EP124: The Name's Bond, James Bond!

This week, The DOC & The GURU Podcast comes to you from one of our most spectacular locations ever – the 007 Elements Cinematic Installation, 3 000 metres up in the Austrian Alps at the summit of the Gaislachkogl, as we walk in the footsteps of James Bond.

We always say it, as we always have fantastic guests, but don’t miss this episode as Andreas Zunt, the exhibition manager, generously spends time taking us through what it was like to host one of the most popular movie franchises, when they shot the snow scenes from Spectre in Solden, Austria. Not only did they embrace this truly ‘once in a lifetime experience’, they leveraged it with a world-class museum that tells the tale of Bond in Solden and is testament to what is possible with imagination, the will, money and application – and is a great example of destination branding/marketing and one that many cities can learn from.

This is a masterpiece of marketing, linking James Bond with Solden – so don’t miss out and listen to The DOC & The GURU for free.

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