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Mobility and Behavioural Insights | Q2 2024

Thank you for joining the South African Council of Shopping Centres where we bring you our next podcast with IRL Consulting on mobility and behavioural insights. Stay tuned as we hand over to Ashley Velloza, Retail Analyst, and Bruce Burgess, Director and Head of Product, at IRL Consulting. This quarter,…
18 Jul 21 min

07 My very personal experience of the Hajj

Safeera gets real and shares every aspect of her journey to Hajj. The Hajj is a journey every Muslim must endeavour to undergo at lease once in a lifetime. After a 7 year wait, I share my experience of performing Hajj during the 2024/1445 season. I share my journey to…
17 Jul 1 hr 19 min

#030 Slaying the Dread | Lindie Liebenberg

Getting a Grip on Cancer and Positivity. “This book is an honest recollection of my childhood - the good and not so good. Some of the stories I share, not even my husband or my children knew about, and they struggled to read past it. I have hidden it for…
17 Jul 30 min

Eddie the Elephant Shows True Grit

(African Tales) Eddie the Elephant's trunk was too big and his tail was too small, according to the other animals on the school bus. But when the bus broke down one day, Eddie showed true grit. And became the hero of the school. Written and narrated by Lynn Joffe with…
24 Jul 3 min