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Allen Sapp Gallery vying for provincial heritage designation

The Allen Sapp Gallery has recently been nominated for provincial heritage property designation, an honour reserved for places connected to some of the most significant stories from Saskatchewan's past. 650 CKOM's Brittany Caffet reports.
10 Jul 2 min

Sherbrooke Community Centre home to adorable adoptables

Alison Fox decided to combine her love of helping animals with the joy she gets from engaging with residents at Sherbrooke Community Centre by introducing a foster cat program right inside the long-term care home. 650 CKOM's Alex Brown reports.
8 Jul 2 min

Meet the 90-year-old preserving Sask.'s baseball history

Jane Shury makes the drive to the Saskatchewan Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum five days a week. Shury, who turns 90 next month, has dedicated nearly half of her life to ensuring Saskatchewan's incredible baseball history is never forgotten. 650 CKOM's Brittany Caffet reports.
4 Jul 2 min

Sask. queer Métis artist's beaded landscape series celebrates pride

Pride Month is often filled with over-the-top celebrations of identity, complete with parades, parties, and endless rainbow merchandise. But Aleksi Anseth, a Saskatchewan artist, has been quietly celebrating her queer Métis identity through creating mixed media landscapes. 650 CKOM's Alex Brown reports.
2 Jul 2 min

Meet the second-generation tour guide bringing Govt. House to life

Hope Van Vliet, 22, takes great pride in being the second member of her family involved in sharing the history of Government House with the public, and her grandmother is thrilled to have a descendant picking up where she left off. 650 CKOM's Brittany Caffet reports.
25 Jun 2 min

'Doctor Who' superfan displays a TARDIS in Greystone Heights yard

Driving down a quiet residential street in Saskatoon, the last thing you'd expect to see is a time machine. But that's exactly what you'll find on Quance Avenue in Greystone Heights, where a life-size TARDIS -- a fictional hybrid of a time machine and spacecraft that appears in the British…
17 Jun 2 min

Behind the Headlines: What is float therapy?

Imagine floating in a tank of water effortlessly without any distractions, minimal senses, and being put into a full state of relaxation. Mia Holowaychuk explores float therapy in the latest edition of Behind the Headlines.
12 Jun 2 min

AIM sensory room supports learners with Down syndrome in Saskatoon

Meghan Badun, an occupational therapist and clinical director at AIM Saskatoon, said when thinking about senses, people often refer to sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell. But three more senses are used therapeutically. “One is the vestibular sense, (like) spinning or moving, one is proprioceptive where your body is in…
21 May 2 min

Behind the Headlines: Sum Theatre kicks off 12th season of Theatre in the Park

What’s better than the great outdoors, giant puppets, and original, ‘90s-themed tunes? Sum Theatre is kicking off its 12th season of Theatre In The Park this week. Each summer, the theatre company takes a 45-minute musical on a tour of the parks and backyards of Saskatchewan. CKOM's Alex Brown has the…
14 May 2 min

Behind the Headlines: Sask. drivers grapple with zero-tolerance cannabis law

For many people, cannabis offers the relief they need to get a good night’s sleep, calm anxiety or relieve pain. But an increase in roadside testing in Saskatchewan has left many questioning how to consume the substance without picking up a licence suspension the following day. Alex Brown reports.
9 May 2 min

Behind the Headlines: Pine View Farms owners prepare for new chapter

Melanie and Kevin Boldt built Pine View Farms, a farm-to-fork all natural meat business that has flourished in Saskatchewan for more than a quarter century. On Tuesday, they will officially close its doors. Our Brittany Caffet spoke with the couple as they prepared to say goodbye to the business they've…
30 Apr 2 min
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