South Africans with Diabetes

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Do you have questions about living with diabetes in South Africa?

You're in very good company!

Please join us on South Africans with Diabetes where your host, Bridget McNulty, will interview diabetes experts to answer all those questions.

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S2E08 What is the root cause of diabetes?

Let's get deep... Settle in for a fascinating conversation about diabetes.

We end the second season with a fascinating discussion - Dr. Sundeep Ruder, endocrinologist and philosopher, speaks to us about taking a broader view of diabetes. What could the condition possibly be offering us in terms of life lessons, and how do we ensure we learn them?

This is a fascinating conversation about philosophy, the meaning of life, how to manage diabetes and how to fulfil life goals.
Turiya Endocrinology: Dr. Sundeep Ruder. Vedanta Global: Wisdom for the World. Sweet Life Diabetes Community.

S2E07 Are eating disorders common in people with diabetes?

Let's take a deep breath and talk about it - this is a hard one.

We know that depression and anxiety are far more prevalent in people with diabetes, but does this extend to eating disorders too? We speak to intuitive eating counsellor Gayle Landau about her experiences with diabetes and eating disorders - why they are so common, how to spot the warning signs, and what to do to help someone with diabetes who is struggling with an eating disorder. We also hear from Elre Clarence, who is living with Type 1 and recovering from an eating disorder.

Diabetes may predispose us to disordered eating - food rules, diet culture and being on a restrictive diet can set us up for failure because it causes anxiety around eating. This is a thoughtful, kind conversation about how diabetes affects the way we feel about food.
Intuitive Eating: creating a relationship between food, mind and body. Weight neutral for diabetes care: weight-inclusive education and training. Dr Michelle May: author of 'Eat What you Love, Love what you Eat'.

S2E06 Do people with diabetes need to worry about heart health?

Here's everything you need to know about heart health and diabetes.

There are a number of long-term complications of uncontrolled diabetes, among them heart disease. But is cardiovascular (heart) health something that everyone with diabetes needs to be aware of? We ask Dr. Zane Stevens to discuss diabetes and cardiovascular health, and suggest if there are any primary preventative measures to take.

I asked all the questions about heart health (in plain English) to one of South Africa's top diabetes experts - here are the answers. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for people with diabetes, but we aren't talking about it enough. Let's have the conversation: knowledge is power!
10 fast facts about heart disease. What are diabetes complications? A helpful list of symptoms. South Africans with Diabetes Facebook community.

S2E05 Is diabetes stigma a thing?

Let's have an awkward conversation about diabetes stigma... It's so real.

Type 2 diabetes carries a stigma in South Africa - particularly because it has been portrayed as a ‘lifestyle disease’. What is it like to be diagnosed with a condition that some people believe you gave yourself by eating the wrong food and not exercising enough? We speak to health coach Helga Nefdt about her Type 2 diagnosis and how she deals with diabetes stigma.

We also speak to Type 1 diabetes advocate Thapi Semenya about her journey with diabetes and stigma, and what we can do to change the situation.

We need to talk about diabetes stigma. Let's start the conversation!
Is there a stigma around living with diabetes? Our community responds. Understanding the stigma of diabetes for children. Thapi Semenya: the girl with dialigo.

S2E04 What is the future cost if diabetes is ignored?

We need to look at what the future looks like if we don't do anything.

With 85% of South Africans accessing healthcare in the public sector, half of all people with diabetes undiagnosed and 2 in 3 South Africans on track to develop diabetes (in the prediabetes range), we should all be talking about diabetes. Add in the fact that it’s the leading killer of women in SA, and it should be front page news! And yet, it isn’t. We speak to Shivani Ranchod, a health actuary with a deep commitment to South Africa’s health sector, about the future cost if diabetes is ignored.

There are big, underlying systemic features that drive diabetes that we're not actively engaging with. What does this mean, and what can we do about it? We spell it out in plain English, and figure out what we - as people with diabetes - should be doing to help the situation.

This is an unmissable episode if you care about diabetes in South Africa.
South Africa's first Diabetes Charter The diabetes situation in South Africa: all the basics you need to know. SA Diabetes Advocacy: please join us if you're passionate about advocacy.

S2E03 Does insulin timing really make a difference?

Ultra-rapid acting insulin is coming to South Africa! Hallelujah.

Many South Africans with Type 1 diabetes were told to inject as they sat down to eat. Once they saw the blood sugar spikes on CGM / flash glucose devices, the advice changed to injecting 15-30 minutes before you eat. But that depends on the individual, the time of day, what’s being eaten and a number of other factors.

Does insulin timing really make a difference, and are there any ways to make this less of a frustrating issue? We speak to endocrinologist Prof. David Segal, and Sane Mazibuko, who’s been living with Type 1 for 25 years.

