EP27: World Youth Skills Day - 15 July 2021

It is World Youth Skills Day and we are in conversation with Seth Mulli.

World Youth Skills Day pays tribute to the resilience and creativity of the youth. It is a day celebrating the strategic importance of equipping young people with skills for employment, work and entrepreneurship.
Seth Mulli is a trail blazer, mentor and change maker. With a decade of experience in the youth development space, his area of expertise is in capacitating organisations to create meaningful change in the communities that they serve. Seth is the host of the Mentorship Challenge – broadcast on ENCA. The Mentorship Challenge works to entrench a culture of mentorship in a skills scarce, leaderless South Africa. He is the Executive Director of the Youth Bridge Trust – a grant making body in partnership with the Ford Foundation, which aims to create collaborative opportunities for young people on the African continent. Seth is also the lead anchor of the entrepreneurial centric Good Breakfast Show where he engages with South African change makers. Seth believes that businesses that don’t pay it forward, will be left behind.

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14 Jul 2021 English South Africa Society & Culture · Social Sciences

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