EP38: 30th November - The Gender Unicorn

The Gender Unicorn - what is gender in the bigger context and what does it really mean? We are in conversation with Kaleb Lachenicht. Kaleb is transgender, born female he has been exploring his true self and engaging with his gender actively for 4 years. He is learning how privileged he is to have been socialized as a female through his formative years, and then being able to explore his true self learning to be a man in the last few years. Kaleb is authentic and incredibly generous in sharing his experiences as we work to explain our understanding of sex, gender, gender expression and sexual preference.
29 Nov 2021 English South Africa Society & Culture · Social Sciences

Other recent episodes

EP6: Thursday 26th May - Eye on the Child Part Three

Thursday 26th May - Part Three covers Criminal Capacity and the Child Justice Act. The age of criminal liability; when bullying is assault; the implications of suicide as a result of bullying; the responsibility of parents; diversion and recent cases in the media.
26 May 2022 32 min

EP5: Thursday 19th May - Eye on the Child Part Two

Thursday 19th May – Eye on the Child Part Two is about consent. The age of consent for drinking, smoking, vaping and marijuana - smoking and ingesting. We discuss sexual consent - age, expressed consent, intoxication and diminished capacity.
18 May 2022 24 min

EP3: Accelerated Exposure

We discuss the developmental lag of children in juxtaposition to the accelerated reliance on cell phones. During COVID our children were literally left to their own devices - the devices being phones, tablets and computers. We need to re-establish what normal is and change our script.
13 Apr 2022 24 min

EP2: COVID as an adverse childhood experience

COVID as an adverse childhood experience. We explore childhood development and the impact on childhood health, long COVID in children’s social and emotional development and how children have communicated that they felt locked up and not locked down.
6 Apr 2022 22 min