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Something Shifted with Sean Loots

Do you know what you're really capable of? From setbacks to comebacks, this is how I have become better at being me.
Something Shifted, hosted by Sean Loots is about the space between your head and your heart.

Listen to the stories of athletes, creatives, authors, entrepreneurs, friends and family that have overcome the odds and discovered what they are truly capable of.
Through meaningful conversations about mindset, wellbeing, core beliefs, emotional intelligence, leadership and more, Sean encourages you to live more authentically.

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Monthly English South Africa Society & Culture · Self-Improvement
20 Episodes

"Finally Home." Johannes Radebe

In this episode, South African born, champion dancer and Strictly Come Dancing professional, Johannes Radebe opens up about the adversity's he has faced throughout his life. From growing up in Zamdela, a township in South Africa to becoming the first male dancer to perform in heels in UK Strictly Come…
5 Oct 2023 38 min

"Sleep on it." Dr Els Van Der Helm

This is an excerpt of a previously published full length episode. I have lucked out on my fair share of sleep in my lifetime. I've also had my sleep cycles interrupted far too many times. Having a young child with epilepsy means I never really switch off, simply because a…
13 Sep 2023 7 min

Unbelievable! How One Woman's Resilience Turned Struggles into Triumphs

In this episode, Sean Loots is in conversation with Nikki Kemp, an adaptive athlete, teacher, and motivator. They cover various topics related to disability awareness, overcoming challenges, embracing personal growth, and setting goals. Nikki's experiences with cerebral palsy, her journey into adaptive athletics, and her insights into handling disappointments and…
30 Aug 2023 30 min

"Your nervous system operates at lightning speed." Shaun Brooking

This is an excerpt of a previously published episode. The full episode is titled "Working on my nerves with Shaun Brooking." _____________________________________ Website: Instagram: If, like me, you have aches and pains that come and go, you may have tried a few different methods of alleviating your ailments…
15 Aug 2023 13 min

"Give yourself permission to do things that bring you joy." Ronen Aires

If you’re anything like me - and I think you are - you may have healthy debates with friends about how the schooling system has developed our way of thinking. Programed us to believe that a holiday is when you slow down. Groomed us even, into believing that we don’t…
31 Jul 2023 34 min

"Relationships are an art, a science and a practice." Shelley Lewin

Sean Loots speaks with author and relationship coach, Shelley Lewin. Shelley is a certified SACAP counselor, international coach federation member, and accredited professional certified coach. She found her career after her fiancé left her. When Shelley realized that almost all of her relationships were unfulfilling, she came to conclusion that…
19 Jul 2023 38 min

Brandon Beack Broke His Neck, But Not His Spirit.

While training for a gymnastics competition, 16-year-old Brandon Beack had a life-changing accident. A poorly timed dismount saw him miss the safety mat and land on the only square metre of uncovered concrete. Brandon broke his neck and was instantly paralysed from his shoulders down. Through sheer determination and hard…
5 Jul 2023 30 min

Dream Another Dream: Ayanda Dlamini's Story

Ayanda Dlamini is a fellow parent, a dear friend and a former radio colleague. With a devoted husband and 3 children in tow wherever she goes, there is a level of measured of chaos that Aya is accustomed to. The thing that has always struck me about Ayanda is something…
21 Jun 2023 32 min

From Chaos to Clarity. The Untold Truth of ADHD in Adulthood.

In this episode, Sean speaks with Terence Mentor, who shares his personal journey and experiences with ADHD. Terence opens up about the challenges he faced before understanding his condition and how speaking openly about it has helped him feel less alone. They discuss the internal chaos and struggles of living…
7 Jun 2023 33 min

We Need To Talk. This Is How Therapy Saved Her Life.

Some Assembly Required is about matters of the heart and the head, and this episode is extra special for me. One, because Danny Painter has agreed to share openly about her journey to therapy and I think her story may just help break some stigmas. And two because I get…
24 May 2023 28 min

Motherhood: Expectations vs Reality

New format. Same great storytelling. Early in our marriage we spoke about having more than one child. And from time to time we revisit that conversation - each time with a refreshed perspective. I've never asked Ruenda what it is like being a mom or if she has always wanted…
11 May 2023 28 min

Tragedy to triumph. The epic comeback of Rachel Goh

Rachel Goh is a clinical psychologist and former Australian swimmer. In this episode we look back at Rachel's dream to swim at the 2012 London Summer Olympic Games and the effort it would take to make the Australian National team. Rachel talks us through how it felt to not achieve…
6 Apr 2023 29 min

How to use visualization and build capacity with Jonno Proudfoot

Jonno Proudfoot openly shares his difficult childhood, marked by his parents' divorce and a lack of support. He coped by turning to alcohol and drugs, starting at a very young age, but eventually found his drive to succeed through the need to feel significant. As the co-author of the book…
28 Feb 2023 35 min

Finding purpose, meditation, unlearning and future-readiness with John Sanei

Using a dynamic mix of human psychology, quantum science, business strategy and futurism, John Sanei creates talks, writes books, delivers masterclasses and sits on boards to help guide future-forward leaders who are ready to lean into uncertainty, overcome doubt, and rise with courage, clarity and power. But it has taken…
31 Jan 2023 28 min

BONUS: how to restore balance and re-invigorate your nervous system

This is a bonus episode that involves a body based practice led by Shaun Brooking, designed to re-invigorate the nervous system and restore balance. If you haven’t listened to the previous episode "Working on your nerves" yet, Shaun and I discuss a range of subjects including some of his athletic…
25 Oct 2022 11 min

Working on my nerves with Shaun Brooking

If, like me, you have aches and pains that come and go, you may have tried a few different methods of alleviating your ailments. I’ve tried physiotherapy, chiropractors, body stress release, TRE and even Rolfing. Rolfing is when a practitioner massages the muscles and fascia not only where you're feeling…
19 Oct 2022 21 min

I am just a dad

Looking for a podcast that delves into the struggles and joys of being human? Look no further than Something Shifted, hosted by Sean Loots, a dedicated dad who has worked through burnout and is passionate about sharing his experiences with others. Despite not having formal qualifications, Sean has lived through…
30 Sep 2022 7 min

Picking Up The Pieces.

Join me, Sean Loots, as I share stories of resilience and offer insights into trauma recovery, capacity building, nutrition, mindset and mental health. Through it all, we strive to be educational, empathetic, and above all, hopeful. This is a transformative journey.
20 Sep 2022 1 min