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Industry leader AutoTrader has joined forces with pioneering digital content hub CliffCentral to bring you #AutoCentral – an expert motoring infotainment show. Get behind the wheel every Monday from 10am – 11am with Tyrone Woods, AutoTrader CEO George Mienie, and motoring expert, Chad Luckhoff. Gear up for all things motoring, from the more affordable to the most desirable cars, bikes, 4x4s and more.

COTY, BOTY & the new Demerit System

The team looks at the new AARTO driver demerit system. They also check out the Car of the Year (COTY) 2018 semi-finalists, plus the 2017 Pirelli SA Bike of the Year. And in the tech feature - five of the most innovative self-driving and electric car designs revealed at Frankfurt Motor Show.

SA Motoring Experience & Flying Cars

The team recaps all the festivities from the SA Motoring Experience. They also review the new VW Amarok, and chat about flying cars... as well as the usual news from the world of motoring.

Motorcycles & Bike Scams

In this week's show we host Craig Langton, owner and dealer principal from Fire it Up motorcycles and get an update on the bike market in SA. We unpack some of the scams happening on our shores with second hand bike sales. Chad reviews the new Nissan Navara, and the team discusses all the latest news from the world of motoring.

UK car ban, Tesla Model 3 & the 2017 Motoring Experience

The team discusses the UK ban on petrol and diesel car sales in 2040, and they review the Peugeot 3008. They also unpack all the details around the 2017 Motoring Experience (SA Festival of Motoring) with in-studio guest Konstantin von Vieregge, CEO - Messa Frankfurt. Plus an in-depth look at the tech bells and whistles that come in the Tesla Model 3.

Fiat Tipo, Uber vs Taxis, e-Tolls & more Recalls

We review all that happened in the world of motoring from last week... Mazda and Daimler model recalls, Uber vs Metered Taxis and the competition commission. We also look at the cost of e-Tolls and the 1.3 million unpaid invoices that are still outstanding. Then we discuss the first Tesla Model 3 that rolled off the production line last week. Our review this week is with in-studio guest Richard Sloman from Fiat, where we discuss the new Fiat Tipo!

Going Electric & The 4 Squares of Car Buying

On the show this week - Volvo to go all electric by 2019, Opel confirm their updated Corsa line up for SA, and the team unpacks the 4 squares of buying a car. In Auto Torque they look into our traffic fine system and give you advice on how to conduct yourself during a road block. They also give you the lowdown on how to conduct a proper test drive. In Tech Talk they discuss the recent unveiling of the Michelin 3D printed concept tyre... plus don't forget the F1 round up.

Vehicle Scams

This week the AutoCentral team reviews some of the major stories that made the motoring news headlines. They take a look at the risk associated with vehicle scams and how AutoTrader has created their AutoTrader Marketplace product offering to ensure a safe environment for private buyers and sellers. They review the new Audi S3 Sportback, Quattro, and find out why Richard Hammond’s test drive in the Rimic ended up in flames.


The team is joined by Dirk and Fanie from WeBuyCars.co.za. They discuss what impact autonomous vehicles will have on the future of our motor industry and how consumer behaviour will adapt and change. They review the Toyota C-HR and discuss the use of dash cams in our cars. Chad also interviews Jesse Adams about his drifting world record attempt.

CrashDetech, SA Bike Fest & more

Join the team today for a fun-filled, action packed show. We interview the CEO and Founder of CrashDetech, Jaco Gerrits. Wilmarie and Ty do a full review of the SA Bike Fest from the weekend, George gives us his views on GM leaving SA and so much more…

Bike Fest & JRA app

With the help of in-studio guests Seipei Mashugane - aka 'Biker Queen' - and Stephen Watson, the team discuss everything that will be on offer at South Africa Bike Fest 2017. Lawrence reviews the new Honda BRV 1.5 Elegance and then they chat about the state of our roads and an app that the JRA had developed to help fix potholes, broken traffic lights and general road issues.

#ByeByePrint #HelloDigital

#ByeByePrint #HelloDigital, the end of the AutoTrader magazine and becoming a digital first business. Bamboo in cars... is this the future? Find our more about the VW Up! in our review, and in Tech Talk we look at Uber's plans to have a fleet of flying cars on the road by 2020 - plus, the 10 best car technologies we love.

Anti-Speeding campaign & Junk Status

The team discusses a recent campaign to curb speeding in Tshwane by the Metro police. They also look at how to drive in different weather conditions and what Junk status means for motorists in SA. The Mazda BT 50 is put up against the Mitsubishi Triton in a head to head double cab shoot-out... and in Tech Talk they showcase the energy transfer capability tailored for South Africa by the Nissan LEAF.

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