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The Art Of Marriage

What does a marriage that doesn't fall apart look like?
Find out what the secret to having a lasting, beautiful marriage full of love is...

How Do You Know If It's The Right Person?

We are all looking for someone to love and marry.
The problem is that we are trying to help God look for that special someone instead of waiting for his timing.
So how do you know if it is the right person God has planned for you to hook up with?

MFGA - Home Sweet Home

Today's inspiring by Ps Gavin is all about how we can - Make Family Great Again.
Discover the blessing and significance of a happy and restored family.

How To Keep The House Clean

What doors could you be opening to demons and curses in your life?
How do you close the door and break free from any curses or demonic oppression?

Taking Back The Turf!

The enemy is on the attack and he isn't taking any time to rest.
So how do you regain your turf if he has already won it?
And how do you defend what is already yours so you don't lose it?

The Power Of Influence

What happens when we stay silent?
Ps Gavin shares how we can make such an impact that we cause a worldwide revival and, thus, rid the world of all the evil at work.
Discover how you can become a very influential person today.

Are You Called?

What is your calling? What is the point of your life?
Do you know? Whether you do or not, get confirmation and find the answers on this awesome show!

Free To Be Me

What were you set free from and why were you set free?
Learn the secret to living in complete and true freedom today.

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