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The Kairos Moment

Kairos Moment is an Opportunity or Season of Spiritual inspiration in your life, that will ultimately lead you to making the right decisions and Choices in life.
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Hosting God's Glory

Hosting God's Glory is about being a light to people all around you as his magnificence flows through you and touches the lives of other people.
15 Nov 2022 17 min

The Christian As A Hard Working Farmer

As Christians we are called to be labourers of fields not just physical ones but, labouring in the spiritual realm too, fighting against principalities and dark forces.
8 Nov 2022 18 min

Fighting The Fight And Running The Race

To fight the fight you have to be running the race, it is important that you choose the right battles in life as you may be lead astray and move from your God-given purpose.
1 Nov 2022 14 min

What Makes You Bounce Back?

When you go through struggles in life and are having quite a rough patch you should always be able to overcome the problems and rise up. Depending on the spirit/s that influence you will determine how you bounce back.
25 Oct 2022 19 min

Resilience, The Ability To Bounce Back

When you spend time with Jesus and you live in His presence as He dwells in you, you posses his resurrection power and therefore nothing can hold you back or keep you down.
18 Oct 2022 21 min

Eagle Christians

Eagle Christians are people of great vision, people who are always on the lookout for what is happening within their surroundings and are clear on their mission/ goal.
11 Oct 2022 14 min

Pregnant With The Promise Of God

From the time we are born God blesses us with divine purpose and with purpose comes the promises of God from the Bible.
4 Oct 2022 24 min

Coming Back After A Setback

Discouragement is part of the consequences of life situations usually occurring in setbacks. When life takes you down always know that there is a living God and you can trust in him to help you.
27 Sep 2022 20 min

God Of Restoration

Our Lord is a God that is all powerful and can fix anything that is broken. Seek God's face inorder for him to restore what I lost in your life.
20 Sep 2022 20 min

Breaking Limitations

To uncover your true potential you must first find your own limits and then you have to have the courage to break them.
13 Sep 2022 22 min

The Power Of Decision Making

Pastor Jack brings on a show that speaks about decision making. A quote by Jim Rohn says " You cannot make progress without making decisions.
6 Sep 2022 24 min

The Power Of Gratitude

There is always something to be thankful for. This week Ps Jack speaks about the power behind gratitude and the effect it can have on a persons life.
23 Aug 2022 22 min

Releasing The Old & Embracing The New

Let go of old wounds and hurts inside of you that are caused by other people as they will lead to your own death. Focus on healing and pressing on to the future.
16 Aug 2022 24 min

The Power Of Expectation

Learn about the power of expectation and how spiritual manifestation can be experienced through meditation on the word of God and speaking your expectations into being.
9 Aug 2022 28 min

The Power Of Persistence

Learn about how persistence leads to breakthrough in. any spectrum of your life. Jacob wrestled with God and refused to stop until he got what he wanted.
2 Aug 2022 25 min

Pregnant With The Promise Of God

From the time we are born God blesses us with divine purpose and with purpose comes the promises of God from the Bible.
26 Jul 2022 25 min
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