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Streamlined SAA 2.0 no longer a shadow of its former self

‘I can assure you that South African Airways since its reemergence from business rescue, from May 2021 to current, has been on a remedial programme to sort out all those audit findings that the 2018 financials are about,’ says Professor John Lamola, interim CEO at South African Airways.
4 Mar 7AM 5 min

SAA: permanent leadership needed to fix airline

A round-up of news updates, including a look at what the top priorities should be for the new Transnet CEO. Analysis of SAA’s finances and a look at how the Department of Health is readying itself for the implementation of the NHI.
29 Feb 5AM 32 min

[TOP STORY] Looming industrial gas crisis, government called upon to make haste

‘These industries employ 70 000 people, contribute significantly to the manufacturing sector to the extent of about R500 billion a year and there are no feasible or discernible alternatives for energy to run these plants at this particular point in time,’ says Jaco Human of the Industrial Gas Users Association…
28 Feb 7AM 6 min

Global market access vital for SA's beef producers

A round-up of news updates, including a look at concerns by industrial gas users on a looming gas supply crisis. A look at why parliament has skipped public hearings on the SABC Bill and understanding why SA beef is so sought after.
28 Feb 5AM 33 min

[TOP STORY] New strategies at Sars set to pay off

‘One of the major things that was a good example of the rebuilding process is what was the reestablishment of the Sars Large Business Centre to what it was, which is essentially a one-stop shop for companies with a certain level of income so that they can more easily resolve…
27 Feb 7AM 6 min

Why KZN is this year’s election battleground

A round-up of news updates including a look at whether SA’s energy availability factor has improved. A look at why KZN is key for the elections this time around and the value of the sports market in South Africa.
27 Feb 5AM 33 min

[TOP STORY] As clear as mud, the confusing e-toll saga continues

‘It's crazy that government departments aren't paying their e-toll bills and yet some companies are. We've been saying for some time now, if these last 10% to 15% of the people who are paying just stopped paying, it would force government to make their decision a lot quicker,’ says Wayne…
26 Feb 8AM 7 min

Why voter education needs to start at schools.

A round-up of news updates, including a look at the impact of proposed cuts to overtime pay for doctors. A look at why voter education is critical ahead of the elections, and analysis of the trends that will shape consumer spending over the next year.
26 Feb 5AM 31 min

Unions demand swift termination of private prison contracts

A round-up of news updates, including a look at what the budget speech means for investors. A look at the rise of digital payments and analysis on whether political parties will lose or gain votes based on their stance on the Israel-Gaza situation.
23 Feb 5AM 31 min

[TOP STORY] New guidelines for influencer marketing

‘When you're associating with an individual person, brands and companies need to consider the fact that these individual people have various different changing personalities, and their public interest may improve or decline over time, and it's important to be able to mitigate those risks,’ says Danilo Acquisto, senior digital influencer…
21 Feb 7AM 4 min

Why the NSPCA is against live exports by sea

A summary of news updates delving into the persistent rise in SA's unemployment rate. We examine recent guidelines in the influencer marketing sector and why the government should prioritise children in social spending.
21 Feb 5AM 33 min

[TOP STORY] Land claim stats don’t reflect reality on the ground

‘It begs the question as to whether or not the statistics of around 94% of them being concluded, does it include those that are not being traced, that are not traceable, that disappear off the system,’ says Bulelwa Mabasa, head of land reform at Werksmans.
20 Feb 9AM 7 min

Government urged to tap into private sector expertise to address issues.

A round-up of news updates, including a look at whether the Hawks are making inroads in investigating commercial crimes. A look at whether SA’s land restitution programme is starting to bear fruit and calls for a wealth tax to solve some of the country’s social challenges.
20 Feb 5AM 33 min
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