EP70: FutureTech Media Women Series: Lana Strydom - Vodacom

In celebration of Women’s month in SA, I will be chatting to some kick-ass awe-inspiring female digital leaders within the advertising industry in the coming weeks to share their incredible stories with us – their challenges, victories, & their journey to success. This series is being sponsored by Futuretech Media providing next generation technology solutions. My first digital leader is Lana Strydom Executive Head of Digital, Content and Social Marketing at Vodacom. “Digital marketing is the perfect balance between art and science. It has real business outcome.” Lana shares with us her leadership journey to date, tips on how to own your space as a female leader and tapping into her passion points. Vodacom has been 1st to test and learn when it comes to marketing automation, bringing media in-house and now with an investment in CDP. This is mainly due to Lana's relentless pursuit of digital excellence and raising the bar on digital marketing in South Africa.