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Defeating Your Greatest Enemy

What is the secret to unleashing your full potential?
Be very inspired as you listen to this powerful talk by Ps Vicky and discover what your greatest enemy to prospering and success can be.

Reverse The Curse

Ever felt like your pockets have holes in them?
One of the greatest frustrations humans experience is the sense of never having enough.
Why do we have curses in our lives, where do they come from and how do we get rid of them?

Maxi Prayer!

How do you pray prayers that bring change and cause things to happen?
Learn how to pray effectively and what type of prayers get God's attention.

Mega Power

How could Jesus sleep during a terrifying storm that threatened to kill the Him and His disciples?
Learn how to obtain mega power so you can learn to sleep through a storm and listen as Ps Gavin uncovers the definition of mega power.

Mega Faith And Mega Power

Ever wondered how you can tap into the supernatural and cause the impossible to happen?
Discover the power of dreaming and visualizing now!
You'll never be the same.

Be Faithful

Most of us struggle with being unfaithful in some or many areas of our lives.
Sometimes we are unfaithful and we don't even realise it.
What is the key to becoming faithful and being set free from the unfaithfulness we have experienced from others?

Peace In - Save Your Heart

How do you get rid of spiritual heart diseases that are killing you?
No one likes being at war within themselves or being full of issues.
Learn to how to receive and obtain true peace.

Changed Heart = Changed Behaviour

God wants to see you completely restored.
The question is how do we become nice people without burning out?
And how do we find complete healing from all our failures, disappointments and rejection?

Complete Restoration

Are you feeling broken?
Are you tired of being hurt and/or you don't know how to deal with or heal from rejection, wounds or pain?
Discover the secret to true and complete restoration now.

Who Am I?

Most times we underestimate our value.
Discover who you really are by learning about the power of the blood and how you can apply it over your identity.
What does it mean to apply the blood of Identity?

The Art Of Parent (Child) Hood

Ps Gavin talks about how God wants the family to be restored and happy.
He takes us through the secrets to having healthy and enjoyable parent/ children relationships.
What are the responsibilities of the children and how should parents/ future parents be acting?

The Art Of Marriage

What does a marriage that doesn't fall apart look like?
Find out what the secret to having a lasting, beautiful marriage full of love is...

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