Active FM

Active FM is an international online podcasting radio station operating from the south of Johannesburg.
We release 5 shows a day - Mondays to Fridays.
We have all your favourite shows and the greatest variety of topics to match all your interests - from sports to trends, philosophy, astronomy, comedy, love, movies and so much more.

We talk about handling day to day obstacles, enjoying life, world events and its impact on us.

Why Choose Active FM?
Why Radio Has Never Been Better…

Our presenters bring amusing fresh perspectives.
Active FM focuses on producing quality shows with unique content and lively radio DJ’s.
Active FM is more than just a radio station - it’s a family.
A community of people uniting to discuss the issues of life and share common interests / hobbies.

Our content is relevant, entertaining and clean.
You are guaranteed to learn new life skills, feel great after listening to our shows and we’ll keep you updated.
Get the truth and stay connected. Become a part of the family today.

The Turn't Table

19 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±57 min episode every 1 week
HipHop has become the biggest genre in the world, but it is not just a genre of music, it is a CULTURE and is still somewhat an untapped market.

HipHop infiltrates and influences many different facets of our lives. It influences the way people talk, dress etc. It has a major impact on the sound of the time and even influences some peoples thought patterns and opinions.

Not only do our Turn't Table presenters provide great music, but they also delve into and discuss:
the inception, the history, upcoming artists, album/ song reviews, album/ song lyrical breakdowns, DJ battles, current events and rumours.

The Movie Show

271 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±38 min episode every 1 week, 1 day
Sound effects, acting, storyline, scriptwriting, directing, trailers, cinematography, colour grading and basically anything to do with cinemas and filmmaking - our movie presenters are there.
Sash, Ryan and Timothy share hilarious movie facts, incredible behind the scene moments and so much more! Do they rate the movie as worth watching?
Find out now!

The Political Show

140 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±42 min episode every 6 days
We are all about revealing the truth behind the headlines.
Don’t you hate being lied to? Well, do not fear, our political presenters will expose all sides of the story and will never lie to you.
They focus on reading between the lines, and telling us what other media platforms are not.
Get the truth today!

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