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The Venda Popstar Una Rams

Music, stories, and so much more shared by the incredible Grammy award-winning Venda popstar Una Rams. Rams, who is no stranger to working with industry icons and has previously worked with DJ Black Coffee among others, shares how his collaboration with Idris Elba came about.
17 Jul 1 hr 04 min

The Actor Activist

17.07.24 Pt 2 - Jack Devnarain joins the team for an in-depth discussion on the rights of actors in SA, his thoughts on Minister Gayton McKenzie, funding revelations, AI, and more.
17 Jul 2AM 1 hour

Advice from 80-year-olds

17.07.24 Pt 1 - Gareth and Jack get into some Trump talk. Plus… advice from 80-year-olds, a bananas cocaine bust, Elon Musk moving to Texas, and more.
17 Jul 2AM 56 min

Interview with Anna Wolf

Having seen South African-born, London-based singer songwriter, Anna Wolf at the Forest Sessions in Johannesburg, the next step was to have her join us on this episode of Celeb Savant. Anna tells us how she started performing at random events, one of which was attended by a record label representative……
16 Jul 29 min