EP125: Destination Marketing - Hofbrauhaus

On this week’s episode of The DOC & The GURU Podcast, we continue with our theme of destination marketing and discuss Hofbrau beer and the world-famous Hofbrahaus in Munich, where Dr. Michael Moller, the brewery director, shares his insights over 22 years.

This is again a story of how a commercial enterprise gets so tightly interwoven with society and culture, that it’s an absolute institution in Munich and a global icon. Listen in to hear how Micheal discusses his varied and very interesting career with absolute passion and enthusiasm, in another positive, enlightening and uplifting episode.

It’s filled with marketing, business and life lessons – where sometimes you need to change and other times you stay the same, the power of a brand, the core product versus what it unlocks in consumers, emotional attachment, career paths and a whole lot more…

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