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Now into a seventh season, featuring an in-depth insight into Online Trading in South Africa hosted by Financial Trader, Garth MacKenzie and proudly brought to you by IG, the world leader in online trading. For more info on IG, visit / You can also follow us on Facebook on

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S07E02: Tom Sosnoff - Founder & CEO: tastylive.

Tom Sosnoff has become the go-to guy when it comes to simplifying options trading. He is the founder of the tastylive channel and the tastytrade trading platform. tastytrade was sold to IG in 2021 for $1 billion. Before that Tom founded Thinkorswim which was sold to TD Ameritrade. He was…
20 Sep 42 min

S07E01: Rob Van Eyden - Author of Badass Trader

Rob van Eyden’s full time job is head of IG South Africa, but outside of that he is also the author of a recently published book called Badass Trader. It’s Rob’s third book and comes after an illustrious career in financial markets. In this podcast, we talk about the book,…
12 Sep 44 min

Behavioural biases unpacked - Season 1/Episode 10

We made it to the end of season 1! In this episode, we recap our discussions on the behavioural biases we’ve discussed so far. We also bring back all of our experts – they had to have the final word, of course! You’re in for a treat as they…
29 Aug 1 min

Anchoring bias - Season 1/Episode 9

The anchoring bias is a fascinating one, and part of the human psyche that is sometimes quite hard to understand. We get ourselves anchored to pieces of information that may or may not have any bearing on the facts and the decision we need to make. To help unpack…
29 Aug 1 min

The framing effect - Season 1/Episode 8

Welcome to our discussion on the framing effect. This bias is all about giving context to information – something that we require in order to understand the information we’re receiving. The problem with framing is that it can be done maliciously to make a decision that’s not in your favour…
29 Aug 1 min

Confirmation bias - Season 1/Episode 7

Confirmation bias plays a massive part in the way we all think and make decisions. In this episode, we’re delving into what this bias actually is and how to recognise it in ourselves. It’s so important to be able to spot confirmation bias at play because we can miss a…
29 Aug 1 min

Overconfidence bias - Season 1/Episode 6

Overconfidence – that feeling that you can do no wrong and your decisions will always work out for you. This is what we’re unpacking in this episode of the Nudging Financial Behaviour podcast. Overconfidence bias is a tricky one because there can be a fine line between confidence and overconfidence…
29 Aug 1 min

System 1 and System 2 - Season 1/Episode 5

At last! We’re beginning our discussion on the actual biases that impact our behaviour and decision-making abilities. In this episode, we delve into what biases actually are and explore some psychology around how our brains process information. We thought it would be a good idea to start this discussion around…
29 Aug 1 min

Have a Plan - Season 1/Episode 4

We’re wrapping up our discussion on the common pitfalls that land so many of us in financial trouble. In this episode, we look briefly at irrational behaviour – there’ll be a lot more on this in the rest of the season. Then, we unpack risk aversion, lack of motivation and…
29 Aug 1 min

Managing dept - Season 1/Episode 3

We take a look at three more financial pitfalls in this episode. They are overconsumption or lifestyle creep, debt and insufficient savings. These three often go hand in hand – you get into debt because you’re trying to cover your lifestyle creep, and then you’re too busy focusing on paying…
29 Aug 1 min

Financial literacy - Season 1/Episode 2

In this episode, we start our discussion on the most common pitfalls that we all encounter when it comes to managing our money. I’ve dedicated the entire episode to one of the biggest pitfalls there is – financial illiteracy. To help you get to grips with the topic, I…
29 Aug 1 min

Nudging Financial Behaviour - Welcome - Season 1/Episode 1

In this podcast, you’ll learn all about what really impacts the way we make decisions – in particular, decisions about our finances. It’s a deep dive into behavioural finance and how this academic field of study can be applied to everyday money decisions. In episode one, we’re focusing on…
29 Aug 1 min

S06E12: The Stop Hunter. Stephen Hoad shares his approach to trading

Stephen Hoad is a seasoned trader and founder of The Stop Hunter. He’s worked as a trader at some large global institutions in various capacities which enabled him to “retire” at 37. He’s a member of the Society of Technical Analysts in London and is a lecturer on the STA…
26 Apr 43 min

S06E11: Siam Kidd: Discussing crypto, US dollar and intermarket relationships

Siam Kidd first appeared on Talking with Traders in 2020. He’s a former air force pilot, turned trader. He’s mostly focussed on trading cryptocurrencies due to their liquidity and high levels of volatility. In this podcast, we discuss how the volatility in crypto has helped and hurt him in the…
19 Apr 43 min

S06E10: David Keller: Chief Market Strategist at

David Keller began his career at Bloomberg in 2000, just when the tech bubble was beginning to burst. He spent 8 years there and then went on to Fidelity as a technical market strategist. He now works as the Chief Market Strategist at In this podcast, we discuss how…
12 Apr 37 min

S06E08: James Heal: Trading in Carbon futures and why he's bullish

This interview is different from most of the others we’ve done on this podcast. The topic under discussion is trading in carbon credits and carbon allowances. James Heal is the CIO of Transition Net Zero Advisors in London and is an expert on the subject. In this interview, we delve…
29 Mar 51 min

S06E07: Mike Ledwidge. First to the kill, second interview

I last chatted to Mike Ledwidge in January 2022. Since then a lot has changed in the markets and in his personal life. He has recently become a proud father to a baby boy, and he’s moved to London in the past year, from Cape Town. The market has also…
22 Mar 40 min
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