio (KZN), Durban Youth Radio (KZN), VOW FM (Gauteng) and Tshwane FM (Gauteng). The aim is to empower AGYW in three key areas, namely, Employability, Leadership and Sexual and Reproductive Health resources.

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