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Are People That Are Vaccinated Infecting Others?

What are the concerns many doctors have with the vaccines, and what are they predicting will happen to people who take the vaccine in a few years time?
The presenters also reveal why governments and leaders are attacking the use of Ivermetin.

Are You A Vaccine Conspiracy Theorist?

Our political presenters talk about the interesting Harvard university post.
What is their take on vaccines?
Are they safe?
What are the side effects?
The presenters also take a look at some testimonials from people who have already had the vaccine.

Welcome Back Apartheid

Are we about to face a global 'apartheid'?
Find out what the leaders throughout the world are secretly organising right now.

Who Should Christians Vote For?

There are so many laws that seem to be attacking and going against christianity. Are there any leaders out there that don't hate the church?
The South African elections are coming up, so what factors should we take into account when voting for a party?

Do Black Lives Matter?

How did Human Rights Day come into existence?
Our political presenters focus on a speech, or should we say what seemed to be a lecture, that was given at a university - the Stellenbosch University about Human Rights Day.
Find out their thoughts about the speech, racism and the public holiday in general.
What is the ANC is up to??…

Is There Really No Justice In The World?

Gavin Enslin, Giks and The Black Knight have an interesting discussion about how governments are getting away with their crimes, and why.
They also reveal the current South African Politics drama.

Everyone Is Equal Before The Law, But Some People Are More Equal Than Others

Our political presenters have an amusing discussion about the double standards of justice and inequality when it comes to certain people. They take a look at the trail going on in South Africa, involving former South African President - Jacob Zuma and the Zondo commission.
Will we ever be equal? Or will some never receive the justice they deserve?

The Political Agenda Of Gender

This show is all about the political agenda behind gender and the direction the world is moving in.
Our presenters talk about people being stripped of their freedom, & the LGBT movement.

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