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Two brasse (friends) from Cape Town, South Africa, talk about movie news, reviews, shorts, and a little bit of kak.
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Anticipate, don't improvise

Mornings! This week, barring a few random tangents, we discuss David Fincher's new Netflix thriller The Killer. We also critique the movies that made our brasse cry. Shot for listening! 00:00 It starts here 00:45 The Killer review 16:49 Spoilers! 27:59 Which movies always make you cry? 36:28 Goodbye Tik…
30 Nov 37 min

Let's Get into the News!

The strike is over! Which means we're back (even though the strike did not affect us at all) It's the first of our news only episode so if you're here for a review...haaties. Shot for listening! 00:00 It starts here 03:20 The strike is over! 12:02 Hollywood: What now? 17:23…
22 Nov 36 min

Jody, you bastard!

Aweh! Yes it's true, Jody is a bastard but not for the reason you think. This week we talk some k@k about the Hulk Hogan biopic, Julia Ormand going after Weinstein & Co, WGA strike demands met and lastly, a review of The Equalizer 3. Is it pot kreef or…
18 Oct 58 min

Pressure makes diamonds but it's a scam.

Hello again. It's us, your friendly neighbourhood movie brasse. This week we dive into Jean-Claude Van Damme being unbearable on Street Fighter and Leslie Jones Ghostbuster beef before our double impact review of No Hard Feelings and Blue Beetle. Shot for listening! 00:00 It starts here 01:25 JCVD was "out…
6 Oct 53 min

Reunited and it feels so good!

This week talk some k@k about Michael Caine’s retirement, Leo Dicaprio as The Riddler, John Woo’s US return and the Rotten Tomatoes skandaal before we get into our double feature review of The Expendables 4 and Talk To Me! Shot for listening! 00:00 It starts here 02:06 Michael Caine retiring…
29 Sep 57 min

Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse

To whom it may concern. We, the Bioscope Brasse, are back with another banger. In this episode we talk Vin Diesel's delusion, Barbie's billion, William Friedkin's death, Gal Gadot's lack of talent, Alec Baldwin not houing his bek and finally, we discuss the 2nd instalment of the greatest Spider-Man story…
15 Aug 55 min

Barbie with Hilda VLK

Hi Barbies & Kens. we're back in your earholes with a dope review and an even better guest. In this episode, with the help of Hilda, we get into the nitty gritty of the WGA & SAG strike before we discuss, in incredible depth, the Barbie movie. Shot for listening!…
3 Aug 1 hr 42 min


Nǐ hǎo Brasse! How the hell are you? Ag, we're fine. This week we talk about the new Superman and Lois, what's happening on the Deadpool 3 set, what's new with Jonathan Majors, what's the beef between Vietnam and Barbie, WTF is going on with Summer blockbuster flops, what!? Alan…
10 Jul 1 hr 04 min

The Flash

Hello brasse. It's us, your brasse...from the bioscope. This week we talk petty Vin Diesel, James Bond Broccoli misogyny, Marvel's predator problem, the skilful censors of the UAE, the next Batman director and Warner Bros simping for Nolan. We then give you a slow review for The Flash and end…
21 Jun 1 hr 15 min

Fast X with The Casual Dork Podcast

Fast X your seatbelts! We saw Fast X with The Casual Dork Podcast and we have a lot to discuss. First we dive into upcoming sequels, Quentin Tarantino being a movie boomer & the passing of Ray Stevenson THEN we get into the nitty gritty of the family in Fast…
1 Jun 1 hr 38 min

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 with Omar Morto

We watched Guardians of the Galaxy with TikTok star, radio presenter, musician, DJ, father, husband, metalhead and the King of Kraaifontein, Omar Morto!We laughed, we cried, we are Groot. Shot for listening!00:00 It starts here with guest intro 12:52 Fast X split into 2 parts 21:09 M:I Dead Reckoning has a 20min…
10 May 1 hr 35 min

Beau is Afraid

Awe! We're so proud of this episode because we were lucky enough to host a fan screening of Beau is Afraid with the help of Empire Entertainment Africa and The Labia Theatre in Cape Town. We got to chat to fans of Ari Aster, some day one brasse. The whole…
1 May 1 hr 01 min

John Wick Chapter 4

Ahoy the brethren, the Brasse are here with their weekly dose of movie news, reviews, shorts and some kak inbetween. The big news of the week is the arrest of Jonathon Majors and allegations made against him. We cover what's out so far and it doesn't look good. There's more…
5 Apr 53 min

Oscar Recap & Cocaine Bear

Good evenings. We'd like to thank the Academy for hosting the awards so we can talk k@k about it!We also discuss a movie about a bear on cocaine.Be a bra; like, listen, rate, review & share.....or don't.Shot for listening!00:00 It starts here 02:27 Oscar Recap Intro 06:57 Best Original & Best Adapted Screenplay…
22 Mar 1 hr 11 min

Knock at the Cabin

Hello Gentlefolk, We're back after a week of leave, and boy howdy did we put it to bad use. This week's episode is filled with shenanigans, malarkey, hoopla and hijinks. We find the time to review M. Night's latest movie, Knock at the Cabin. Will it be a Kwai or Naaai…
15 Mar 50 min

Ant-Man & the Wasp Quantumania

Hello friends.Ross is healthy, Jody is limber and we're back like your favourite rash.This week we discuss the film launching Phase 5 of the MCU; Ant-Man & the Wasp Quantumania. Is it kwai or is it a naaai?Be a brah. Listen, Like, Share, Review. 00:00 It starts here 02:33 DC…
1 Mar 1 hr 02 min


Ahoy the mense. Listen up as we do the most tangent-riddled analysis of movies coming out in 2023. Get your calendars out and save the dates, we're getting you hyped for all the good stuff coming out this year. We also review one of the most hyped films for January,…
9 Feb 1 hr 01 min

You People

Aweza! Hump day, amirite?In this episode we talk new Tomb Raider, Attack the Block 2, the Razzies being gross, your favourite Vehicle Identification Number and share our thoughts on the Eddie Murphy & Jonah Hill film You People.And SO much that's it.Like, share, rate & review!Shot for listening!00:00 It…
1 Feb 48 min

Glass Onion & The Pale Blue Eye

Awe brasse! We're back like herpes! And just like herpes, you're gonna need ointment for this one!Who has time for a proper synopsis when you're trying to make it through January?Just enjoy, like, share, rate & review!Safe!00:00 It starts here 02:27 Michael Bay charged with killing a pigeon 05:32 Marvel…
25 Jan 52 min
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