Society's Super Heroes

Society’s Super Heroes is a podcast series celebrating the men, women and organisations who have dedicated their lives to empowering communities, and who work tirelessly to improve the lives of others.

Each sector commemorates an annual day. The days are occasions to educate and to reinforce achievements in humanity. These days are the perfect springboard for awareness raising actions. We will be curating conversations with Super Heroes to explore what their day means to them and shine a spotlight on the work that they are doing. We will be sharing stories of hope and inspired active citizenship as we shift consciousness.

Society’s Super Heroes is hosted by Luke Lamprecht and Karen Landi. Luke has three decades of experience working in the non profit and child protection and development sector. Luke is the Developmental Director of Fight with Insight, a boxing program for inner city youth. Fight with Insight is in Hillbrow, one of the toughest neighbourhoods in the world. Through Fitness, Fun, Friends, and Food, Luke is part of a team of people changing the Future of the youth. Luke chose the road less travelled and shines a light into the darkness, asked why he goes into the darkness, he responds, “because there are people there”. Luke is a serial social entrepreneur and is actively involved with numerous advocacy groups. Karen is a change maker and social entrepreneur with a passion for the youth, active citizenship, and community building. In 2017 Karen co founded Community Hours – a youth volunteering platform, through the platform Karen mindfully worked to change the perceptions of young people around community service, social cohesion and volunteering. She currently runs Ei8ht – a co working space, networking and communications platform for the non profit sector.

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EP6: Thursday 26th May - Eye on the Child Part Three

Thursday 26th May - Part Three covers Criminal Capacity and the Child Justice Act. The age of criminal liability; when bullying is assault; the implications of suicide as a result of bullying; the responsibility of parents; diversion and recent cases in the media.

EP5: Thursday 19th May - Eye on the Child Part Two

Thursday 19th May – Eye on the Child Part Two is about consent. The age of consent for drinking, smoking, vaping and marijuana - smoking and ingesting. We discuss sexual consent - age, expressed consent, intoxication and diminished capacity.

EP3: Accelerated Exposure

We discuss the developmental lag of children in juxtaposition to the accelerated reliance on cell phones. During COVID our children were literally left to their own devices - the devices being phones, tablets and computers. We need to re-establish what normal is and change our script.

EP2: COVID as an adverse childhood experience

COVID as an adverse childhood experience. We explore childhood development and the impact on childhood health, long COVID in children’s social and emotional development and how children have communicated that they felt locked up and not locked down.

EP1: An Intro to 2022

For 2022 we have decided to change direction. We are still celebrating Super Heroes but our focus will be on parents, guardians, teachers, mental health care workers - all Super Heroes playing a role in raising our children.

Episode 1 is an intro to 2022 - Raising children in times of crises. We give you an overview of what you can expect from our podcasts this year.

EP41: 10th December: Human Right's Day

The 10th December is Human Right’s Day and officially marks the end of the #16DaysOfActivism. We are in conversation with Matthew du Plessis, Matthew is a Human Right’s Attorney who has been trying to find effective ways to uphold rights in both the private and public sector. Matthew is a senior legal officer at the South African Human Right’s Commission and he shares his understanding of the Human Right’s landscape of South Africa.

EP40: 7th December: Missing Children

Using her many words to tell children’s stories, for education about what affects them most, and to motivate for changes in policy, Robyn Wolfson Vorster joins us in conversation about her four part series featured in the Daily Maverick on Missing Children. Robyn is a dedicated wordsmith, child right’s activist and the woman behind – For the Voiceless.

EP39: 2nd December: Teen Suicide

We are in conversation with Kate Shand, the topic: Teen Suicide. After the suicide of her son in 2011, Kate started writing as a lifeline – her words became a book and in 2013 BOY was published. We speak about giving children the language and the words, that suicide shouldn’t be a secret. “We cannot measure the value of life cut short by suicide. We cannot calculate the impact a person might had had on the world around them or on the people whose lives they may have touched. But through a partnership between survivors, business and community leaders, scientists and dedicated individuals we can vanish this needless tragedy” ~ SADAG.

EP38: 30th November - The Gender Unicorn

The Gender Unicorn - what is gender in the bigger context and what does it really mean? We are in conversation with Kaleb Lachenicht. Kaleb is transgender, born female he has been exploring his true self and engaging with his gender actively for 4 years. He is learning how privileged he is to have been socialized as a female through his formative years, and then being able to explore his true self learning to be a man in the last few years. Kaleb is authentic and incredibly generous in sharing his experiences as we work to explain our understanding of sex, gender, gender expression and sexual preference.

EP37: 25th November - 16 Days of Activism

The 25th November is International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and marks the start of 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence. Charlene Narsoo – activist for Social Change joins us in studio. Charlene works tirelessly to ensure that with every community intervention, change happens and beneficiaries thrive.

EP36: 16th November - About Cults

A very different topic to what we usually have conversations on – About Cults. We are in conversation with Pauline Moneron, host of podcast series – Decoding Cults, a podcast that has recently featured Luke. Luke did his Honours in Comparative Religion and Philosophy and spent extensive time researching new religious movements and how they became cults. Luke and Pauline unpack cults, the dangers, the personality types of cult leaders, and the allure of cults.

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