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Beth Comstock

What can one learn from being in one of the top positions in a global company? And, how can we begin to implement those lessons into our lives? After spending more than two decades at General Electric, American business executive Beth Comstock has penned some of her experiences and helpful advice into her new book, 'Imagine It Forward - Courage, Creativity and the Power of Change.' Gareth finds out more about her intriguing career - including her various roles at NBC, Nike, The National Geographic Society, and working for Ted Turner at CNN.

HE Mr Liam MacGabhann (Ambassador of Ireland)

His Excellency Mr Liam MacGabhann has had a colourful and successful career working all around the world, but has now set his roots in the Rainbow Nation as the Ambassador of Ireland to South Africa. Gareth interviews him about the relationship and trade between Ireland and South Africa, as well as tourism between both nations. In finding out more about his home country, he also asks about what Brexit means for Ireland's relationship with the UK. For a global perspective and learning more about Europe from a fascinating mind, this is the interview for you.

Peter Boghossian, Helen Pluckrose & James Lindsay

An exclusive interview with Peter Boghossian, Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay - who co-authored a number of ridiculous, made-up papers (and got them all published in leading humanities journals) to show how postmodernist thinking has poisoned the well at leading humanities faculties in the USA. There has been an enormous backlash from leftists and embarrassed academics who don’t want you to see this as an indictment of an ideologically twisted, irrelevant field of study.

Kofi Ofori-Boateng

Kofi Ofori-Boateng, author, speaker, teacher, coach and mentor chats to Gareth about establishing and maintaining healthy and solid relationships. The 'professional reminder', as he calls himself, highlights the importance of demolishing patriarchy in order for a man and a woman to be able to serve each other.

Timothy Maurice

Whenever Timothy Maurice pops in, you're bound to be bowled over by new ideas and different ways of thinking about things. In this conversation, he breaks down our relationship with social media, and the psychology behind it. What fuels our addiction to social media? Why do we follow the people we do? And why are young, single women more addicted to social media more than any other group? Timothy breaks this down, as well as moving onto another fascinating talking point: Undermining the value of "sameness".

Michael Jordaan

Getting into the mind of one of the most intriguing entrepreneurs around, Gareth talks business, his life and times with Michael Jordaan. Learn from the former First National Bank CEO and current venture capitalist as he delivers key lessons on starting where you are, dealing with the challenges of a start-up and what has led to some of the biggest decisions of his career including Rain and Bank Zero. How does one make true change in the environment around them? Listen in to hear what Michael has to say about that too, and so much more.

Janez Vermeiren & Yusuf Stevens

Friends and entrepreneurs Janez Vermeiren and Yusuf Stevens are blazing new trails in the media industry through their production company, Cheeky Media. What does it take to put together powerhouse shows like 'Real Talk', 'The Man Cave' and 'The Morning Show'? Gareth finds out as he has a discussion around content creation, the future of broadcasting and some of the highlights they've experienced in the four year journey of the establishment of their company.

Mariechan Luiters

Ex-Jamali singer Mariechan Luiters chats to Gareth about her solo journey, her recent collaboration with the dynamic Shekhinah, and her upcoming show, Gone Too Soon, which will be paying tribute to the musical greats we've lost.

How hard is it to immigrate to SA?

Does South Africa’s immigration system render us globally competitive? Is it helping or hurting our economy? Gareth highlights the story of Dan Brotman, co-founder of En-novate based in South Africa, and an immigrant from the United States who has been struggling to get citizenship. Along with Stefanie Darbandi, Immigration Attorney at De Saude Attorneys, Dr Emmanuel Owusu-Sekyere from the Human Science Research Council (HSRC) and Loane Sharpe, Director: Economics, Prophet Analytics, they discuss the process of our immigration system, as well as its effects on the state of our nation and its standing in the world.

Sara Blecher

Ahead of the release of her new film, ’Mayfair’ - which is already making waves around the world - Gareth learns more about the movie and its director, Sara Blecher. The award-winning Blecher speaks on the production process, the South African movie scene and some of the other famed projects she's worked on. She also touches on her fascinating career, which has seen her study in the United States, work in France, and meet her husband in the middle of a civil war.

Dr Portia Gumede

From her childhood in Durban to being one of the top voices in dermatology and skincare, Dr Portia Gumede is a true trailblazer. Gareth gets to know more about this entrepreneur who has recently opened her very own aesthetics lifestyle centre. With her love for medicine coming about when she watched her mother as a nurse looking after her ailing grandmother, listen here to hear more from this truly inspiring woman.

Dr Daniel Meyersfeld

Having completed his PhD in molecular biology in 2005, Dr Daniel Meyersfeld has years of experience in the study of cell processes and codes in humans, animals, plants or other living organisms. Gareth picks the doctor’s brain on how studying the field of human generics can aid us in improving our health and wellness.

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