Kindness is such a simple word. We've all experienced the joy of kindness in our lives. We all aspire to be kinder. We believe that kindness has the power to change the world. Yet, knowing how to be kinder in an increasingly tough world is sometimes hard for all of us. In this podcast series, radio personality Jane Linley-Thomas and psychologist Paul Bushell explore simple ways to be kinder in different situations in our lives.

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Dr Imtiaz Sooliman talks kindness, callings and CT fires

You don’t want to miss this week’s KindnessCan podcast. Jane and Paul talk with South African humanitarian legend, Dr Imtiaz Sooliman. Founder of the Gift of the Givers, Dr Sooliman shares stories of the incredible humanity, kindness and hope he has found in the over 40 countries he has worked in. Recipient of countless awards, the kind Doctor talks about his greatest rewards and what he does to recharge. He also talks about the recent Cape Town fires and how the community rallied to help UCT students who were affected.

Comedian Kevin Fraser on kindness, bullying & life under the spotlight

In this week’s KindessCan podcast, Jane Lindley Thomas and Paul Bushell catch up with the one and only, South African comedian, Kevin Fraser. Listen in not only for the laughs, but also the serious side of Kevin.

The podcast covers cyber bullying, life under the bright lights of a stage, and ways that we can all be a little kinder to one another.

In conversation with world surfski champ Hayley Nixon

In this week’s KindessCan podcast, Jane and Paul catch up with biokineticist, 2019 World Surfski Series Champion and new mom, Hayley Nixon, to talk about balancing a career, professional sports, parenthood and staying fit, healthy and well along the way. Hayley shares heart-warming stories of kindness and encouragement, and talks about the importance of both lending and borrowing a helping hand every now and then. It's a special reminder to all of us that asking for help is an act of kindness.

From victim to victor after drink spiking incident

Drink spiking is a serious problem, as one local family discovered. In this week's KindnessCan podcast, Jane Linley-Thomas and Paul Bushell catch up with Peach Piche, who has taken her family's frightening personal experience and turned it into something that can help stop drink spiking. Drinkerbell is a unique hair accessory that doubles up as drink cover. From victim to victor, Peach is passionate about creating awareness and offering solutions.

Small idea makes big impact on nurses in KZN community

Kindness often starts with a small idea and little gesture. It has the power to set into motion something really big and special. In this week's KindnessCan podcast, Jane and Paul chat with Naomi Holdt about an amazing community initiative to inspire and treat frontline healthcare workers in the Pietermaritzburg area of KZN. An idea started by 4 friends, the project has turned into a seriously moving and inspiring community event. The outpouring of support has ranged from truck-loads of treats to hand-made cards from local families and pensioners. There is no doubt - we live in a kind province.
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You are not alone

It’s the first KindnessCan podcast for 2021. But as Jane and Paul have discovered - it may be a new year - but there’s still a lot of last year that we’re still dealing with. Sigh. Lockdowns, home schooling, social distancing, masks, scary statistics, and a cocktail of big feelings...As Paul reminds us all, “you are not alone.” As always, Jane and Paul offer their gentle, practical and fun tips on how to keep finding kindness and light in life. We will get though this.

Let's talk about sex... [Adult content advisory]

As promised, let's talk about the original birds and the bees. In this week's KindnessCan podcast, Jane and Paul give parents some tips on how to talk to their children about their bodies, sex and sexuality. Gone are the days of this being an awkward once-off conversation. In a digital world, it's a conversation that we need to keep having over and over again. We also touch on porn and teenagers.

[Adult content advisory]

Kids and Technology: The new birds and the bees talk!

In this KindnessCan podcast, Jane and Paul take a real and practical look into navigating the technology and social media world with our children. It's a minefield out there! Not only is the technology constantly changing, but most parents have very little experience or role model on how to manage this part of their child's life.

A story in which hope trumps crime

In this week's KindnessCan podcast, Jane and Paul hold space for hijacking survivor, Sam Musk. In 2015, she was involved in a hijacking which left her partially paralysed and deeply traumatised. Today, she has found space for inspiration, positivity, and forgiveness in her life again. It's an inspiring and practical conversation, where hope trumps crime.

Coping when loved ones are across the oceans

In this week's KindnessCan podcast, Jane and Paul talk with Paul's little sister all the way from Melbourne, Australia. Amy tells us all about her experience of facing a global pandemic and dealing with a national lockdown far away from home and the people that she loves.In this special podcast, Amy also talks about her charitable event, Across the Oceans, and how it has brought people around the world together for a good South African cause.

Across the Oceans is an international running event for charity. On Saturday 22 August people are invited to walk or run as far as they can, post your pictures to the Across the Oceans Facebook page and make a donation. This year, the proceeds will be going to Home Meah, a home for abandoned children in South Africa. For more information, go to
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