#005 …I’ll take that as annual leave…

This is the first of a number of insights I am going to give you to help you deal with the perennial problems of absence and abuse of sick leave.

No matter what you do, you will never eradicate this problem, as it is endemic to work. Nevertheless, once we give you some basic principles and teach you some practical techniques, we will materially help you to not only understand the whole issue around absenteeism, but you will be given some really powerful weapons to deal with it.

These are insights based on the working lifetime's exposure to all the abuses and excuses employees come up with in respect of taking some time off work, at your expense.

As usual, I'm going to build up from an understanding of the principles, stated simply and clearly, because once you understand those you are in the driver’s seat. Once we've established these, I will show you some top tips for practically gaining the upper hand in this perennial struggle.

Today I'm going to talk about the employee who is absent without permission, and then comes back and tells you that she will "… take it as annual leave…”