EP63: Integrated Marketing within Digital Transformation with Sadika Fakir

Our guest today is Sadika Fakir, Integrated Media & Digital Director at Tiger Brands sharing her experience and thoughts around Integrated Marketing within Digital Transformation.

According to AC Nielsen and the Interactive Advertising Bureau, total adspend for SA in 2020 was just over R41bn, with a 18% y/y growth in digital media. Due to COVID and shifting consumer behavior, we have seen a decline in spend in TV, radio, OOH, print and cinema but a huge increase in digital spend, especially in streaming digital video and audio channels.

As marketers, we still use the “traditional” and “digital” terminology in large part because the market still talks in this lexicon. But the reality is that we have moved on to thinking about channels in terms of the strategies and messaging we are planning. We have also begun using the term “tradigital” when referring to traditional media that now offers digital components.

Today we will explore this new integrated marketing space and delve into what the future looks like…. Tune in now.