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Now into a sixth season, featuring an in-depth insight into Online Trading in South Africa hosted by Financial Trader, Garth MacKenzie and proudly brought to you by IG, the world leader in online trading. For more info on IG, visit / You can also follow us on Facebook on

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S06E06: Steve Ward - High Performance mind coach to top traders

Steve Ward is highly regarded in trading circles for his focus on mental edge coaching. He deals with top institutional and hedge fund traders. Having begun his career in the mental aspects of sports coaching, he transitioned to coaching traders in 2005. He’s written 4 books, the most recent of…
15 Mar 51 min

S06E05: JC Parets of AllStar Charts. Trader, Investor, Wine maker

JC Parets is the chief strategist at AllStar Charts. In this podcast, he talks about his approach to markets and to investing in general. He’s an interesting guy with stakes in a variety of business interests outside of the financial markets. We discuss how he manages to position himself on…
8 Mar 47 min

S06E04: Axel Rudolph - Financial analyst at IG Markets

Axel Rudolph has a long history in the market, having served as an analyst in some of the biggest investment banks in Europe. He’s now an analyst at IG Markets in London. In this podcast, we discuss the three focal points in markets currently: Inflation, Growth and Central Bank Policy…
1 Mar 48 min

S06E03: Seleho Tsatsi discusses investing in a greener economy

Seleho Tsatsi is an investment analyst at Anchor Capital, with a focus on mining and resources businesses. In this podcast we discuss the drive to bring down global emissions and transition to a greener global economy. We discuss what the investment implications are for this transition and where one can…
15 Feb 45 min

S06E01: Nick Van Rensburg: Macro outlook for 2023

Nick Van Rensburg joins the Talking with Traders podcast again for a view on what to lookout for in 2023. In this episode, we discuss inflation, interest rates, the US Dollar and what all of these variables mean for asset classes. We also discuss what the possible tail risks are…
1 Feb 43 min

S05E12: Ross Larter: Trading educator, mentor, coach and author

Ross Larter: Trading educator, mentor, coach, author. A realistic portrayal of what it takes to be a trader. Ross Larter has had an interesting journey through a career in human resources at a major mining company, running a private school and now trading and running a trader education and mentoring…
23 Nov 2022 1 hr 02 min

S05E11: Petri Relinghuis. Two decades to find his trading groove

Petri Redlinghuis is well known within the South African trading community. He wears a lot of scars from his two decades in the market, but his tenacity to succeed has seen him move from retail trader to running his own trading firm. In this interview, Petri shares his journey and…
16 Nov 2022 46 min

S05E10: Austin Harrison. Founder of

Austin Harrison. Founder of, talking themes to follow on the other side of the bear market Austin Harrison is a regular contributor to the fantastic Daily Chart Report email that goes out to thousands of subscribers every day. His analysis is punchy and smart. With a CFA and a…
9 Nov 2022 42 min

S05E09: Mohammed Nalla. Discussing the bumpy global economy.

Mohammed Nalla is the partner in the Magic Markets duo with the Finance Ghost. They’re a formidable team delivering top quality analysis on global stocks every week via their Magic Markets Premium podcast. In this episode we discuss the current state of the global economy and what Mohammed sees looking…
2 Nov 2022 55 min

S05E08: Nick Kunze: Macro portfolio manager with a big picture view

Nick Kunze has a colourful career history in the markets, having worked in various roles in various firms around the globe. In this podcast, we talk about his experience in the markets, what differentiates the most successful traders and investors from the majority, and what his feelings are about where…
26 Oct 2022 41 min

S05E07: Finance Ghost gives the elevator pitch on Accenture, Sysco, Ferrari

The Finance Ghost has featured on this podcast previously and he’s always excellent to listen to. In this episode we’ve decided to cross pollinate some of his work from his recent Magic Markets Premium podcasts to give you a taste of three businesses he’s covered: Accenture, Sysco and Ferrari. He…
19 Oct 2022 49 min

S05E05: Mark Perchtold on Thematic ETF Investing

Mark is a founder of OMBA Advisory & Investments in London. He’s a CA and CFA by qualification. He spent 12 years at Goldman Sachs in London where he gained extensive experience in Investment Management. In this podcast, we chat about his views on the current market environment, and on…
5 Oct 2022 38 min

S05E04: Anthony Clark. Finding diamonds in the rough on the JSE

We welcome back Anthony Clark for a third time to Talking with Traders. Last year his pick of the interview was Grindrod which has since gained 100% in the subsequent year. In this interview, we discuss Renergen, Invicta, Curro and other small and mid-cap stocks. Listen in to hear his…
28 Sep 2022 40 min

S05E03: James Bruce - Professional Rugby player to Professional Trader

James Bruce began trading forex after suffering a career ending knee injury. He was contracted to the Sharks rugby team, but turned to trading during his recuperation. He hasn’t looked back. He’s 24 years old and has been trading full time for a living for 2 years. He’s attracted prop…
21 Sep 2022 38 min

S05E01: Nick Van Rensburg. Macro view looking out to the end of 2022

This is Nick’s 4th appearance on the podcast. His macro insights are always fascinating and once again he makes for captivating listening. From inflation, to interest rates. China and Taiwan to Russia and Ukraine. There’s a busy calendar of events coming up in the months ahead. We’ve covered it all…
7 Sep 2022 56 min

S04E26: Julius de Kempenaer. The man who developed Relative Rotation Graphs

Julius de Kempenaer has had a colourful career, first in the millitarty and then in markets. He is the man behind a very useful technical tool – Relative Rotation Graphs. This technical tool helps traders to identify early changes in relative strength of stocks, sectors and asset classes. RRG charts…
18 May 2022 46 min

S04E25: Mark Randall. Mindset coach and ex-trader

Mark Randall is the co-host of the Alpha-Mind podcast with Steven Goldstein who has been featured on this podcast previously. In this interview, we discuss the various aspects that set the best traders apart from the rest. Mark has a great way with words as you’ll hear in this podcast…
11 May 2022 55 min
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