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Disability Awareness Month: Beyond the Barriers

November marks Disability Awareness Month. In recognition, Lebang Kgosana chats with a remarkable individual – a devoted long-time listener of CliffCentral – Tracy Cohen. Tracy’s courage and determination as she navigates life, while living with Cerebral Palsy, is an inspiration. She is a writer and philanthropist, having raised thousands of…
13 Nov 2023 30 min

The Easter GCS Takeover: Part 2

Easter Monday 2020 will always be remembered as one for the ages. Is there still room for tradition in the 21st century? Eggs or hot cross buns, which human are you? Pickled fish is apparently a treat, who knew? Are South Africans by nature friendlier than everyone on Earth? Dori…
13 Apr 2020 1 hr 50 min

The Easter GCS Takeover: Part 1

Robert Downey Jr's greatness and the declining number of cucumbers are the things everyone should be focusing on as the lockdown is extended for 2 weeks in South Africa. What is it like shopping for a fussy parent during these frustrating times? Football in Portugal is just a different kettle…
10 Apr 2020 1 hr 47 min

#GCStakeover: Baby & Mama drama

Dori reveals how your kids need to fear you. Pinky shares how university orientation week crushed her dreams of becoming South Africa's Whitney Houston. Are Liverpool fans just bad people? The crazy life and tweets of an antivirus software millionaire, and a nap in Yiddish is a...?
2 Jan 2020 1 hr 36 min

#GCStakeover: How do you like your Coffee?

It's 2020 and it turns out Mbulelo might be a better granny than anything else. Pinky's sister has given the much maligned Xhosa ex-boyfriend a second chance. Black Coffee doesn't know it yet, but the GCS crew are planning #KFCWedding Part 2... and Dori had a not so festive encounter…
1 Jan 2020 1 hr 32 min

Discussing Depression

As many as one in six South Africans suffer from anxiety, depression or other types of mental illnesses, and often people who go undiagnosed and untreated resort to extremes, like suicide. We speak to Neo Fabulous from Safe Space and Neo Selebano from EmaLenna, about their NGOs which focus on…
2 Sep 2019 31 min

All Sorts of Flavours: Every Dish Tells a Story

Every picture tells a story, as the saying goes... but when every dish tells a story, an eating experience doesn’t get any better. On a recent trip to Mallorca, Chantal Lascaris chats to world-acclaimed 2 star Michelin chef Fernando Arellano, after enjoying an unforgettable meal at his restaurant Zaranda.
30 Aug 2019 5 min

That '80s Show - Whamageddon & Reboots with Ben

Ben Karpinski's love of Wham! has been stifled by The Gareth Cliff Show team the whole year, so Paulo and Dori decide to invite him to join their annual celebration of all things '80s. They talk about the abomination that is Whamageddon, the trend of '80's TV shows being rebooted,…
25 Dec 2018 39 min

The Lighter Side of Mature Dating

Gary and Mandy have stories to share about what it's like to date when you're (cough) 'older'. They might be mostly horror stories, but these two dig deep to find the humour that's hidden underneath all the friend fix-ups and dating app disasters.
15 May 2018 56 min

My House with Godfrey Madibane

Gogo Dineo Ndlanzi is a 21st century Sangoma and spiritual healer. Godfrey and her discuss sex and spirituality... the taboos and sacredness of it.
18 Dec 2017 47 min


Godfrey Madibane speaks to Bitcoin expert Niko Koshiaris about cryptocurrency, and internet security expert Nick Saunders about internet security concerns for the festive season.
11 Dec 2017 45 min


In celebrating the message and essence of Youth Day, debuts #16For16 - a collection of 16 voices paying homage to some of the heroes that moulded their lives during their younger years.
16 Jun 2017 1 hr 13 min

ARNSA Human Rights Special 2017

For Human Rights Day 2017, is proud to host a panel discussion that encourages people to #TakeOnRacism as a partner of 'Anti-Racism Week', hosted by the Anti-Racism Network South Africa (ARNSA). ARNSA's national convener Sean Moodley hosts the dialogue, as he chats to Professor Professor Melissa Steyn and Doctor…
21 Mar 2017 53 min

World Radio Day Special

In collaboration with UNESCO, Consciousness Café hosts their first on-air dialogue hosted by to mark World Radio Day. The topic is: “Why is it so difficult to talk about the fear and anger that still divides us?” Consciousness Café is a dialogue collective co-founded by Keke Motseke, Anisha Panchia…
14 Feb 2017 2 hr 34 min


Olubunmi Kuku is a woman with a passion to raise leaders through community development. She fosters business investment and relationships in Nigeria and South Africa through her company, Arnion Global Consulting, and also assists expatriates and foreigners to settle into the republic. Olubunmi shares her view on the Identity of…
25 Jan 2017 25 min

The Afrocentric Show

Sophia and Joy interview Vumile Msweli (SA) and Rabison Shumba (Zim) - they discuss African women in business and youth development in Africa.
23 Jan 2017 36 min

2 Woke Girls - Back to School

Palesa Mabuye and Simphiwe Mthethwa reminisce about their first day at school and look back at all the things that they got up to that made school memorable. They end the show in the most woke way by answering questions that allow you to get to know them a bit…
10 Jan 2017 49 min

Students UnCensored - An Open Letter to the Dept of Education

How can high school better prepare us for university and life? Ruby brings in an intellectual and charismatic panel of students to have an authentic conversation surrounding how adequately or inadequately high school prepares students for university and life. Suggestions as well as critique is given. All in all, these…
5 Jan 2017 59 min

Property Hour with Gontse - Image & Lifestyle

Gontse Mazwi and two of her colleagues tackle the day to day problems they encounter in the property industry - over-capitalising, and what could go wrong when purchasing a property. They also go into detail about the image and lifestyle we portray... do we buy from one another because we…
5 Jan 2017 42 min

2 Woke Girls - Know Your Boo Better

Palesa Mabuye and Simphiwe Mthethwa host their third show in the most woke way as they continue to ask the most hard-hitting relationship questions. This time around they tackle questions you should ask your boyfriend/girlfriend when you are in a committed relationship.
5 Jan 2017 47 min
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