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Mike Abel

Mike Abel joins Gareth and Phumi to discuss unlocking dormant potential in South Africa, and the need for active mentorship. He also touches on how to consciously decide who to vote for in the upcoming election. Plus, what you can expect from his podcast.
14 Mar 12AM 31 min

John Kani

Legendary SA actor, director and playwright, John Kani joins Gareth in studio for an in-depth chat about his life’s work… from his early days as a struggling playwright, and how that was impacted by the South African experience. They also delve into his involvement in the making of the Black…
13 Mar 12AM 53 min

Daniel Taub

Israeli diplomat Daniel Taub is Gareth’s Guest this week. Daniel speaks on Israeli and Palestinian relations, and recounts some of the most memorable moments in his career as a negotiator. Daniel also highlights the optimistic vision that Israelis have for the future.
6 Mar 4AM 49 min

Brendan O'Neill

Brendan O'Neill is a British journalist, author, and commentator known for his controversial and dissenting views on contemporary political and social issues. He rose to prominence as the editor of the online magazine Spiked, and has been a vocal advocate for free expression, individual liberty, and personal autonomy. Gareth and…
28 Feb 12AM 51 min

Leanne Manas

She might have a more recognisable voice than Gareth Cliff... South African icon and news veteran Leanne Manas joins Gareth to reminisce about her 20-year career in media - from breaking the biggest news stories the country has seen, to the impact of Vuyo Mbuli’s passing on her personal life.
20 Feb 11PM 1 hr 05 min

Tristan Kapp (‘The Friendly Satanist’)

Tristan Kapp - aka ‘The Friendly Satanist’ - is here to debunk all the myths behind the ‘Satanic’ label, and culture behind Satanism. Gareth Cliff, taking an atheist stance in this subject, takes Tristan on in a battle of history surrounding religion. From the early noted biblical times, to Gareth’s…
13 Feb 11PM 1 hr 25 min

Dr Dan McMillan

Dr Dan McMillan has spent nearly four decades on a journey to understand the multi-faceted answer to the wrenching question: How could something as horrific as the Holocaust have happened?
7 Feb 12AM 1 hr 01 min

John McCook

John McCook - otherwise known as Eric Forrester to most of us - has been the anchor of ‘The Bold and The Beautiful’ for almost 37 years. His iconic character is known around the world, but specifically resonates with so many South Africans, who grew up watching the soapie every…
31 Jan 12AM 58 min

Graeme Codrington

Graeme Codrington is a futurist, scenario planner and an expert on the future of work. Gareth speaks to him about local and global politics, remote work, where the workplace is headed in 2024, how we can make technology work better for us, ChatGPT, education and what we should be leaving…
24 Jan 12AM 1 hr 09 min

Stephen A. Newton

Stephen A. Newton is the MD of Aleph - the company representing X, TikTok, Snapchat and Spotify in Africa. With social media channels fast becoming an opportunity for employment, Stephen is passionate about upskilling the African youth, who by approximately 2050, will be the workforce of the future. He also…
16 Jan 11PM 1 hr 06 min

Francesca Emerson

Francesca Emerson - otherwise known as 'The Chocolate Bunny' - sits down with Gareth Cliff to share some highlights from her new tell-all book. Being one of the first black women at the Playboy Club in New York during the 1960s, Francesca’s life has been one wild rollercoaster involving sex,…
9 Jan 11PM 52 min

Al J Venter (Exclusive)

Al J Venter, a retired intelligence agent who worked for the CIA, is opening up about his time in the agency after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. Al discusses Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda, and their involvement in South Africa. He also has a near-death experience with a KGB spy…
21 Dec 2023 12AM 50 min

Mumsy Malinga & Ronan Meltzer (Redhill School)

Mumsy Malinga (Campus Head of Diversity and Head of the Centre for Dialogue and Conflict Resolution) joins Gareth Cliff, alongside Ronan Meltzer (student head of judiciary at Redhill School), to talk about their Centre for Dialogue and Conflict Resolution - as well as their their blueprint on how to grow…
20 Dec 2023 11PM 26 min

Dan Mace

In a world of many greats, few choose to dedicate their career to a cause bigger than themselves. Since joining YouTube in 2011, South African
Dan Mace has worked on growing his audience with his unique storytelling abilities and editing styles. Having met YouTube sensation, Mr Beast, during his visit to South…
20 Dec 2023 12AM 1 hr 15 min

Kanthan Pillay

Kanthan Pillay is a wise voice, with experiences only one in a million could have... from a maestro chef to South African political activist. Gareth delves into his family background, education and early work life overseas - before returning to settle in South Africa, where his heart belongs.
13 Dec 2023 12AM 1 hr 11 min

Luai Ahmed

Growing up in Yemen, Luai Ahmed was pre-programmed with hate and biases within his culture... but with a curious mind and determination to find the truth, he moved to Sweden. After learning Swedish and immersing himself in the culture, he gained quite a following on social media for expressing his…
6 Dec 2023 12AM 1 hr 27 min

Jaco van Gass

The remarkable Jaco van Gass shares his extraordinary journey - from surviving a rocket-propelled grenade blast in Afghanistan, to becoming an adventurer and professional athlete. Jaco's gripping autobiography delves into the harsh realities of war, the challenges of rebuilding his life after losing a limb, and his conquests from scaling…
29 Nov 2023 12AM 50 min

Tony Leon

Tony Leon is a South African icon in post-apartheid politics. He's the longest serving leader of the opposition in Parliament, and he led the Democratic Alliance for 13 years. Having exited leadership in 2007 and later the public political space in 2009, Tony lived through a political movement that did…
22 Nov 2023 12AM 39 min

Jen Su

Join Gareth as he chats with global sensation Jen Su - from her journey on Taiwan Idol to her Hollywood encounters. Discover her path from childhood to fame, navigating personal struggles… plus her encounters with Siya Kolisi, Meghan Markle, and more.
21 Nov 2023 12AM 49 min

David Chislett

What brings out your creativity? David Chislett is a published author, poet, musician, and entrepreneur. Having lived in South Africa for most of his life, he has deep roots within the old music scene and a firm stance on local vs international music exposure across the country. Gareth gets into…
15 Nov 2023 12AM 50 min
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