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Labour Matters with Andrew Levy

Andrew Levy Employment are specialists in all matters of employment law and practice, and have been offering advice and guiding leading employers for over 40 years.

We are leaders in employment relations, labour market analysis, and economic forecasting. We provide high-level advisory services, educational seminars and training, and in-depth analysis in the broader labour market.

With over forty years of experience in dealing with and managing labour law and employment relations, Andrew Levy Consulting offers clients hands-on assistance with any labour related matter.

Our consulting services have been used by HR teams, executives, directors, shareholders and general managers for decades. Our pragmatic, solutions-focused approach continues to prove effective at resolving any labour related matter, allowing our clients to continuously improve their human capital strategy.
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#015 Unemployment - Fixing SA's Broken Labour Market

With unemployment now at its highest level in years, the question on everyone’s lips is... "how this can be turned around?" Andrew Levy discusses his views on the issue of radical labour market reform and the need for strong growth of around 5% over the next decade in order to…
9 Jan 2022 18 min

#014 Year-end Roundup - a look ahead to 2022

Join Andrew Levy as he touches on the important issues that arose during 2021 and those that await us in 2022. With the dark COVID cloud still hovering above us the effect on the economy has been dramatic with employment, wages and earnings being the main casualties. Listen to Andrew…
10 Dec 2021 12 min

#013 Andrew Levy's Labour Law in Practice 2nd Revised Edition

This popular and practical guide for SA Employers, first published in 2010 has been updated in light of the many important developments in our labour law during the last decade. These include the implementation of the national minimum wage, the changes with regard to labour brokers and fixed term contracts…
8 Nov 2021 6 min

#012 Strike Spike 2021 4th quarter

Andrew provides an insightful commentary on the unexpected spate of strikes in the in the fourth quarter of 2021 at a time when the country experienced its highest level of unemployment and job loss – a direct result of the national lockdown - the restrictions surrounding the Covid pandemic and…
8 Nov 2021 10 min

#011 Compelling an employee to vaccinate - is it a Yes or No?

Can you compel an employee to have the Covid vaccination? Find out what Andrew has to say about this topical and sensitive issue. How South Africa’s Constitution balances the rights of both the employer and the employee. And how the clause with regard to the limitations of these rights goes…
8 Nov 2021 11 min

#010 Violence and Harassment - Another burden for the employer?

Draft Code on the Prevention and Elimination of Violence and Harassment with Sarah Levy (Levy Africa Network) Understanding the New Draft Code on the Prevention and Elimination of Violence and Harassment in the World of Work and the five significant changes that are introduced into South African labour law including…
20 Sep 2021 33 min

#009 Building successful sexual harassment training programs

The Myths, empathy exercises and legal framework In this episode, Sarah Levy of Levy Africa Network talks to Andrew Levy about how to develop successful sexual harassment training programmes, focusing on the four common questions that delegates on violence and harassment training typically ask - why me? what is harassment?…
16 Aug 2021 20 min

#006 A word about contracts

Is the contract of employment a force for good or evil? The answer is that it can be one or the other and will depend on how it’s drafted. Given that the employment contract is one of the pillars of the employment relationship and is the first thing an employee…
24 Feb 2021 9 min

#005 …I’ll take that as annual leave…

This is the first of a number of insights I am going to give you to help you deal with the perennial problems of absence and abuse of sick leave. No matter what you do, you will never eradicate this problem, as it is endemic to work. Nevertheless, once we…
24 Feb 2021 9 min

#004 Resigning with immediate effect and its just desserts

Practical advice on managing tricky but recurring staff problems Don’t be left hanging - Do I have to have a hearing before I suspend someone? Sanity at last!, and drafting suspension letters that will support the employees’ weight. Now you see them, now you don’t – resigning with immediate effect…
11 Jan 2021 7 min

#003 View From the Lookout - Jan 2021

Working from home and what to expect in 2021 2020 was a watershed year as the lockdown took hold. 2021 will prove to be just as difficult with new challenges. Working from Home (WFH) has resulted in increased cases of employee stress and depression and with it the issue of…
4 Jan 2021 7 min

#002 View From the Lookout - Nov 2020

An overview of developments in the third quarter of 2020. Covid’s effect on unemployment, GDP and retrenchment numbers. Average settlement levels for unionised and non-unionised staff. Union strategic approaches to negotiating in a tough economic environment and levels of current demands. The outlook for the pattern and propensity of strike…
30 Nov 2020 7 min

#001 Negotiating in the dark can lead you down a blind alley or up the creek!

We explain what subscribers can expect of our quarterly reports and forecasts of wage settlements by sector, union, and across the economy. It provides an accurate and realistic forecasting model for both unionised and non-unionised staff wage increases and developments with benefits. It discusses key factors that must be taken…
30 Nov 2020 5 min
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