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This show is all about movies!! Our presenters talk about crazy/ funny filming and acting habits. Plus they discuss a whole lot of different movies and tell us what they thought about the movie!

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6 Best Sequences in The Entire Marvel Cinematic Universe

This show is all about Marvel as our presenters build up to the much anticipated Infinity War. Sash and Ryan go through the best marvel movies to identify and reveal which scenes were the most epic. What makes them epic? Find out now on this thrilling show!

Upcoming Live-Action Disney Movies

Sash and Ryan talk about well known fairy tales and cartoons that are being turned into 'real life' movies in 2018. They also reveal which movies they would go watch and which movies they wouldn't go watch.

Thor Ragnarok

The Movie that we've been waiting for - Thor Ragnarok! Sash and Ryan take us through all the amazingly mind blowing facts about the movie and what their favourite parts of the movie was. Also find out what they thought about the acting. Did each actor/actress play the right role?

The Dark Tower

Sash and Ryan have fun discussing The Dark Tower. Was it a brilliant movie? Find out what they thought about the acting, script writing, cinematography and so much more.

Marvel vs DC!

There are new battles to be faced in 2018 as Sash and Ryan talk about something that will change the world. If they made a Marvel vs DC movie, who would win? Which side is stronger? After much research, find out Sash and Ryan's shocking findings...

Coming Soon In 2018!

Sash and Ryan close off their last show for the year by taking a look at some of the movies coming out in 2018 and which movies you can look forward to. They also reveal which movies they think will be the top movies of 2018 and why.


Sash and Ryan take a look at the Emoji movie today. They look at the concept, the actors that were used and the surprising budget. Listen to this show to find out why Sash and Ryan thought it was the best animation of 2017...

The Case For Christ

This amazing movie is all about a guy who set out to prove that God doesn’t exist. Sash and Ryan take a look at the budget of the movie, the story line and the cinematography. Find out why our presenters thought this movie was so brilliant...

Wonder Woman

Today Sash and Ryan take a look at the movie - Wonder Woman. They share their thoughts on the the story line, cinematography and how successful it was. They also debate whether they think DC is better than Marvel. And find out what happened with script before they made the movie.

Pirates Of The Caribbean

Our presenters are excited to talk about The Pirates Of The Caribbean on this show as they reveal great secrets about the production of this film. They reveal mysteries like how they got the Spanish pirate's hair to float in mid air and go in to depth about their thoughts when it comes to the story line/ script of the movie.

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