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Beyond the Scoreboard

On the field heroes are born and, in the stands, identities are shaped. Some people would argue that sport is more important than life. Supabets has teamed up with The Real Network to tee up the big weekend sporting talking points on The Gareth Cliff Show with Ben Karpinski every…
12 Jul 51 episodes English Sports

The Gareth Cliff Show

A hybrid of online radio, podcast and YouTube – live from 06h00 to 08h00 – Gareth and his team bring you ‘unradio’ – unscripted, uncensored, real conversations about everything that happens in our world, everything we all experience every day, what makes us think… makes us laugh… makes us cry…
12 Jul 3AM 5,600 episodes English Explicit Society & Culture · News

On The Bounce

If it's big in sport, it's On The Bounce! The sports show that officially kicks off your sporting weekend every Thursday on The Real Network. Sports, and being able to talk about it is social currency in South Africa - and guided by your hosts Ben Karpinski and Sandile Shangase,…
11 Jul 6 episodes English Sports

That 80s Show

Shoulder pads, Rubik’s cubes, luminous clothes, angsty movies... and of course loads of factoids. Paulo and Dori are living in the past - and loving it!
11 Jul 175 episodes English Explicit Society & Culture · Music Interviews

Celeb Savant

The Celeb Savant show is a weekly entertainment show hosted by Barret Edelstein. Each week we will have long-form career retrospective type interviews with celebrities namely, singers, actors and industry experts.
11 Jul 241 episodes English Music Interviews · Entertainment News

The Shady PHodcast

Where supercharged ‘realness’ meets raucous entertainment... buckle up for a wild ride with The Shady Lurker (DJ Warras) and PH - the dynamic duo who bring their 15-year friendship straight to your ears. Get ready to laugh, learn, and maybe even blush a little. Expect enlightenment, entertainment, an addictive mix…
10 Jul 18 episodes English Explicit Society & Culture · Entertainment News

The Window Seat

Welcome aboard The Window Seat - the ultimate travel podcast series, brought to you by Travelit and, the unrivalled leaders in both business travel management and leisure travel. Join us as we explore the latest trends in online travel technology and discover the hottest holiday destinations and products –…
10 Jul 30 episodes English Places & Travel · Business

The AutoTrader Podcast

Industry leader AutoTrader has joined forces with pioneering digital content hub CliffCentral to bring you The AutoTrader Podcast – an expert motoring infotainment show. Get behind the wheel with the team for all things motoring, from the more affordable to the most desirable cars, bikes, 4x4s and more.
8 Jul 604 episodes English Automotive · Technology

It's Going to be OK

Dr Hanan Bushkin is a renowned psychologist and head of the Anxiety and Trauma Clinic in Johannesburg. He has worked for more than 20 years on the problem of behavioural patterns and its effect on mood and cognition, as well as in frontline crisis intervention and organisational training. Catch him…
24 Jun 136 episodes English Explicit Society & Culture · Health & Fitness


A collection of branded interviews on The Real Network.
19 Jun 418 episodes English Business · Business

Gareth's Guests

Straight up interviews from The Gareth Cliff Show on - without any interruptions.
14 Mar 12AM 1,444 episodes English Explicit Society & Culture · Personal Journals


These days - and especially during these times - being online has become so important in our lives. More and more, our everyday lives revolve around the ability to connect: at work, at home, and even on the move. Unbundled with Catalytic demystifies the technology of connectivity for us and…
12 Mar 118 episodes English Technology · Society & Culture

Shark Stories

They're usually the stars of horror movies, phobias and nightmares... but are sharks really our mortal enemy? These stories might just change your mind about these ancient creatures of the deep. Anthony Mederer is joined by marine biologist Dr Sara Andreotti to help us see sharks in a new and…
13 Dec 2023 8 episodes English Society & Culture · Natural Sciences

Special Guest Hosts

All other podcasts from, including shows with special guest presenters.
13 Nov 2023 246 episodes English Explicit Society & Culture · Technology

The Perfect Picture

The Perfect Picture is a nine-part reality series where 10 celebrities with a passion for photography compete against each other to show they have what it takes to step away from the spotlight and move behind the camera. Do they have the best eye for a great picture? The celebs…
8 Sep 2023 6 episodes English Visual Arts · Society & Culture

Beyond Madness

Hosted by Professor Christopher Paul Szabo, Beyond Madness is a podcast series where we discuss societal issues that have potential implications for mental health and emotional well-being. Guests include thought leaders from within the discipline of Psychiatry, and beyond. Mental health issues affect us all on a daily basis, and…
25 Jul 2023 60 episodes English Society & Culture · Health & Fitness

Beyond Bitcoin with Revix

Your world is changing, your investments should too. In a market we’ve never seen before, don’t guess, diversify. Revix is an intelligent investment platform that allows anyone, anywhere to build a diversified portfolio or “Bundle” of assets in just a few clicks. Investing is as easy as signing up, choosing…
4 Jul 2023 120 episodes English Investing · Technology

Markets Mondays

It’s not just what you know, it’s who you know that matters too! Wake up to a partner you can trust: presents Markets Mondays, a podcast dedicated to the discerning trader – providing insight into financial markets, the world of trading, and the usage of next-gen trading platform technology…
26 Jun 2023 18 episodes English Business · Investing


All the latest special event podcasts from
3 Aug 2023 73 episodes English Society & Culture · Technology
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