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Our mission is to close the gap of digital knowledge in South Africa with real conversations. We are passionate about all things and want to reach as many people as possible to spread the word. As you embark on your digital transformation journey, you need to be equipped with the right information to make the right decisions for your business as well as your clients. This podcast should enable you find the answers you have been seeking. Follow our Instagram ( and LinkedIn page ( for the latest updates and trending engagements.
Monthly English South Africa Marketing Narrated by Tyran De Beer
76 Episodes
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EP76: The changing face of measurement maturity

Our guest this week is MD of iProspect, Clare Trafankowska and Head of Measurement Council IAB SA. According to Clare we are at the precipice of measurement and data and if we don’t act now, businesses will not be sustainable in the future. Marketers and business needs to speak the…
1 Mar 2023 34 min

EP75: Brands tapping into AR with Johan and Chris

In this episode, we'll be tackling the subject of Augmented Reality or AR as we know it and how brands can tap into the AR space in creative immersive engaging experiences. I am talking to two leading experts Johan Walters, a Digital Marketing and Augmented Reality Professional. Johan has worked…
8 Feb 2023 41 min

EP74: Digital Transformation with Nomonde Ngxola

Today we continue with the conversation with my next guest Nomonde Ngxola. Nomonde is a seasoned IT Executive with a career that spans across the Consulting (Accenture) , Systems Integration (Dimension Data), Telco (Vodacom) and Specialist Banking (Investec) industries. She currently assumes the role of Country Manager for MicroStrategy South…
12 Oct 2022 35 min

EP73: Digital Marketing Maturity with Wendy Case & Johan Walters

This week we talking to two leading South African experts Wendy Case & Johan Walters from Incubeta on the topic of digital marketing maturity. Digital Marketing Maturity is a new set of marketing capabilities which is centred around tech, data, creative, analytics and measurement. The four stages of maturity are…
27 Sep 2022 42 min

EP72: FutureTech Media Women series: Zumi Njongwe - Nestle

In partnership with Futuretech Media, we coming to an end to our Women's series with our guest Zumi Njongwe about her journey as a leader and how she views digital transformation from a media perspective. Zumi is passionate about being a champion of the African story and leads from the…
7 Sep 2022 32 min

EP71: FutureTech Media Women Series: Shihaam Abrahams - Carat

In partnership with Futuretech Media, we are continuing our women’s month series with our next guest Shihaam Abrahams Client Lead at Carat about her journey as a leader and how she views digital transformation from a media perspective. As a digital leader, Shihaam operates in organised chaos. We have to…
24 Aug 2022 26 min

EP70: FutureTech Media Women Series: Lana Strydom - Vodacom

In celebration of Women’s month in SA, I will be chatting to some kick-ass awe-inspiring female digital leaders within the advertising industry in the coming weeks to share their incredible stories with us – their challenges, victories, & their journey to success. This series is being sponsored by Futuretech Media…
10 Aug 2022 29 min

EP69: Is SA ready to hop onto the Metaverse Train with Tymon Pinto

Our guest in this week’s podcast is Tymon Pinto, Creative Strategist at Ad Dynamo, talking to us about the Metaverse, Web 3.0, Blockchain, AR & VR and all things digital. He also covers some of the ways brands can start to tap into this space to start building a presence…
20 Jul 2022 32 min

EP68: Twitter on the Move 2022 with Larina Glorioso Erasmus

Our guest this week is Larina Glorioso Erasmus, Sales Manager for Twitter talking to us about the latest buzz around Elon Musk and the recent purpose of Twitter for a whooping R44bn and what this means for the future of Twitter. Twitter recently conducted research on Cultural trends recently and…
4 May 2022 28 min

EP67: KFC e-commerce Capability with Nicolas Duminy final.mp3

Today we are talking to Nicolas Duminy, Director Digital & eCommerce: KFC South Africa at Yum! Restaurants International. KFC have ramped up on their transformation strategy that has grown more pressing due to needs driven by the coronavirus pandemic. The key focus point for Yum Brands is the continued acceleration…
19 Apr 2022 31 min

EP66: Designing Data for Brand Impact with Matthys Esterhuysen

Our guest today is Matthys Esterhuysen Co-founder of Luminate, a digital consultancy focusing on evidence-based digital strategy and creative intelligence. And we will be delving into the use of intelligent data to drive brand goals. The approach to strategically manage brands has changed significantly in the last five years as…
5 Apr 2022 40 min

EP65: The Silver Tech Revolution with Lynda & Marilyn

There is a perception that that elderly people and technology do not mix well. However, rising life expectancy, delaying retirement age, and active aging are redefining this demographic and their role in an increasingly digitalized society. My two guests on the podcast today is Marilyn Hallet Social entrepreneur and Founder/Director…
22 Mar 2022 31 min

EP64: Discovery Insure Challenger Brand Talk Digital with Precious Nduli

Our guest today is Precious Nduli Marketing Executive for Discovery Insure, a challenger brand in South Africa and she is going to be talking us about their digital transformation journey, and the progress made to date. One of the core values within Discovery is Innovation coupled with a fast innovation…
8 Mar 2022 37 min

EP63: Integrated Marketing within Digital Transformation with Sadika Fakir

Our guest today is Sadika Fakir, Integrated Media & Digital Director at Tiger Brands sharing her experience and thoughts around Integrated Marketing within Digital Transformation. According to AC Nielsen and the Interactive Advertising Bureau, total adspend for SA in 2020 was just over R41bn, with a 18% y/y growth in…
22 Feb 2022 42 min

EP60: The Data Revolution - Single Customer View with Kelvin Jonck

Our guest today is Kelvin Jonck, CEO of YOUKNOW Digital and our topic for conversation is The Data Revolution. We are all on a data maturity journey and brands need to be thinking about the transaction value exchange with customers. What is the value of data? How can data be…
11 Jan 2022 45 min

EP58: Why Inhousing Is The Future Of Digital Marketing with Craige and Caitlin

The changing nature of relationship between brands and agency partners, the increased scrutiny of marketing budgets, and the rise of digital media in a COVID-19 world has meant a wave of in-housing as the inevitable consequence. The benefits of in-housing which include speed, efficiency, quality, transparency and a better approach…
23 Nov 2021 40 min

EP57: The Convergence Of Creative And Media with Ryan Sauer

Our guest today is Ryan Sauer MD of King James Group in JHB and the topic for conversation is: The convergence of creative and media. We are seeing the rise of Adtech, Martech and possibly MADtech and a backward integration into creative. The disruption we focus on is how creative…
9 Nov 2021 41 min
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