We asked our community about insulin timing, and got pretty much every response under the sun. Not sure what you should be doing? Here's all you need to know.
Prof. Segal's best tips for Type 1 diabetes. Take your diabetes medication: all the medication tips you need to know. Sweet Life on Instagram.

S2E02 Why does the language of diabetes matter?

Let's dive in: do we need to be sensitive about diabetes and language?

There’s a growing movement toward changing the language of diabetes so that it can be more empowering for people living with diabetes. It’s time to move away from calling diabetes a disease, people with diabetes patients and those living with diabetes diabetics. But why is it so important? We ask Australian diabetes advocate and language champion Renza Scibilia to talk us through it.

As a person with diabetes, you can call yourself whatever you want - it's not about us. We can use whatever language we want. But when it comes to the media, government and healthcare providers, there are specific words and imagery that we need to change. This is a very entertaining, fast-paced conversation about why language is important.
Renza Scibilia's blog: Diabetogenic - real life with diabetes. Our Language Matters: Diabetes Australia position paper on language. South Africans with Diabetes Facebook community.

S2E01 What is diabetes burnout?

Let's talk about diabetes and mental health - we all need to!

It’s a reality for many people living with diabetes, but what exactly is diabetes burnout, and how can you move through it? Just as importantly, how can you support someone you love who is feeling burnt out… What should you say, what shouldn’t you say? We speak to Type 1 diabetes psychologist Daniel Sher for some expert input.

Diabetes and mental health is something we should all be talking about more - diabetes burnout is a natural emotional response to living with diabetes, as Daniel explains to us. This is an honest conversation about how diabetes can lead to depression, anxiety, diabetes distress and diabetes burnout.

Over the course of a year, 50% of people with diabetes will experience burnout... You are most definitely not alone in this.
Daniel Sher is a clinical psychologist living with Type 1 diabetes How to access public mental health services What is diabetes burnout?

Welcome to Season 2 of South Africans with Diabetes

Do you have questions about living with diabetes in South Africa?

You’re in very good company! Turns out, we all do.

Welcome to South Africans with Diabetes. I’m Bridget McNulty, and in this podcast we’re going to be answering your questions to help you live a healthy, happy life with diabetes.

This is our second season, and I really wanted to focus on the awkward, difficult conversations when it comes to diabetes. The ones we should be having, but aren’t really…

So I asked some really smart people to talk to me about everything from diabetes burnout to diabetes and language, stigma and eating disorders, practical things like heart health and insulin timing, and bigger picture stuff - the diabetes situation in South Africa, the root cause of diabetes.

I learn something new in every conversation.

We’ve also included your comments in each episode because, most importantly, we are a community of people with diabetes who understand what it’s like to live with the condition, every day.

We’re all in this together.

This podcast is brought to you by Lilly.

S1E10 How do I lose - or gain - weight with diabetes?

Looking for advice on managing weight with diabetes? We’ve got it all - practical tips on how to lose, or gain, weight from SA’s top experts.

Two of the most common questions we get on our Diabetic South Africans community are about weight - how do I lose weight in a healthy way, or how do I gain weight in a healthy way? Diabetes and weight are so closely linked, and we’ve gathered some of the best tips around to shed some light on how to manage your weight.

We’ve got 5 weight loss tips from a dietician, the best weight loss advice from a health coach living with diabetes, advice on how to gain weight sustainably - and more. This is the one podcast you need to listen to if you’re concerned about your weight, and you’re living with diabetes.
What to eat to lose weight with diabetes: everything you need to know How much to eat to lose weight A healthy weight with diabetes: expert tips on how to lose (and gain) weight

S1E09 What’s the best exercise for diabetics?

We all know we should be more active…
But how do you exercise with diabetes?
That’s what we’re unpacking today.

No matter what your excuse for not exercising regularly, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking for 20 minute exercise, how to exercise at work, ways to have fun with exercise or how to exercise safely with diabetes - we have the answer.

We also explain why it’s so important for people with diabetes to exercise, and some necessary precautions to keep in mind. This is the one podcast you need to listen to to understand all you need to know about diabetes and exercise.
How to exercise at work: quick life hacks Essential tips for diabetic exercise from a biokineticist (fitness expert!)

S1E08 What should I eat now that I’m diabetic?

It’s the one question everyone living with diabetes has: what can I eat now? We outline the 4 golden rules for a healthy diabetes diet.

There are so many suggestions for the best ever diabetic diet. We don’t have any more to add to that list! What we have are 4 golden rules for diabetes that everyone agrees on - and a bunch of practical healthy eating tips.

Listen in for all the advice you need to decide what to put on your plate today, and tomorrow, and forever - that’s the goal with diabetes, to find a sustainable way of eating that works for you, and your blood sugar.

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