Echocast Radio

Echocast Radio

Echocast produces, distributes and markets content in the form of podcast series across a variety of topics. Each of these podcast series creates a unique and targeted opportunity for brands to engage with specific audiences by attaching their messaging to this content which is relevant to the brand and speaks to an audience that they desire.
South Africa
13 Podcast shows

Talking with Traders

Now into an eighth season, featuring an in-depth insight into Online Trading in South Africa hosted by Financial Trader, Garth MacKenzie and proudly brought to you by IG, the world leader in online trading. For more info on IG, visit / You can also follow us on Facebook on…
24 Apr 116 episodes English Investing

Let's Talk Digital

Our mission is to close the gap of digital knowledge in South Africa with real conversations. We are passionate about all things and want to reach as many people as possible to spread the word. As you embark on your digital transformation journey, you need to be equipped with the…
1 Mar 2023 76 episodes English Marketing

The DOC and the GURU

An in-depth insight into Marketing and Media in South Africa featuring Hosts, Dr. DOUG MATTHEUS and GORDON MULLER and proudly brought to you by NFINITY MEDIA who are incubating innovative businesses in the media industry. For more info on Nfinity Media, visit . #Marketing #Media #Advertising #SouthAfrica #Podcast
12 Dec 2022 163 episodes English Marketing

Anne on Influence

A fun, authentic chat about all things influencer marketing. Powered by caffeine and brought to you by Influencer Marketing Strategists, Nfluential. #InfluencerMarketing #Podcast #nfluential
22 Nov 2022 110 episodes English Marketing

Society's Super Heroes

Society’s Super Heroes is a podcast series celebrating the men, women and organisations who have dedicated their lives to empowering communities, and who work tirelessly to improve the lives of others. Each sector commemorates an annual day. The days are occasions to educate and to reinforce achievements in humanity. These…
26 May 2022 46 episodes English Society & Culture · Social Sciences

The Smart Connection

This limited series podcast sponsored by SA’s national connectivity leader, Openserve, and hosted by Technology Journalist and guru, Darryl Linington, explores how a smarter high-speed, broadband connection keeps South African homes and businesses talking, entertained, educated and connected.
23 Jun 2021 6 episodes English Technology

Where is the office?

Work has changed drastically in the past few months. A tiny virus has got us all asking, "what should we do with an office, do we need an office and what does an office represent?" This series, sponsored by Giant Leap and hosted by Linda Trim, tackles many of the…
3 Feb 2021 4 episodes English Business · Society & Culture

Wolfpack Marketing

An in-depth look into the world of Employee Advocacy hosted by Kevin Kirby and proudly brought to you by theIntern-Ship, who work with B2B companies to deliver real-world business outcomes. For more info visit or click on the link below. #EmployeeAdvocacy #SouthAfrica #Podcast
17 Jun 2020 7 episodes English Marketing · Business

Urban Farming in South Africa

Urban Farming is emerging as one of the most sustainable ways to combat the growing food shortage and rising food costs. No more so than in South Africa. Join host, Chris Luyt, and guests as they share tips and tricks on how to start your own Urban Farm... and to…
28 Apr 2020 7 episodes English How To · Home & Garden

On Safari with Ranger Buck

Ever considered a Safari in Africa? We bet you have more questions than answers... Well that's where this Podcast will assist! A 6-Episode Podcast covering everything you need to know about an African Safari, including medical precautions and the best time of the year to travel to Africa. We also…
9 Oct 2019 7 episodes English Places & Travel

Ad Nfinitym

"Ad infinitum" is a Latin phrase meaning "to infinity" or "forevermore". That's how long it feels listening to these occasional podcast episodes around the continual evolution that happens within the Nfinity Group of Companies. In them we cover everything from our extraordinary achievements and new developments, through to interviews with…
19 Aug 2019 1 episodes English Business

Leading the Evolution

In her podcast series ‘Leading The Evolution’, Tanya Kunze investigates how champions of industry have adapted, psychologically, physically and emotionally throughout their lives and specifically to the new normal in 2020. She uncovers how successful people, stay successful, no matter what life throws at them! How they balance business, personal…
5 Aug 2020 8 episodes English Business · Management

The Dream to Conquer... brought to you by Standard Bank

A podcast brought to you by Standard Bank. Giving listeners an in-depth insight on the #SBProteas as they aim to realise the dream of the Nation. Catch host, Udo Carelse, as he chats to our nation's heroes as they take on the world's best in the quest to bring home…
4 Jun 2019 3 episodes English Sports · Sports