EP32: International Equal Pay Day - 18 September

Today is International Equal Pay Day, despite decades of activism, and dozens of laws on equal pay, women still earn significantly less than men do. According to the National Business Initiative women in South Africa are paid between 19% and 37% less than their male counterparts.

Tireless advocates for the rights of women - Mmbatho Mokiti and Sharon Gordon join us in studio. Mmbatho is a mathematician turned impact entrepreneur, founder of Mathemaniacs, founding member of Dream Girls, recognised as one of Mail and Guardian's Top 200 South Africans, named as one of the Millennials to look out for by Forbes Women Africa and a Mandela Washington Fellowship Young African Leader. Sharon is the fearless teller of necessary truths, driven and independent she was instrumental in running the first legal strike in South Africa. She held the position of CEO for Human Resources at Billiton Internationl, is the CEO of non profit Dignity Dreams and founder of Lola Montez. Sharon has published two books, has a column in the Saturday Star and is a regular guest on radio and television.
17 Sep 2021 English South Africa Society & Culture · Social Sciences

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EP6: Thursday 26th May - Eye on the Child Part Three

Thursday 26th May - Part Three covers Criminal Capacity and the Child Justice Act. The age of criminal liability; when bullying is assault; the implications of suicide as a result of bullying; the responsibility of parents; diversion and recent cases in the media.
26 May 2022 32 min

EP5: Thursday 19th May - Eye on the Child Part Two

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EP3: Accelerated Exposure

We discuss the developmental lag of children in juxtaposition to the accelerated reliance on cell phones. During COVID our children were literally left to their own devices - the devices being phones, tablets and computers. We need to re-establish what normal is and change our script.
13 Apr 2022 24 min

EP2: COVID as an adverse childhood experience

COVID as an adverse childhood experience. We explore childhood development and the impact on childhood health, long COVID in children’s social and emotional development and how children have communicated that they felt locked up and not locked down.
6 Apr 2022 22 min