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AfricaLink on Air - 05 June 2023

Cholera deathtoll rises in Cameroon+++Kenya grapples with cholera outbreak at Daadab refugee camp+++South Africans blame government for cholera outbreak
5 Jun 29 min

The 77 Percent —Phone Addiction

How many hours do you regularly spend on your phone? Do you consider yourself a phone addict? We spoke with young people in Malawi and The Gambia. #77Percent #DWAfrica
2 Jun 19 min

AfricaLink on Air - 02 June 2023

+++News+++Story of the Week: What Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Act means for Ugandans, an Africans beyond+++Street Debate in Nairobi
2 Jun 29 min

AfricaLink on Air - 01 June 2023

BRICS Foreign Ministers meet in Capetwon South Africa ahead of the BRICS summit in August +++Fuel subsidy in Nigeria+++ Separatists roadblocks frustrates harvest season+++Showbiz
1 Jun 29 min

AfricaLink on Air — 30 May 2023

LGBTQ+ community in Uganda living in fear after the passing of the anti-gay bill into law +++ U.N. warns more than one million people may flee Sudan bloodshed
30 May 29 min

AfricaLink on Air - 24 May 2023

Cameroon separatists kidnapped 30 women+++What have Liberian youths got to say after the government lost a major landmark case involving one hundred million dollars worth of illegal drugs +++LAPSSET funding dries up+++Showbiz
24 May 29 min

The 77 Percent — Ghanaian activist swims across Volta river to raise awareness

Yvette Tetteh, Ghanaian-British entrepreneur, athlete and activist, is the first known person to swim across Ghana’s Volta River. She swam 450 kilometers in a combined total of 40 days. Yvette did this to raise awareness about the impact of waste colonialism on the ecosystems. On The 77 Percent radio show this week,…
24 May 19 min

AfricaLink on Air - 23 May 2023

High-level South Africa officials in Russia for talks+++Germany concerned over Nigeria's decision to handover bronze statues to Oba of Benin
23 May 29 min

AfricaLink on Air - 22 May 2023

Sudan update +++ Mo Ibrahim on Sudan +++ Nigeria commissions Dangote refinery +++ Sierra Leone leader urges end to Ukraine war for 'sake of humanity'+++ ShowBiz
22 May 29 min

AfricaLink on Air - 18 May 2023

Tension in Anglophone Cameroon ahead of National Day celebrations+++Tanzanian traders strike over high taxes+++Zimbabwe cracks down on critics ahead of elections
18 May 29 min

AfricaLink on Air - 17 May 2023

Debate over same-sex marriage rages in Malawi+++ LGBTQ people navigate identity amid crackdowns in Zambia+++African leaders to present Ukraine peace plan+++ Kidney disease on the rise in Kenya+++Sports
17 May 29 min

AfricaLink on Air - 16 May 2023

Nigeria needs $12 billion to clean up oil-spills+++How prepared is Sierra Leone for flooding season?+++Ugandans unhappy about diaper tax increase
16 May 29 min

AfricaLink on Air - 15 May 2023

Can Ghana's former President John Mahama deliver the presidency for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) party in 2024? +++ Turkey's influence in Africa +++ The US fallout with South Africa over accusations that Pretoria supplied weapons to Russia +++ Barca crowned La Liga champs / Sweden wins Eurovision contest
15 May 29 min
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