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Recent podcast episodes

AutoTrader Pod: Borge GP

George Mienie is not in the house this week, as the traffic in Sandton is outrageous. The cheapest car in the world is $1000!? Vanity licence plates - do they reflect your IQ? If you’ve ever lost your car, George has a (weird) solution for you!
24 Mar 10 min

Reddy to Go!

24.03.23 Pt 2 - Gareth discovers Ben has incredible eyesight during a conversation about a new ad campaign that Simphiwe is excited about. Actor and comedian Prev Reddy is in the house, and he is proud to announce some new shows coming up. He also breaks the news that ‘Aunty…
24 Mar 1AM 59 min

A Swift Wedding

24.03.23 Pt 1 - Gareth and Simphiwe discuss a recent discovery in the CliffCentral house. The GCS team break down Ben’s love/hate relationship with weddings. Have you ever experienced a traumatic smell you’ll never forget? The team get into another poop discussion… this time involving Hillary Clinton.
24 Mar 12AM 57 min

The Importance of a Skin Care Routine

Good skin does not have to cost you a fortune! This week, Dr Mark is joined by Stacey Holland and Annelize Abrie-Foord from Solal to discuss the importance of having a skin care routine, common mistakes people make, and skin care products from the Solal range.
23 Mar 57 min