EP58: Why Inhousing Is The Future Of Digital Marketing with Craige and Caitlin

The changing nature of relationship between brands and agency partners, the increased scrutiny of marketing budgets, and the rise of digital media in a COVID-19 world has meant a wave of in-housing as the inevitable consequence.

The benefits of in-housing which include speed, efficiency, quality, transparency and a better approach to data; what to in-house and how to manage staff recruitment and retention and the tools and technology required. Key principle considerations that need to be assessed and how in-housing fits in with the goals and strategies of the business.

My guests this week is Caitlin Gevers, Marketing Manager at Jellyfish and she started off her career in the ed-tech start up space which sparked her interest in the smart solutions that digital can provide. Caitlin sits in the global marketing team with a specific focus on sales enablement within this large and expanding multi-national organisation.

Our next guest is Craige Dixon Sales and Partnership Manager at Jellyfish. He has worked within the digital and partnership space, managing clients’ technology expectations and digital marketing needs across many verticals for the past 6 years.