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Princess Diana

Noelzii and Dani decide to focus on the whole Diana conspiracy.
Was her death planned?
Was it coincidence or a planned hit?
They take a look at some evidence and reveal their thoughts about the incident.

The Art Of Murder

Dani & Noelzii take a look at some great artists that were murdered.
Why? Was it for their art? Did they do something wrong?

Pablo Escobar

Noelzii and Dani focus on the life of the man who became known as the king of cocaine.
How did he build up his massive drug business?
Plus find out about the crazy things he brought with his billions.


Noelzii and Dani travel back to the roaring 20's - talking about the Mob Bosses of New York.
Discover why this period of time consists of their favourite parts of crime.

O.J Simpson

Dani and Noelzii focus on the mysterious life of OJ Simpson.
They take a look at his story, and the disappearances/ murders of family members.
Did he have motive?
Can they prove his innocence?

MISSING: Madeline McCann

Dani and Noelzii focus on the traumatising story of a little girl who went missing 13 years ago.
Where is she now?
What happened on the day of her disappearance?

Catch Me If You Can

Dani & Noelzii focus on someone who seems to be the expert of all experts - a guy that was completely epic at the crimes he committed...
Find out why.

Jack The Ripper

Our detectives focus on one of Dani’s favourite criminal stories.
Find out how they found the victims and the reason behind the murders.
Who do they suspect was the actual Jack The Ripper, and why?

Who Killed J.F.K?

After tons and tons of research, Dani & Noelzii expose who they thought was behind the assassination of 35th president of the United States - J.F.K.

Alcatraz Prison

Dani & Noelzii take a little break from the serial killers and focus on a unique, high security prison.
Find out some crazy details about how the prison looked, and things they made the prisoners do.
They talk about 2 very interesting incidents/ escapes that occurred at this high security prison.

The Plainfield Ghoul

Noelzii and Dani take a look at a very cringy and freaky killer.
Find out why this serial killer is 1 of the worst in the history of murderers.
Does he deserve the title - serial killer? Does he really qualify?

14 episodes

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