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Udo Carelse

There's no more befitting adjective for sports journalist Udo Carelse's career than "illustrious". With more than 20 years of experience under his belt and having worked for some of the biggest broadcasting brands in South Africa, he shares some of his favourite stories with Gareth, including his memories of the two working together in the past. And of course, what does Udo think about the state of sports and some of its stars today? Hear him sound off on the likes of what is happening at the South African Football Association (SAFA) and Tiger Woods.

Thando Hopa

Lawyer, activist and model Thando Hopa is fuelled by her mission to change perceptions of beauty in the media and remind people that they are enough as they are. In this interview, Gareth unpacks her mission through a conversation around what representation means, the power and pain that perception carries, and intersectional issues. As someone who is breaking boundaries in her life and through the work that she does – particularly for encouraging conversations about albinism – find out how important her identity is to her and more on what she dubs “the tyrannical nature of identity politics”.

Karyn Maughan

Karyn Maughan has become renowned not only for her professional and groundbreaking reporting (particularly in the crime and justice field), but also for the empathy and forthright information she brings to her stories. Gareth sits down with her to discuss how she has navigated some of the biggest moments in her career so far... from keeping her composure in court, reporting on the Oscar Pistorius case, to going toe-to-toe with Bathabile Dlamini, and her exit from eNCA. This is a must-listen in understanding the award-winning journalist as she explains why the "soul of the country" keeps her motivated to do her job.

Kagiso Modupe

Kagiso Modupe is an established actor who has been an essential character on the soap opera Scandal! After 13 years he has bid farewell to the show, and is embracing new challenges and roles for his talents. He and Gareth speak about his new book 'Along Came Tsakani', which discusses marriage, commitment, equality and the roles of the sexes in modern society. He also talks about his new show Unleashed, now on the CliffCentral line-up.

Participants in the Nelson Mandela Debating Challenge

They say that the youth is the future. Well if the youth in question are like the kids participating in the Nelson Mandela Debating Challenge, then it's in good hands. Gareth chats to this bright bunch of kids about what the legacy of Madiba means to them, and what the future of education looks like as we celebrate the great man's centenary.

Greg Aldridge

Co-host of 947's afternoon show Greg Aldridge has a budding career that boldly shows his passions for radio and broadcasting. Gareth gets to know him better, highlighting his achievements that have led him to the 'Greg & Lucky' show. Find out what makes the former Rhodes University student tick, being the youngest of four kids and self-confessed "mistake" in his family, and even his deep interest in history.

Tumi Morake & Ndumiso Lindi

Tumi Morake makes a long overdue return to the CliffCentral studios, and brings with her Ndumiso Lindi. The two have a new show together, 'Married But Not To Each Other', which they are excited about. It explores the controversy of marriage, and nobody can explore the obvious sensitivities like these two. But Tumi also has much to catch us up on from a personal side since moving to Jacaranda, and of course she spares nothing in retelling her stories.

Helena Wasserman: Editor of Business Insider SA

Business Insider, the largest business news site in the USA, has now launched in South Africa. Focused on becoming South Africa's biggest business website, editor Helena Wasserman sits down with Gareth to talk about the challenges in her industry, online trends, and how people choose and engage with content right now.

Melanie Bala

Many have watched Melanie Bala's evolution as a budding broadcaster cutting her teeth at Radio Kop, growing into her various roles at Metro FM and now finding her perfect balance as a working mother. Gareth learns how she is learning from growing into more of herself through her pure authenticity. From her foundation in a multi-racial and multi-cultural family, her love for reading, yoga and even finding peace in her public divorce with Zwai Bala, listen to some of the powerful lessons Melanie has learned from her life.

Thor Halvorssen: CEO of Human Rights Foundation

The state of affairs in Venezuela is nothing short of horrific. Thor Halvorssen, CEO of the Human Rights Foundation, knows all too well what is going on there, and the human rights violations that are taking place under the current regime. He and Gareth talk about human rights on a global scale, the role players, the agendas, and what we need to educate ourselves about going forward.

Marinda van Zyl

We all know someone with a cancer story, it is a reality of our modern lives. Marinda van Zyl has a personal story on the matter, but more importantly she has a lot of information how you and your loved ones can drastically reduce your chances of battling with this dreadful disease.

Riaad Moosa

Comedian Riaad Moosa is a man who follows his passion in everything that he does - whether that means swapping his medical qualification for the comedy stage or being inspired by his South African roots to take up certain acting roles. Gareth chats to him about his journey, being so many things, in so many ways. Learn more about his life and times, his new show centred around reaching the milestone of turning 40, why he believes a person who takes more risks will grow quicker... and the moment that led the father of four to suspect his wife had an affair with Chewbacca.

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