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Calvin and Marcos reveal both fascinating and comical facts about sports.
They take an in depth look at well known sports and smaller sports - their origin, the rules of the sport and where it is played.
Get an exciting update on what is going on in the sports world and who the best players and sports teams are.

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What's In December

Don't aim to make the money but aim to build your skills, whether you are a boxer, soccer player, tennis player or even a rugby player.

Dontay, Tyson and Anthony

Marcos goes into detail about happened in the fight between Dontay and Tyson.
Between Dontay, Tyson and Anthony who is the best and why?
Find out now.

Tyson Vs Fury

This Sunday is a big day in the sports industry.
Find out more about the famous match coming up and what our presenters thoughts are behind it.


Learn all about the Tyson Fury match coming up and who he will be fighting.
Who do our presenters think will take the belt and why?

Olympic Gold, Silver And Bronze

These medals mean a lot to people who are passionate about athletics.
Marcos and Calvin talk about the interesting aspects of the Olympics.
Who is the greatest and how can you become the greatest, not allowing your surroundings to control you?

NBA Nets

Do you know what is going on in NBA?
Today they discuss something our presenters have never focused on before...
What are NBA nets?
Marcos and Calvin go through the top 20 basketball players and how much they earn.

The Sports Mixture!

Today’s show is extremely amusing as our dramatic sports presenters have the most comical debates about all the sports, the crazy events happening in the sports worlds and things they do not usually discuss on the sports show.


Today our presenters discuss what is going on with José Mourinho.
Should he get fired or should he be given another chance?
Plus find out why he faces the risk of getting fired now.

Bulk Or Lean? (Catching Feelings)

Are you skinny or are you buff? And is that because you chose to be like that?
Which one do you want to be?
Our presenters reveal whether they want to be skinny or buff, and they have a fun debate about why their choice is better.


Find out what interesting and new things are happening in the world of boxing with our delightfully fun sports presenters.

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