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Parenting A Bully Or The Bullied

D and Thando have an awesome chat about bullying.
How do you ensure you don’t raise a bully, and how should you handle the situation if you find out your child is being bullied?
They go through some of the different types of bullying your child could suffer and reveal signs to look out for to check your child is fine.

Working Mom's Struggles Part 2

Many moms operate on permanent exhaustion mode - is that normal or are you doing something wrong?
What changes should you make so you're not living in chaos anymore?
D and Thando share the most amazing tips on prioritising correctly.

Working Mom's Struggles

D and Thando continue with becoming the best and most effective mom in the world.
Get the tips and tricks of juggling the housework, being a working mom and bonding with your children.
Don't just survive, learn how to thrive.

Money Saving Tips For Moms

Find out what the most important resource every mom needs is!
D and Thando share about avoiding new mom syndrome, and using/ saving your money effectively.
Discover why you want to save!

The Perks Of Being A Mom

D and Thando share about the moments mothers cherish with their children.
Amidst all the chaos and exhaustion, there are a lot of positives to being a mom.

Ways To Discipline Your Child

D talks about something that is vital to ensure you raise a successful family and don't lose your mind in the end.
She shares the best tips on getting discipline into your day, your kid's lives and in the home setting.
Discover the secret to having kids that are not wild/ out of control.

Kids Personalities and How To Handle Them

D and Thando share about their experiences with each of their kid's and how differently they respond to situations.
Get the best tips on handling your kids and bringing out the best in each of them!

Mom vs Dad Parenting

Denise and Thando share about the hilarious different reactions mothers and fathers have to different scenarios - from dress code to discipline.
Who do they listen to more?
Who is better at raising the kids?

The Struggle Of Being A Single Mom

Most children grow up in single parent households in today's day and age. While it is not ideal, if you are a single mother, having to raise a child/ children by yourself while juggling the day to day responsibilities of a mom, bread winner and woman.
What should you do? D and Thando have the best tips for you!

Myth Busters

Today the moms talk about some common, and well known, myths when it comes to having a baby or handling a baby.
Discover the truth!

14 episodes

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