EP118: It's Just The DOC & The GURU!

On this week’s The DOC & The GURU Podcast, it’s just the two of us, as we chat about a host of topical issues. Again, don’t miss out if you want to hear our views on the state of marketing and media education / curriculum design, transformation - from ‘stereotype reduction’ 30 years ago to DEI today, some clever marketing and great company results, and is the SA advertising and media industry as good as the think they are?

According to some latest research – WARC Rankings 2022: Effective 100 revealed – SA creative and media have slipped and perhaps need to do some hard thinking (and more importantly, good work) to get up with the best again. We also refer to another report – World Federation of Advertisers – GARM Aggregated Measurement Report Vol. 2 – but to get the full story, listen in for free.

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